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Big 5 Trends To Impact Business Automation In 2022

Business Automation

2020 has been a watershed year for automation in business. Many business practices have been rendered obsolete by the global pandemic. New ones were created. Businesses can now automate their workplaces by moving from physical offices to remote workplaces.

Companies can gain deeper insights by leveraging the best business intelligence tools and find ways to automate certain aspects. These are the top trends in business automation for this year.

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Automation As A Service (AaaS)

Automation as a Service (AaaS), will emerge from its infancy and be a key part of any business’s automation strategy. AaaS is a service that provides packaged automation services through third-party vendors. It will analyze the business areas that can be automated and send reports to domain experts. These experts will create sophisticated bots that automate tasks in order to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Automation For SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will benefit the most from automation. COVID-19 reiterates the importance of small and mid-sized businesses using agile workflows. Automation allows them to increase productivity and reliability. According to a report by Zapier, 63% of SMBs admit that automation helped them quickly shift their business strategy keeping in mind the pandemic and resilience will continue to be a desirable asset for companies going forward.


Gartner defines hyperautomation in this context: an automated system that uses AI and ML to augment human beings, but also to streamline system-wide operations using sophisticated codes. Companies looking to maintain their competitive edge with agile continuous testing will be using hyperautomation to improve backend tasks as much as possible. Hyperautomation is a complete process that also includes intelligent business process management (IBMP), and robotic process automation, (RPA). This brings us to the next topic.

RPA To The Fore

Hyperautomation is an integral part of robotic process automation (RPA). However, it can also serve as a standalone program for companies looking to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize human error. RPA automates mundane tasks such as data entry, invoicing, and report management. Gartner reports that 40% of businesses without a physical presence in the United States will offer virtual services to increase their profits by 2025. In shifts, this large, advanced RPA will be a key role.

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Streamlined BPA

As business process automation (BPA), becomes an integral part of core operations like data warehousing and data warehouse, companies will seek to standardize and streamline it to increase efficiency and clarity for all parties. This will allow shareholders and C-suite employees to adopt an agile iron triangular structure that will improve decision-making without compromising the fundamental tenets.

Automation in business will be more common than ever this year. Companies will continue to look for ways to improve their offerings through analysis of changing customer dynamics and automation tasks that don’t provide positive ROI.

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