Top 10 Invoicing & Accounting Tools For Freelancers

Invoicing & Accounting Tools

Freelancers often handle multiple jobs simultaneously and clients are not the only thing that drives them nuts.

You are your boss and your manager, which means that you can be your own accountant. You can find out more. Every project will have different fees. This will lead to different billing and invoices. It can get messy if it isn’t done right.

We will share some of the most trusted invoices insurance around the Internet to avoid this disaster.

These invoicing services can handle your invoices and billing systems. Some of them even come free. Invoice solutions are available for large organizations and small businesses. Let’s take a closer look.

1.  Freshbooks

Freshbooks is one of the most popular online invoicing platforms. It has over 2 million users and allows you to create and manage client lists. You can also track expenses in real-time, which is useful if you work hourly.

Freshbooks allows you to send your clients a user id/password so they can access their invoices online. Freshbooks offers a 30-day free trial that allows you to handle up to three clients.

Paid plans are available starting at $19.95 per month and offer many additional benefits and tools.

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2. Indy Invoice Generator

The Indi invoice generator is an easy-to-use tool that creates invoices and bills. They provide an easy solution to sending and receiving invoices, with both online and manual payment options.

Simply fill in the required fields and then send the invoice to your clients. Your company logo, brand name or color can be added to your invoices. With the built-in tracker, you can also attach a timesheet to your invoice.

Indi Invoice Generator supports PayPal, Stripe, and Zelle for online payments, as well as mailed checks or direct deposits (for offline payments). This allows you to quickly bill your client with professional invoices.

3. Zoho

Zoho is another leader in invoice creation services. Its user interface is a clear winner. It offers a wonderful user experience with its intuitive and simple dashboard.

Zoho offers many templates that can be used to create personalized invoices. Zoho seamlessly integrates PayPal with Google Checkout in invoice creation.

You can manage up to 5 invoices/estimates per calendar month for free with the service. Maximum 2 users. The price increases from $8 per month for the basic package to $35 per month for the elite package.

4. LessAccounting

The minimalistic approach to billing is Less Accounting. Less Accounting offers a simple user interface that is easy to use and frees you from all the clutter.

The dashboard is elegant, simple, and sleek and gives insight into everything happening in your invoice account. Less Accounting integrates expense tracking functionality, despite its minimalistic design. The best part? You can also download the iPhone App!

Pricing starts at $12 per month with a 7-day free trial

5. Bill4Time

Bill4Time software is used to invoice, time and bill. This software is not only useful for freelance designers but it’s also extremely useful for lawyers and accountants as well as consultants and other time billing professionals.

The best part? You can get a free desktop widget, free video lessons, and even free mobile apps.

Bill4Time offers a limited number of free accounts and the premium package starts at $15.99 per month.

6. WorkEtc

WORKetc is a better invoice solution than other options. It serves as a business management tool and not just an invoice solution. It is a SaaS tool that focuses on CRM.

WORKetc doubles as an invoice solution and CRM. This solves many of the problems freelance designers have with invoice billing systems.

Freelancers’ billing cycles and resources can grow exponentially over time. WORKetc can be a great tool for such situations.

Prices start at $29.95 per Month

7. PaySimple

PaySimple, which they call their virtual accounts receivable specialists, is what they do. PaySimple can be used to send invoices and set up recurring bills. It also accepts credit cards online and ACH/e-checks.

PaySimple not only stores your data safe but also allows you to deposit funds automatically.

PaySimple is free to set up and will only cost $34.95 per month.

8. SimplyBill

SimplyBill offers a variety of online invoicing options for freelance web designers. SimplyBill allows you to create PDFs of invoices automatically and track your payments online.

Pricing plans are available in three different categories and start at $5 to $25 per month.

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9. Due

Although it may seem simple, Due is an online invoicing system that will save you both time and money. No matter if you’re a freelancer or an owner of a small/medium-sized business, Due offers useful features for all your invoicing requirements.

10. Invoice2Go

Invoice2go makes it easy to create invoices, estimates, bills, collect, and reports. There are more than 300 templates to choose from. These templates can even be customized to suit your needs.

Invoice2go allows you to add your logo and move fields. You can also create your own business forms. You can also download an iPhone and Windows application. Invoice2go offers a 30-day free trial.

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