Top 5 Free Sports Streaming Sites

Free Sports Streaming Sites

Almost all cable and satellite TV providers provide access to live streaming sports. FuboTV, Sling TV and other cord-cutting services offer many live sports including college football. It’s still a bit difficult to find websites that offer free live sports streaming and do not violate copyright laws. Here are some options.

Top 5 Free Sports Streaming Sites


  • Website: Watch ESPN
  • You can watch a wide range of sports football, basketball, baseball, and college sports. Also, you can enjoy golf, tennis, MMA, or NASCAR.
  • Note: Only a few streams are available on WatchESPN.com for free. The majority of streams require a valid log-in from a cable or satellite subscription that qualifies or an ESPN+ subscription.

ESPN is one of the biggest live sports streaming sites in cable sports, the official website of ESPN features many live streaming videos. ESPN has a wide range of sports on its official website, including football and basketball, baseball, and college sports.

ESPN.com does not broadcast every match in every sport. ESPN only live streaming sports for which it has broadcasting rights. WatchESPN.com requires your TV provider’s login credentials for some premium games, while others require an ESPN+ membership starting at $9.99/month.

WatchESPN.com offers a wide range of content that you can access without having to log in or pay for an extra subscription. This includes news, interviews, and replays.

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2. Stream2Watch

  • Website: Stream2Watch
  • You can watch football, baseball, and soccer. Tennis, volleyball, baseball, Rugby, and more.
  • Notes: This site contains intrusive popups.

Stream2Watch, a site for live streaming sports, gathers streams from various sites. The site offers baseball, soccer, and basketball streams, as well as other sports. This is a fairly comprehensive site and you can find many good games or matches.

Stream2Watch is no different. You may encounter intrusive pop-ups and misleading ads. Ad blockers can help keep you protected. You may still see ads on some videos. If you are sent to another web page, it is best to close the ad immediately and select Back in your browser.

3. Bosscast

  • Website: Bosscast
  • You can watch baseball, football, basketball and tennis soccer, and others.
  • Note: This website features intrusive popups.

Bosscast also offers live streams of sports from a variety of sources. You can find most streams on this site because the coverage is good.

Bosscast uses Flash to stream some of its streams. Some Bosscast streaming will cease to work when Flash is discontinued at the end of 2020.

4. Cricfree

  • Website: Cricfree
  • You can watch sports Baseball football soccer tennis rugby golf motorsports cricket and more.
  • Notes: This site contains intrusive popups.

Cricfree is a streaming sports site specializing in cricket. It also offers streams of other sports, such as baseball, soccer, and football. This is another site that embeds videos from other sites. Be on the lookout, even if your ad-blocker is installed, for intrusive and misleading pop-ups.

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5. Facebook Watch

  • Website: Facebook Watch
  • You can watch sports like soccer, cricket, women’s basketball, surf, and an array of unofficial streams that cover virtually every sport.
  • Notes: Facebook Watch offers a limited selection of sports streams. However, Facebook users live stream events.

Facebook Watch is Facebook’s attempt to gain a foothold in the video streaming industry. The social media giant obtained the rights for streaming various sports. Facebook users have the option to stream live sports from around the world in addition to the official Facebook Watch streams.

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