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7 Great Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Small Business

Attract New Customers

You are a business owner and you know that your customers are the lifeblood of your business. A steady flow of customers will allow you to grow your business while fulfilling your company vision.

Farzana Irani realizes the importance of a strong client base for all small businesses, including virtual ones, which is why the web consultant with UK recently asked the community: “What is your best approach in creating a client base for your online business?”

7 Ways to Attract New Customers

1. Identify Your Ideal Client

Knowing the type of customers you are looking for makes it easier to find them. You wouldn’t be able to find customers without a picture of your ideal customer.

Nicole Beckett, President of Premier Content Source says that it is important to have a clear idea of who you are targeting. Think about the things that make these people happy, sad, or scared. Then think about ways you can make their lives easier.

Focus on your ideal customer and refrain from making broad statements about your target market, such as all women, all men, or all Baby Boomers. You won’t find many products that appeal to this large market. Overstating your market can hinder you from creating viable targeted strategies to attract customers.

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2. Discover Where Your Customer Lives

Keep your customers in mind when you are identifying the places they might be found online, offline, or via media. Jeff Motter is the CEO and chief marketing officer at East Bay Marketing Group.

Depending on your business, where you search for customers depends on what it is. Forums and social media pages are great places to look for customers online. These include your own as well as those of other businesses. You can also meet potential customers offline at industry conventions and conferences.

3. Know Your Business Inside and Out

To attract customers interested in your products or services, it is important to have a solid understanding of the industry. This is a sign that you are knowledgeable about your product. People who are interested in your products can see your knowledge and may seek you out.

4. Position Yourself as the Answer

Give potential customers you meet a reason to use your services, Jason Reis, Flehx Corp’s owner, and lead programmer, says that this is the first step in making them loyal customers.

He says, “Provide value to establish yourself as someone who understands the problems they are trying to solve.” This can be done through webinars, guest blogging, guest blogging, and networking by getting out and about. You will begin to build a following by creating content via webinars, guest blogging, and networking with people. Once you have a well-structured sales funnel, you can convert your followers/fans into paying clients.

5. Try Direct Response Marketing

The best way to reach out to customers and touch them is to use techniques to get them to take a specific action (e.g., opt into your email list or request additional information).

Motter suggests that you target your market with messages. Motter suggests that you learn how to create ads that appeal to your ideal clients. Give them something of value to help them get started in your funnel. Direct response marketing techniques are important. They will help you focus on the results that matter. Your ideal audience will be convinced to listen to you by creating compelling messages. You can show them that you are sensitive to their pain and can help make it better.

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6. Create Partnerships

You can benefit from synergy by partnering up with businesses offering complimentary services. This can help you build a business. If you are an SEO company, it might be worth partnering with a website-building business.

Beckett recommends that nurturing relationships with customers and other business owners is key to building a client base. Focus on human relationships. Your customers will tell their friends about your company the stronger your relationships. The more they return, the more likely they will be to do so again.

7. Follow Up

Josh Sprague CEO of Orange Mud suggests that you must close the loop after your efforts to bring in new business. Follow-up tasks such as sample sending, follow-up, etc. Follow up with your plan. You lose so many great leads and conversations because you don’t follow up.” This simple step will help you grow your client base.

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