How Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is Future of Remote Work

How Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is Future of Remote Work

When you look back to history, then there’s a remarkable discovery in certain periods that have influenced human development and acted as a catalyst for growth.

In early times, it had been the flame. And in the 19th century, it had been the pc. Since being devised in the 19th century, the pc has made its place of becoming the very widely-used technological tool of the 21st century.

In the schooling sector to the health care field, the technologies of the computer have attracted incredible innovation and gained countless. Just like with flame, the computer changed our world forever.

The computer’s performance has radically transformed over time — by performing simple mathematical calculations into tackling complex operations. Additionally, its kind has undergone extreme changes also. From oversize circuit modules to slick computers, computers of today are perfect examples of modern advancements.

Our current times have forced the computer to modify its shape and adapt to a new operating standard. It’s gone against the needed physical accessibility to becoming accessible remotely through an internet connection.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is the Future of Remote Work

Yes, you heard it right — we are speaking about VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). VDI is a technology that allows the creation of virtual desktops on the cloud system.

VDI could be installed on the workplace premises. But, it contributes to further IT hassles and costs on your enterprise. Thus, a much better solution would be to elect for Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Introduced back in 2015, DaaS, or “Desktop as a Service” is a virtual desktop service, wherein the support suppliers send programs and virtual computers remotely over an online connection. It’s the best answer for establishing your remote workplace, something that has been steadily getting popular because of the current coronavirus outbreak.

Let us take a look at why DaaS is the future of remote work:

Round-The-Clock Accessibility

Nowadays, most businesses still rely on conventional computer systems, which might meet the standard organizational responsibilities, but neglect when needed. They are just a ‘plugin and operate’ version, which necessitates their physical existence for use. And even in the event that you supply portable devices like laptops, they take a higher risk of being stolen or lost.

How to deal with the problem of enhanced remote work?

To enable your office with remote working capacities, it’s vital to boost your business’s technical reachability and retain the customized performance. And that is something that will be readily accomplished by using DaaS.

Desktop as a Solution (DaaS) is a solution that enables your employees to access virtual desktops remotely via an internet connection.

From using your favorite applications to obtaining the documents saved in the cloud, then you can do all you want to.

It’s exactly like getting your office systems, and the only difference is you simply do it over an internet connection. All you will need is approved access and good internet connectivity.

Rather than carrying those bulky notebooks or waiting to receive one from your workplace, your employees can take their iPad and get started working from anywhere, anytime. Simply superb.

Fewer IT Hassles

A company must devote a great deal of time to beating technical challenges while working remotely. Employees find it hard to get hold of the IT staff to get their problems resolved. This also suggests that minor difficulties will also take a great deal more time to become fixed.

Add software updates and timely license renewal, and you can see an enterprise getting buried under an enormous IT workload.

These surplus technical responsibilities might slow down your organizational efficacy and jumpstart your remote working plans.

But when you opt for DaaS, then you may readily forego these quite a few hassles and easily transit to your new working regime. In the instance of DaaS, it’s the service provider who’s responsible for managing all of the technical workloads.

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Replacing faulty hardware to software bugs, everything falls under the sphere of DaaS services.

They also run routine service audits and make certain that your employees are using the most recent software bundle. And even in the event that you notice any intermittent lag, they’re constantly available around the clock to repair it and get you moving back on the right track.

Superior Data Security

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, most US companies have been steadily changing their working environment to the new ‘work from home’ protocol. They formulated new corporate data policies and integrated the latest technological innovations to adjust to the new standard.

But with just 5% of business folders being adequately protected and 4000 cyber-attacks happening daily, data security remains a continuous point of concern for businesses that are significant. And because remote working means most workers work over the world wide web, neglect and inadequate data security measures may certainly earn business assets a sitting duck for hackers.

DaaS’s superior security measures come into play.

Whenever you’re using hosted virtual desktop from a DaaS provider, they are certain you’ve got a safe working experience.

Because their support is completely cloud-based, they use various premium safety measures for its security. Their desktop computers are laced with the most recent anti-hacking tools and frequently updated to protect your critical information against any illegal access.

For protecting their information servers, they’ve contemporary IDPS systems and also have qualified specialists for timely anti-virus scans.

On-Call Scalability

Recently, the use of remote services and working from home has gained public favor. It has significantly improved the company growth of these companies that have provided the essential services.

But, greater company growth means more source needs, impeding a business’s development if it’s limited scalability. Additionally, it may cause a company to lose their credibility if they cannot maintain growing consumer requirements and don’t deliver within the deadlines.

When you are using DaaS, you can stop worrying about the increasing resource demand and work in a pressure-free environment.

Implementing a DaaS supplier allows you to get scalability on call.

Rather than planning and waiting, you may just get in contact with your DaaS supplier and ramp up your tools. They supply ready-to-use desktop alternatives with the essential software bundle.

You do not need to forage around to your essential specifications and spend some time installing the most recent software. All you need to do is romantic your DaaS supplier about your wants, and they’ll set up your virtual desktop.

