Top 10 Free Music Download Websites

Top 10 Free Music Download Websites

There are many things that the internet has to offer, including free songs. There are many websites that allow you to download music for free, but not all of them can be legally licensed. We have compiled a list of the top 2021 free music download websites that allow you to download songs secure and free.

How to download music for free?

Many people don’t know where or how to get free music. Below is a list of 2021’s best free music download websites.

Top 10 Music Download Websites | 2021

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a popular music site that allows you to stream unlimited music and get songs for free. It is actually regarded as the best Spotify alternative, where you can stream unlimited music and download songs for free.

This online music streaming community features content uploaded by both independent artists and well-known musicians. The search bar allows you to search songs by artist tags or bands. Soundcloud was also recently included in our list of best music streaming services in India. You can download a small, but highly enjoyable, collection of remix Hindi songs for free.

How to download free songs on Soundcloud?

Some music on SoundCloud may not be free. You might have to like a Facebook page in order to get the track.

2. ReverbNation

This website is responsible for the success of artists like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars, and Imagine Dragons. ReverbNation is where they first gained recognition for sharing their music free of charge and forming a loyal fan base. ReverbNation is a top-rated free music downloading site in 2021. They offer many genres but are most well known for hip-hop, alternative, and pop.

This site currently caters to almost 4 million artists, labels, and users. It offers a great user experience for music lovers through its extensive catalog. Those who want to explore more can do so through the Discover section of the music website, which brings together a nice collection of audio songs to download.

How to download free songs on ReverbNation?

Go to the search page to download free Reverbnation songs. Click “Refine Results” on the left-hand side. [Ensure that Artist is selected for the Free MP3s Requirement option to appear.

You will see the free music on the right. Click on any album name to open a new page. There will be a small icon for downloading the songs. You are now ready for free music download websites.

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3. Jamendo

Jamendo Music songs are protected under the Creative Commons license. This means that you can download the music from Jamendo Music. You can download all the content on Jamendo Music, but you’ll need to search elsewhere or pay for it.

Jamendo is best for music explorers, as they have well-curated playlists that are constantly updated and radio stations that are constantly updated. This website offers music at fair prices and a rich selection.

4. SoundClick

SoundClick allows you to directly download music from the profiles of different artists in 2021. Many artists offer their music free of charge on SoundClick. You can also legally download or buy licensed music.

You can browse the vast collection of songs by genre and stream music free of charge by specifying which beats or instrumentals you want to hear. SoundClick allows you to stream music without having to sign up, but you can download music once you have signed in.

The website offers free music downloads. It recently redesigned its user interface and it isn’t as cluttered as before. They have taken out some cool features, such as the ability to create custom radio stations and interact with others on the forum.

5. Audiomack

AudioMac, an emerging music-sharing platform, has a user-friendly interface that makes it the best SoundCloud alternative. This music downloading website offers a free service that allows artists, labels, as well as music lovers, to find amazing music.

It features well-categorized sections like Trending, Top Songs, Top Albums, and Top Albums, which will allow you to find great songs. It features the most popular Hip Hop, Electronic, and Reggae songs in real-time, making it very popular with the younger generation.

Audiomack does not offer all songs for free. However, many artists offer remixed music and tracks for free download. You can also stream unlimited songs from the website to your desktop computer or mobile device via the free iOS and Android apps. AudioMac is a free music download website.

6. Audionautix

Audionautix, a free music download website for MP3s, was created by Jason Shaw. Shaw is a composer who freely shares his music and allows you to download it legally without any copyright infringement.

The interface is easy to use and all music categories are clearly labeled. Click on the category you want to download MP3 songs. You can browse the music library by genre, tempo, or other keywords. This site also allows you to stream music based on your “moods”.

This free website allows you to download music without signing up, and you don’t have to like any Facebook pages. This is a feature that is quite common on legal music download websites in 2021.

Audionautix offers a free MP3 music download. All you have to do to make use of the music in your video is to credit the composer.

7. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade offers a great selection of albums from many artists. You can check them out at NoiseTrade. If you like the song, consider making a donation to support them.

You can legally download and stream the music on this website for free. The songs can only be streamed in part. To get full access to the entire album or to download it, you’ll need to trade your postal code and email address.

After you’re done, the album can be downloaded in a ZIP file that contains the MP3 tracks. It is easy to find new songs on NoiseTrade. You can check out the Trending section or Top Downloads music.

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8. Beatstars

Beatstars is another free site that I discovered recently. First, let me talk about the beautiful and clean UI. It also has a dark mode. The most useful feature of this site is that all free and legal music downloads can be viewed in one place using this link.

To download the free music, you’ll need to enter your email address. After you submit your email address, a link to the download will be sent directly to your inbox. Sometimes you may be asked to like a profile of an artist or subscribe to their YouTube channel. This is quite common on sites that allow you to download songs for free.

Beatstars allows you to filter songs by genre, moods, and top-selling. Filters can be used to filter for a specific song type, such as beats with vocals, chorus, or song reference.

9. Free Amazon Music Store

Amazon Prime subscribers get unlimited access to millions upon millions of music downloads. You can save these songs for offline listening or stream them on your device. These benefits are not available without payment or trial.

You may not know that there is another way to get free music from Amazon. If you visit the company’s free music website in the Digital Music section, you’ll see the songs available for download.

To download these songs, you will need an Amazon account. To get all your songs at once, you can save them to a shopping basket like regular items.

10. Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

Internet Archive’s audio section offers more than just free music. It also includes audiobooks, podcasts, and radio programs. Over 2 million digital audio files are available in the audio library.

Music lovers can sort the available audio tracks according to a year of publication, creator, language, and other filters like most viewed, media types, topics & subject. Although these categories may seem confusing, there are still some great songs if you search hard enough.

It was easy to get music from all artists, as well as the mainstream, global songs, including those from Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Kendrick Lamar. You can safely download music in multiple file formats, including MP3 and OGG.

Listen to the best free music website in 2021

You can also download and listen to premium music streaming services such as Apple Music, Prime Music, Spotify, etc.

The above list includes the best places to find unlimited music for free. But, not all music tracks are free. Some are only available for streaming and paid.

Download free music and start grooving!

You might ask why you should download songs for free when you can stream them in 2021. Streaming online song is great, but what happens if your Wi-Fi or mobile network is down? This is where offline music comes in handy. The best part? You can take your favorite tracks with you wherever you go, without having to spend a penny.

These free music download websites are ranked based on popularity and ease of use. The Internet Archive’s audio section is my favorite because it contains almost all the artists I want. These sites can be accessed in any order you like, so explore them all.

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