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How You Can Transition Your Business Smoothly from ISDN to VoIP

How You Can Transition Your Business Smoothly from ISDN to VoIP

In 2025, BT will be switching off its entire ISDN network, causing any business that still relies on the system to lose all support. Despite this worrying, fast-approaching deadline 83% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aren’t aware of the switch off. In the future, businesses will no longer have the option of purchasing a new ISDN line, so the time to switch to a new network is here. There are many beneficial aspects to moving your business’s communication to a VoIP and the transition is simpler than widely known.

Plan the Switch

In order to start your switching process, you first need to begin your planning process. Planning is a great foundation to start to follow the process step by step. This was once a monumental task, however, with various technological advances and recent developments in the ease of changing systems, the move is a lot less daunting than one would imagine.

In the past, the hardware costs alone were insane for small or medium businesses, but recently this is no longer the case. Having a recorded inventory of your current phones, numbers, extensions, and employee status is also recommended. Analyzing your company’s communication strategies will help you with figuring out how to best utilize this change.

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Test your internet connection

VoIP technology requires a fast and stable internet connection as the very foundation of its functioning. Fiber optic is the most heavily recommended, with a wired broadband connection of at least 0.1 Mbps per line. Both upload and download speeds should meet this requirement. Wireless connections are also able to be used as long as they also meet the aforementioned requirements.

Prepare your network

Once your bandwidth and speeds are covered, the next step is to check if your hardware is up to the task. Does your hardware require an upgrade? Do you have one or multiple routers? Can your current hardware handle a lot of digital traffic? These are just some of the questions you as a business owner should be asking yourself.

Find the right provider

Most businesses aren’t able to spend thousands of pounds on a pricey new hardware bundle or system overhaul, but when switching to a VoIP, the difference between ISDN and VoIP is wonderfully cost-effective. The best service is one that enables you to have multiple connections while also implementing strong security measures within your company. You also want to be looking for a provider that has an accessible support network for your company. The VoIP network is also crammed full of free advanced business features for you and your team to get stuck into.

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Test and enjoy

Ensure you test your VoIP connections once your provider has finished setting up your company’s systems. Check your call quality, latency, connection stability, and any delays present in the calls. Don’t forget to test out all of the features your service provider offers, such as automated attendant services, remote communications, and call routing. You can send SMS messages to your clients through your VoIP network as well as the whole communication setup running efficiently and securely through a single infrastructure network.

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