Top Tech Innovations Make Remote Working Models Easy

Remote Working Models

Tech-led innovation plays a critical role in helping us reach our goals efficiently and without hassle. Technology is fundamental in the workplace because it determines how people communicate, learn, and collaborate. As they move from an offline mode to an online one, the remote working models and culture have undergone a radical transformation.

Many organizations were able to quickly transition to work from home thanks to technology and tech-led solutions that allow teams to collaborate virtually. The flexibility offered by the new models of work has allowed employees to be more flexible and a remote working culture has created new opportunities for job seekers in the market, despite the challenges caused by COVID-19.

Although we all will eventually move to our physical workplaces, we will have to rethink how we work. The cultures and working practices at our workplaces will be based on the current model. Let’s take a look at some new tech innovations that could lead to hybrid working models in the future.

Top Workplace Trends Emerging From Remote Working Models

Video Conferencing

This not-so-popular trend has gained the most popularity over the last year. This feature is one of the most popular features in 2020 and beyond since employees can connect face-to-face from anywhere, anytime. Newer innovations were made to the video conferencing tool. Employees can connect using any device with an in-app video conference tool. They can also share their screen during calls to discuss details and get into the weeds.

You can also use the same feature to instantly connect and send voice notes or initiate voice calls from within a channel. This ensures that everyone receives the message. Video conferencing is here for good. Most organizations will continue to meet clients in person via video conferencing.

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Channelizing conversations

Modern workplaces reflect channels that allow ideas to flow and promote productivity. To get a discussion going, it is important to use channels like the central hub to facilitate teamwork. These channels are equipped with a variety of incredible features that allow for team communication and collaboration to flourish.

Channels can be made public or private depending on the nature of the conversation. Public channels can be accessed by everyone within your company. Private channels are used for specific discussions that don’t affect the whole team or projects that might need to be kept private.

To illustrate, colleagues could connect to new channels and find out what their colleagues are discussing. You can just type # followed with the channel name (e.g. You can use #AllMarketing to directly join a chat and invite colleagues to join in the conversation. This allows everyone to collaborate on projects and brainstorm together.

Cloud technology

In 2020, cloud adoption has increased dramatically. In the past, it was difficult to retrieve data as it required much of our time. Cloud technology allows businesses to have access to modernized, cloud-native apps and high-performing infrastructure. Due to the pandemic, more businesses are undergoing digital transformation. The demand for cloud services will only increase in hybrid models.

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Cyber security enhanced

Companies have accelerated their digital transformation and cyber security is a top priority. Technology is the best tool to bridge the communication gap between clients, employees, and other stakeholders. Companies must improve their cyber security measures to avoid any cyber-attacks. Companies will continue to invest large amounts in protecting their data against malware and phishing attacks.

Every day, the global pandemic has called for innovation in the workplace collaboration spectrum. New features have been invented and more unique technologies are being deployed. We will see more technological advancements in this area as the remote working model develops.

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