Night Vision Devices in Agriculture?

Night Vision Devices in Agriculture

Information production technologies have come to agriculture. With their introduction into production, or rather without their application in everyday life, even the smallest farm can no longer see a full-fledged operation.

After all, agriculture, as a rule, in different countries, closes one of the most important sectors of the economy. And without mass digitalization, which allows the effective implementation of new business processes in production, there is no way out.

Given the growing need of agriculture for quality agricultural machinery, manufacturers, to improve their performance, offer more and more new services. Without intelligent algorithms, it is impossible to find new ways to make a profit and increase production efficiency today. The main trend in agricultural engineering in recent years is digital transformation. At the same time, the use of innovative technologies requires competent conceptual and methodological justification, taking into account the peculiarities of growing individual crops, climatic and other factors.

Among them, the most in-demand are digital vision systems, which are usually used to inspect and collect various data from the fields. Automation technologies, such as night vision devices and their computer software, can greatly increase productivity in the field. Moreover, they can help farmers create effective management decisions. Therefore, all agricultural producers should learn how to make the most of them. Let’s take a look at what types of night vision optics are available on the market and how a farmer can benefit from them.

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How are NVRs used in agriculture today?

Demand shapes supply. The growth in agricultural production has created a steady demand for efficient agricultural technologies. At the same time, the first place is taken by the use of innovative technologies which require a competent construction taking into account the conceptual solution for the cultivation of individual crops, climatic and other factors. Without the creation of developed systems for monitoring agricultural objects, it is impossible to do.

Among them, the most demanded are digital vision systems, including night vision devices, designed for inspection and collection of various data from the fields. In general, vision systems are the most important tool in the development of automatic control systems. Systems that are widely used in control, recognition, navigation, or guidance tasks of night vision systems have found their application in agriculture. Considering the growing needs of the village for high-quality agricultural machinery, manufacturers strive to offer services that can improve its performance.

The main trend in recent years is digital transformation. New ways to generate profits and increase efficiency are impossible today without intelligent algorithms. And the farmer should consider and study several factors including the functionality of this product. After all, monitoring of fields and operation of equipment is carried out around the clock, and a perfect and well-established system of the equipment allows for remote monitoring of the object, assess the work of technology, and use of the device to prevent theft and make, if necessary, photo and video fixation of the incident.

Farmers need to prioritize what advanced technology will bring to the table. A night vision device can be installed in the field and a special program can transmit current information to your cell phone online in perfect picture quality. Do not forget, there is a huge reserve in new technology for the growth of the business of a rural producer. For example, harvesting.  Despite the experience of farming, it is always a difficult task associated with certain risks.

Tight deadlines, within which it is necessary to carry out a huge amount of work without discounts for weather conditions, uninterrupted and debugged work of machinery, saving of basic resources, and other external and internal factors. And in this situation, intelligent systems of production planning, allow for optimization work, reduce material and time costs, organize the collection, processing, and analysis of data on the implementation of technological processes, protect the grown crops from fire, theft and minimize losses.

In fact, night vision devices with, low-level television observation, active-pulse devices, thermal imaging, and combined devices are used for surveillance in twilight or in conditions of very limited visibility. As practice shows, the consumer is faced with a difficult choice for the purchase of equipment based on the electron-optical converter in the form of night-vision goggles, night head monoculars, binoculars, cameras, binoculars, and optical sights.

Many people opt for monoculars. They are easy to install in different places, both stationary and on vehicles. The range of the equipment is chosen with the task at hand, which should be solved in each case. Viewing angle, range, quality of the image received in real-time, coverage area, and others.

When using night vision devices based on infrared technology, it is necessary to take into account that these cameras have a so-called “blooming problem”. Simply put, when light hits the lens, instead of a quality picture, you will just see a white spot Not the most ideal choice for a thermal imaging camera, which is installed only outside and works in good weather.

Moreover, these devices have a problem analyzing the temperature of non-living objects, they will not “see”, for example, a mower in the field, or a pole in the middle of the road. Although this innovation will give the ability to “see” in fog, rain, in conditions of complete smoke. At the same time, thermal imaging will work comfortably at low temperatures.

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The future of night vision in agriculture.

Night vision is a part of farmers’ daily lives. The problem of saving crops from unforeseen natural phenomena and possible theft is being solved. In the future, the attractiveness of technology, in reduce its size, weight, and increased visibility. Although not everything is so unambiguous. When using the same electronics at a greater distance, it is preferable to have equipment with a larger lens.

But this is for the amateur because the cost of the gadget will immediately go up several times. Therefore, it is important to choose a high-impact device for fieldwork.  It is important that the original quality picture did not change during the operation of the equipment, despite the working conditions.

An infrared illuminator will help to improve the quality, which will give an additional opportunity to illuminate the object of observation when passive illumination is not enough.  Unlike laser, infrared LEDs are safe to operate and provide uniform illumination, while almost doubling the viewing range. The choice is yours.  Ready to pay a lot of money and invest in new equipment, go for it. If not, you can “upgrade” your old equipment by installing a separate stand-alone illuminator. In any case, when buying any equipment from the company, which in practice proves the reliability and effectiveness of its products.


Modern developments in night vision for use in agricultural production do not stop there. The range is constantly expanding and increasing volume of production and sales, which can be seen from the increased interest in new products from all participants of the high-tech market. A breakthrough can be made by the fourth generation of electro-optical devices, designed to provide high-quality night vision in pitch darkness.

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