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How To Add Instagram Feed Into Shopify Store?

How To Add Instagram Feed Into Shopify Store

Quick question: How often have you come across a product on Instagram and felt like buying it already? Your answer would reinstate the power that content generated on Instagram has.

No mean feat, the platform has emerged as a go-to place for shoppers to find inspiration to buy. In fact, shopping on Instagram has become so casual that the users end up buying without having intentions of it.

For brands, it is about time to capitalize on this shopping behavior. But, with competition, advertisement, and customer acquisition cost(CAC) only reaching new heights – standing out has become difficult. Here, leveraging content from Instagram can boost brand awareness and conversions.

If you are a Shopify store owner, keep reading to figure out how you can integrate content from Instagram into your eCommerce buying experiences.

Instagram Feed On Shopify Store – An Overview

Maximizing sales is the aim of almost every eCommerce marketer and store owner. But, amidst challenges like:

  • Delivering an omnichannel customer experience
  • Maintaining customer loyalty
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts
  • Rising shipping costs
  • Customer trust issues,

It is only becoming difficult to achieve those numbers. Here, leveraging content generated on Instagram can do the trick.

70% of people use Instagram to learn about products they can incorporate into their lives. As an eCommerce brand, bringing this content to your online storefront can alter users’ perceptions and help you be lucrative.

Moreover, people resonate with content that is authentic and experience-based. With a shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify store, you can overcome the trust barriers, increase user engagement and drive conversions.

How Can You Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On Shopify?

Integrating a shoppable Instagram feed on Shopify is easy. Keep reading to figure it all out.

Say suppose you are a brand that receives a lot of love from its users and fans(user-generated content) on Instagram on a particular hashtag. Now, if you wish to capitalize on this obsession, all that you need to do is collect this content, curate it, make it shoppable, and integrate the feed into your eCommerce.

Another use case could be – integrating the brand’s content posted via its handle on the Shopify store. Following the same process, you can leverage branded content on Instagram for your eCommerce store.

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The Process

Collect Your Content

Instagram – handle, hashtag, mentions, etc., has a multitude of content that you can bring to your Shopify store. Social commerce tools can help you in collecting all of this content in one place i.e., your Instagram feed.

But, not all of this content will be relevant to your brand. Hence, to maximize relatability – you must filter out content that can be brought to your eCommerce store.

Filter The Content & Add Customizations

Not all the content collected by the tool will be appropriate for you to incorporate into your gallery. Here, filtering out content becomes important for you to showcase only high-end content to your audience.

Being able to customize your feed is yet another important thing because it adds a brand identity to your feed. Further, with visual appeal becoming the center of the growth derived by businesses, adding customizations can be charming, as it can successfully attract the visitors’ attention and keep them hooked to what you have to offer.

Turn Your Gallery Shoppable

Add product tags to your gallery to make your feed shoppable. This will help you showcase all the product-related information collectively in a place, maximizing shoppers’ convenience.

Moreover, by featuring users’ content in your gallery, you can enhance users’ product imagination and help them decide better if they want to go ahead with it.

Publish Your Shoppable Instagram Gallery

After making all the required changes in your shoppable Instagram gallery, you can publish it in any location within your online store. The content is authentic, credible, and attractive and can help you build trust and conversions.

Brands across diverse categories are implementing social commerce and shoppable Instagram solutions into their eCommerce stores, helping them thrive in a largely competitive ecosystem.

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Leading Social Commerce Tools For Adding Instagram Feed To Shopify Store


Taggshop is a leading social commerce tool that provides eCommerce brands with promising solutions to integrate shoppable Instagram into their eCommerce.

Leveraging the platform, brands can collect all the content generated on Instagram, sync products, and make the feed shoppable.

Other than this, the AI-backed solution helps in product discovery through suggestions and tagging through an intelligent tagging assistant. You can also enable product hotspots to highlight products in your gallery and help users make informed buying decisions.

Additionally, robust analytics helps you identify top-performing content, track user sentiments, and more for you to improve your performance.


Ducksuite is another smart tool that brands can use to integrate the shoppable Instagram feed into their online store. It helps in sourcing content from the platform easily, fetching creators’ rights, and tagging products to the gallery.

The tool also helps get updates about brand mentions and anything related to the brand on Instagram. The derived content can be filtered to have only the top-performing posts in store for marketing campaigns. Compared to other tools, Ducksuite might not have very impressive features, but it is a great way to start with your execution of shoppable galleries.

Why Should You Integrate Shoppable Galleries With Your Ecommerce?

To give you an overview, here are the top reasons why you should consider integrating a shoppable Instagram gallery into your eCommerce:

  • Authentic content builds trust and eases purchase anxiety
  • Keeps the shopper engaged in their buying journey
  • Reduces the chances of cart abandonment by providing an A-class customer experience
  • Enhances your brand marketing efforts by integrating experience-based content
  • Increases conversions and revenue. Faster. Smarter
  • Enhances the mobile shopping experience of the buyers
  • Eases niche audience targeting and effortlessly moves consumers from one stage of the buyer journey to the other.

Over To You

Integrating shoppable Instagram into your eCommerce store can be a complete game-changer with respect to the number of sales and revenue you can generate.

One thing that cannot be ignored is that authenticity is the language consumers understand and relate to better than any branded effort of marketing. They look up to and trust real people and voices over others and consider their peers’ experiences before deciding upon the brand they wish to go ahead with.

So, if you want your brand to stand out from the competition, increase product discoverability, average order value, and how shoppers perceive your brand, incorporating shoppable Instagram solutions is all that you need to consider next!

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