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How SMBs Can Utilize Video Marketing to Increase Their Revenue

How SMBs Can Utilize Video Marketing to Increase Their Revenue

Videos are the best tool to influence the mind of viewers, it’s clear. Because the human brain processes image 60,000 times quicker than textual content, this is why videos are so powerful. Many major brands have embraced video marketing to get the most out of their marketing efforts. They have positioned themselves to receive the most response from their target audience using different types of videos (e.g. stop-motion and 2D animation). These videos can be used to highlight services, products, expertise, and many other things.

SMBs Can Utilize Video Marketing to Increase Their Revenue

  • In 2021, the average person will watch 100 minutes of video online every day.
  • In 2021, 85% of people expect to see more videos from their favorite brands.
  • 84% claim that video of brands has convinced them to purchase their product or services.

These stats clearly show the viability and effectiveness of video marketing for small businesses. After reading about the benefits of video marketing, there are two questions: How is video marketing being used to produce positive results? And what types of businesses are using the medium?

An article was written by Hubspot, a popular marketing software developer. This article contains in-depth research, analysis, and tips on video marketing. Here is the post to the study.

HubSpot: What Marketers Should Know In 2021

This study provides an in-depth analysis of video marketing statistics for both marketers and small businesses. The statistics explain how they can help the reader understand the video marketing industry and how SMBs can leverage it to gain maximum ROI.

These statistics videos for small businesses may be useful for small businesses owners but they can also be used by B2Bs. The reverse is true. They empower B2C to succeed in their endeavors and help them build lasting relationships.

Another factor to be considered when marketing your product or service via videos is the great pandemic. Marketing professionals believe that video marketing has become more important than ever because of the pandemic. Accordingly, 70% of marketers expect that their video marketing budget will increase in 2021. 68% of consumers also believe that the pandemic has had a positive effect on the number of videos they watch online.

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Why SMBs Are Not Investing In Video Marketing?

Many reasons are given for why SMBs neglect video marketing. This could be due to insufficient resources or a lack of skills needed to produce impactful videos. Some SMBs are more focused on creating textual content than video content, for example. They might also have a smaller staff or not have the resources to produce small business marketing videos. It is also not always expensive to create marketing videos.

While some videos last only 20-30 seconds, they are highly engaging, educative, and educational. These videos are often much cheaper than full-fledged advertisements with models, effects, and cameras.

However, 93% of marketers who use videos as marketing tools claim that videos are an integral part of their marketing strategy. Additionally, 87% of marketers believe that videos can increase their ROI. This is an improvement from 33% in 2015.

Why Should You Include Videos In Your Posts?

Customers should consider videos as the best option. Videos with engagement are 3x more than posts without videos. Similar results can be seen for websites with videos. They convert at 4.8 percent compared to 2.9 percent without them.

It is, therefore, crucial to include videos in your marketing strategy, as they play an important role in increasing your ROI.

Creating one video is better than creating many. However, it’s important to make videos frequently to engage your audience. Engagement leads to sales and conversions later on. Videos can also help businesses generate leads that they could sell. According to 84% of marketers, videos have helped them generate more leads than traditional marketing methods. A majority of marketers believe that videos have a positive effect on increasing sales and revenue.

It is also a good idea to post videos regularly and get the most from your marketing efforts. Regularly publishing/publishing promotional or marketing videos is a good way to keep your online presence strong and active. This is more feasible than posting only once every six months. You’re just reminding your audience you are online if you don’t maintain an active online presence.

Imagine your customers at the end of their buying journey and have not yet reached out to you. Because they have already reviewed your content and found relevant answers to their questions, they are at this stage. Videos for small businesses help your audience is unable to find relevant information about your company, your products, or services, they will simply go to the website of your competitor.

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A marketing video will educate customers about your products and is a great marketing tool for SMBs looking to reach their target market. Videos engage the audience and guide them in the right direction for conversion.

Why You Should Not Be Time-Intensive While Creating Animation Videos?

Videos don’t need to take too much time. Don’t rush creating animation videos. Instead, think about how to capitalize on opportunities, target your audience better, or what message will be most effective in the long term of your video campaign.

You can make videos in minutes using a variety of online platforms. Promo, Moovly, and Animaker are just a few of the platforms you can use. These platforms can be used to create marketing videos.

These platforms can help you eliminate the need to hire a video animation specialist. These platforms can be used to create marketing videos. However, you will not feel the video belongs to your brand.

You can create a customized marketing video that represents your brand’s core values and true nature. You could hire an animator to help you translate your ideas or vision into reality.

You can also make an animated video to thank clients for purchasing your product or service. You can strengthen your relationship with your customers by acknowledging them. Understanding the importance of animation will help you understand how animated posts can boost your social media marketing.


SMBs will play a greater role in video marketing over the next few years. Video marketing is viable and easily understood. Businesses need to adapt to this medium in order to keep up with their competition and to excite customers. and impact their targeted audience.

As a local small business owner, it is important to understand the basics of video marketing for local businesses and the channels that you can use. You can build brand awareness, increase leads, capitalize on market gaps, and create a meaningful and purpose-driven marketing video to help you build customer loyalty and build a lasting relationship.

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