Top 10 Anime Streaming Websites to Watch Anime Online

Top 10 Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

Everyone loves Japanese Anime movies and series because they tell stories written by some of the greatest writers in history, such as Oda Eichiro or Titekubo. These shows give you a feeling of living in Japan. You should only watch shows and movies from legal, safe sites. You do not need to worry about this because we have listed the top 10 best anime websites. These sites are completely safe, and you can enjoy watching anime without interruption.

Top 10 Anime Streaming Websites

1. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime is one of the best anime websites that allow you to watch your favorite shows such as My Hero Academia and Black Clover. The shows and videos can be streamed in HD quality in 720p and 1080p. You need to create an account to watch your favorite anime show. The website offers a number of benefits.

  • You can watch over 4,000 episodes of anime every day.
  • You can watch the trailers of all animes on this site.
  • You can browse through the list of anime shows.

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2. Soul Anime

Soul Anime is yet another of the best anime streaming websites where you can choose your favorite shows and movies. The site offers a variety of videos and shows that are frequently watched, such as Bleach, One Piece, etc. You can watch your favorite shows in HD. The following are some of its key features:

  • Watch Anime dubbed or subbed easily.
  • The option to watch anime is also available.
  • Watching anime on the site will not harm you.

3. Chia- Anime

Chia- anime is famous as the most viewed platform by various Otakus and you can find new episodes and videos of all your favorite shows. You can find all the anime videos and shows in one click. They are divided into different genres. The site has a number of key features.

  • You can choose to watch up to 1000 anime episodes.
  • You can watch all the anime videos dubbed or subbed.
  • The website allows you to watch shows on your mobile device.

4. Cartoon Crazy

This is one of the best anime websites that allows you to stream a variety of movies and shows. This website also allows you to choose whether or not you want subtitles. You can also play 360p, 1080p, and 720p videos in high definition. Cartoon Crazy’s key features are:

  • Around 25,000 anime episodes are available to its users in high-quality.
  • Find new shows and series without difficulty.
  • You will not be interrupted by ads when you play any video.

5. Anime Land

The best part of Anime Land is that the top 5 shows and series are displayed on the home page. Videos are available in 480p 720p 1080p. You do not have to register. While watching your favorite show, you can chat with other viewers. The site also offers a number of other features.

  • You can chat with other users using the chat box.
  • It is easy to get dubbed series.
  • The list of anime episodes will include all the episode numbers.

6. My Anime List

This is the best free Anime website for watching anime shows. The site has all the latest shows and movies, from Jujutsu Kaisen up to Rettousei. You can also go to the community idea section and select the movie that you wish to watch. Other features include:

  • Find promotional videos easily on this site.
  • There are many genres in this game, such as Dementia and Police.

7. 9Anime

This is one of the great anime sites that allows you to watch HD videos of new shows like One Piece, One Punch Man, and others. While watching a show or movie, the number of episodes can be easily seen in the list. The other features that are important include:

  • You’ll get a list of different types of Anime, such as ONAs and OVAs.
  • The episodes are listed in a separate section on the website.
  • The site has over 50 different types of anime.

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8. GoGoAnime

The site has a wide range of anime series and movies. You don’t have to worry about subtitles because the dubbed versions are available. You will also not have any problems streaming videos, as the site provides multiple servers. The site also has other features.

  • No unwanted advertisements will interrupt your browsing.
  • The site has a new category for the latest anime seasons.
  • You can also watch anime in dubbed form.

9. Netflix

Netflix is a great app for movies and TV series. It also has a website that lists all the shows and programs you can watch. Netflix subscription allows you to watch anime videos and episodes. Netflix is available on all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. It can also be streamed in HD. Netflix has other features.

  • Choose the subtitles and language that you prefer.
  • You can choose the video quality.
  • The system is safe and secures to use.

10. Hulu

Hulu is another popular anime streaming app for watching videos, series, and shows without interruptions. There are a variety of new and old Anime Videos available, from The Good Doctor to This Is Us. You can also use it on any device you choose. There are also other features.

  • This game can be played on both PS4 and Xbox.
  • Choose the plan without ads.
  • You can choose which language you prefer.

Conclusion — Top Anime Websites

These are some of the best anime websites and apps which provide you with many exciting features so that you can watch your favorite show without any hassle or inconvenience. Some are free and others are paid, but they all come with many benefits, such as no ads, the ability to watch in any language, subtitles or without, etc. You can watch your favorite show with passion and excitement.

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