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How To Leverage Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence During A Epidemic

How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning During A Pandemic

Coupled with accelerating cloud technology in which there seems to be no more”finish line,” we find ourselves in an environment that is more and more of a struggle for the IT skills of internal teams to keep up.

In one of my previous articles”3 Steps To tackle The Cloud Donation Drought,” we discovered that relieving the growing skills gap is becoming a great motivator for increased automation, driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). After this pandemic is finished, there will be company winners and losers. Organizations that see these technologies as a critical differentiator will create a vast range of business benefits for themselves both during and after the pandemic subsides. With a mixture of AI and ML, executives — and especially CIOs — will have the ability to look at and act on better information and much more in-depth analytics, enabling them to push a faster business transformation.

Predictive Analytics Enables Automation, But Also Saves Lives

Decades of growth have driven technological expectancy towards greater predictive business intelligence than in the past. Once you have highly precise predictive information, the job of automation becomes much easier. Today, computing methods capably provide a whole world of historic data and analytical data with only a couple of clicks. However, from the very start, intelligence and forecasting data from computer systems are the authentic crown jewels.

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On the company intelligence path, through advancements in infrastructure, software, mobility, and information technologies, the business made enormous strides in fitting company use cases with capacities and systems. While AI and ML have traditionally accelerated intelligence enhanced business projections, these technologies are shining today as resources to assist pull insights out of the huge COVID-19 data pools. AI features include rapid, scaled evaluation, integration into multiple points of information, and providing quick access to information that we can read on the CDC and WHO websites. This fast access and manipulation of information, driven by AI, will help bring the spread of this pandemic to its insides.

Along with invention, another evergreen company driver is improving productivity, which is particularly important now as most knowledge workers are forced to work at the house. With time, AI and ML combined will possess the capability to enhance and even replace just about any repetitive task when executed by or supervised by people. Throughout history, technological evolution and productivity benefits tether to the concepts of efficiency, automation, and scale. This can’t be truer now with so many of their workforce working from home, or in a disaster scenario where many will become affected by the disease and not able to perform work duties.

How Satellites And Machine Learning Are Being Used To Identify Plastic In The Ocean

Today, AI and machine learning technologies meet business objectives by raising productivity throughout emerging and legacy applications and disseminating critical data in the research occurring at the frontlines of this outbreak.

Aside from the COVID-19 scenario, researchers are more productive when:

They do not have to analyze profound, extensive data seeking business insights

They don’t have to answer repetitive questions or solve repetitive issues

They could analyze countless characteristics found in medical info or neural networks.

Businesses that implement AI and ML parts will benefit from leading-edge tools which include:

Natural language processing which hugely increases productivity and communication

Continuous improvement of back-office systems performance and accuracy

Robotic procedure automation that automates repetitive activities

These are no-regret decisions

Intelligent systems increasingly accelerate and interrupt status-quo processes, freeing up personnel to participate better, create more with their period, and explore new possibilities. As competitive advantages line up together the powerful technologies of cloud, AI, machine learning, and automation, those that have not deployed these resources will soon be in the failure class — meaning that their competitive edge will undoubtedly be lost. Better products, increased efficacy, minimal errors, better work conditions, and costs savings are just a few of the benefits of this new realm of AI and ML that companies cannot miss out on

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