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Why A Mobile App is Important for Real Estate Agencies

Mobile App For Real Estate

When it comes to searching for real estate, any of us first considers an offer on the Internet, examines options, and only then contacts an agency. Today, real estate agencies are widely represented online, and some go further and create their own mobile applications.

Often, a real estate mobile app looks like a mobile version of a website or a constantly updated list of properties available for purchase and rent. However, the possibilities of mobile real estate solutions do not end there. If you use the potential of mobile devices more actively, the number of customers and the number of concluded deals will increase.

We analyzed world experience and identified several functions that can qualitatively improve and complement mobile applications for real estate agencies:

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Advanced chat options

It is important for real estate agencies to increase the number of requests and maintain a high level of communication with potential clients. The mobile application is a good helper in this matter.

Benefits for users:

You can choose different tools for communicating with agents without leaving the application.

Benefits for agents:

An additional channel of communication with clients is used. As a result, the speed of response to requests is increased and the number of client rejections is reduced.

Request for an urgent viewing of the property

It happens that a client is in the immediate vicinity of a property he likes and wants to see it without putting the matter on the back burner. To avoid a long chain from a customer’s call to an appointment, the application can provide for viewing the apartment upon immediate request.

This feature allows tenants to quickly view the apartment they like. The speed of access to a property is sometimes a decisive factor, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas with high competition between candidates for rental housing.

Benefits for users:

You can quickly view your favorite housing option.

Benefits for agents:

An effective way to reach your target audience. The motivation of agents to conclude a deal increases due to increased competition between them.

Scheduling a meeting

When looking for a suitable housing option, clients often want to look at several apartments in the same area. You can schedule appointments with a realtor in the application, which significantly helps to save time.

This function can be implemented through the “Free tour” mark opposite the name of the agent who works in the selected area. So, by clicking on the option they like, application users can book a meeting with the realtor at the most convenient time for themselves.

Benefits for users:

You can schedule an appointment with a realtor at a convenient time.

Benefits for agents:

Target customer orientation. Possibility of organizing meetings for available properties.

Push notifications

Today push notifications are widespread in applications due to their relative simplicity and ability not to load the memory of users’ phones. Mobile applications of real estate agencies can also successfully use this function. For example, so that users do not endlessly scroll through the lists of offers in search of the option they like, you can add the ability to highlight selected objects and receive daily information updates about them.

Benefits for users:

The ability to keep abreast of the most preferred options.

Benefits for agents:

An additional way to retain a client.

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Virtual tour

The ability to view your desired properties in a virtual way will help make your real estate application stand out from other similar ones. Realtors can freely take pictures and shoot videos of the offered apartments, and then mount a virtual tour from the collected pictures. With the help of such tours, clients can get acquainted with interesting objects even before the official viewing and choose the options that best meet their criteria.

Benefits for users:

Opportunity to view the option of real estate you are interested in and evaluate its characteristics before a real visit.

Benefits for agents:

Additional presentation of the property. Opportunity to work with the most interested clients.

The real estate market continues to be highly competitive. Its members still need effective ways to promote their services. When a mobile application for real estate agencies is not just a mobile version of a website, but a full-fledged tool for increasing customer loyalty, both sides benefit users and agents. If you are interested in this topic, we suggest that you also familiarize yourself with this information

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