Better Cost-Effectiveness

Another hurdle every company endeavoring to operate remotely is that the cost-effectiveness of the surgeries. Working remotely means supplying the essential laptops and applications to your workers.

As the majority of the businesses have conventional desktops, procuring the essential number of mobile devices such as notebooks means spending a massive part of their funds, which each company will prevent. Employing DaaS allows you to keep things cheap and yet to increase your organization’s profits.

As DaaS deploys desktops over the cloud, your employees can use their personal laptops, i-Pads, and phones to access the official data and work remotely.

Utilizing all kinds of apparatus will encourage the workers to utilize their own devices, saving employers the price of providing company-owned laptops. In addition, they don’t have to be concerned about data safety as your DaaS supplier will look after everything.

DaaS supplies a pay-per-use version, letting you rapidly scale up or down if you want it without wasting your fiscal resources. You do not need to install your IT infrastructure and also employ a group of IT professionals for the upkeep.

A DaaS supplier has a group of IT specialists that are well trained and seasoned. They are liable for each and every technical glitch (such as a sudden disc failure) and fix it with no extra expenses.

As they appeal to distinct customer requirements from several businesses, their systems comply with all the most recent safety regulations, eliminating the need to spend for you personally.

Increased Business Outreach

Do you understand what the best benefit of working remotely would be? No geographical constraints. Working remotely has allowed various firms to expand their business outreach greatly.

With DaaS, companies can quickly provide their solutions to a larger customer base and recruit workers remotely. They could hire employees from a geographic place to aid the customers in that region.

Hiring from the desired geographic place saves them the hassle of working in different shifts (in accordance with their own customers’ time zone) or establishing a new office because of geography. And because working remotely signifies no office space needs, it’s made their operations cost-effective as well.

Purchasing DaaS conserves your company from these hassles and enhances your organization’s outreach. Rather than providing a background to your employees, it is possible to first define your organizational requirements to your DaaS supplier for procuring the necessary software specifications.

All you need to do is supply valid consent credentials to your workers, and they’re able to easily get their office desktops within the net. Everything is handled on the cloud from your services provider.

You are able to steer clear of sending the essential background or establishing an agency for easing the neighborhood company — letting you handle everything efficiently and remotely.

Improved Productivity

With 77% growth in productivity, improved productivity continues to be another reason many companies adopt remote work setups.

And because COVID-19, coupled with all the consequent lockdown constraints forced multiple companies to temporarily stop their operations. Many needed to go distant to maintain themselves running. It is anticipated that the future will see an increasing number of people getting remotely useful.

A variety of factors, such as unhealthy eating habits, improper work-life balance, and also a faulty exercising regime, can radically impact your workers’ performance. Unsound health habits diminish a general work output.

They might also need to confront technical issues like an unparalleled disk failure or a sudden breakdown of the office systems may happen that could affect their productivity whilst working at home.

Employing DaaS enables you to secure guaranteed data availability for your employees so that they are not obstructed while working.

The majority of the DaaS providers guarantee the SLA-backed uptime guarantee of the solutions. They make sure your system is constantly online and working in prime condition.

If you have to go offline you want to have available help 24/7/365 for assistance.

24-hour help enables your employees to concentrate on their work and boost their productivity. They do not need to venture out to correct a busted hard disk or await the newest upgrade. That which is automatically managed by your service provider, together with minimal obstruction on your employee’s working lifetime.

Decreased Tech-Load

Although running a business remotely has allowed companies to cancel various operational costs like procurement of office stationery, upkeep of the office, along with other office-related expenses, working remotely has its own share of costs. You need to guarantee device accessibility for your workers, supply necessary software permits, and supply remote IT support.

Whenever you’ve got a new set of employees joining your organization, the cycle repeats around again. Your company still needs to confront a substantial tech-load even in the event that you keep an in-house host, as you want to employ seasoned professionals, and they will need to work round the clock because of its own functioning.

Selecting DaaS frees your business in the constraints of unneeded tech-load and smoothens your distant mobility.

You do not need to keep an in-house host as all of the requirements may be fulfilled should you hire a DaaS supplier.

With the rising popularity of the BYOD or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy, your employees will feel more comfortable with their device to get your virtual desktop.

Ever since your desktop computer is set up on the cloud and what’s handled via the worldwide internet, you don’t have to offer your apparatus or await its recovery once an employee leaves your organization.


There’s but one word that could correctly define DaaS, that is amazing.

When DaaS was initially rolled out in 2015, nobody knew it would radically affect multiple industries around the globe. Now, just more than five years later — it’s one of the sought Digital asset management for companies looking to work remotely.

Round-the-clock availability, premium data protection, flexible scalability, economic pricing, and powerful tech support — all these are numerous features a firm enjoys when they opt for dependable DaaS service.

It’s the complete distant solution package with unlimited potential for those companies seeking to establish their remote work empire. So, whenever you want an ideal desktop solution to acing this ‘remote’ game, make sure you remember the DaaS.

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