10 Direct Mailing Services for Your Small Business

Direct Mailing Services

Direct mailing services are no longer a method of business marketing. You might be wrong. Research has shown direct mailing campaigns result in five times more sales than email campaigns.

Small businesses can now send direct mail to prospects and customers. Postcards to catalogs are a cost-effective and effective way to make sure your message stands out. To make sure your efforts produce the best possible results, look on MyCreativeShop to learn how to fill out a postcard.

Direct Mailing Services

Are you looking to take advantage of the 54 percent of consumers who said they would like to receive direct mail from companies? Take a look at these 10 direct mail services that small businesses can use.

Top 10 Direct Mailing Services for Business

1. PsPrint

PsPrint is a fast, affordable, and convenient way to print. Small businesses can design and print professional-looking mail for customers and prospects.

PsPrint allows you to simply place an order. Attach any artwork or your mailing list. Then wait for your order to reach your target market. Soon, inquiries regarding your product, services, or marketing campaign will start to come in.

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2. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is another option. This service is focused on sending postcards via the mail. You can design your postcard with the all-in-one postcard mail service. Next, add your address book. This will launch your direct mail campaign.

Vistaprint lets you select your target audience using different demographics. These demographics include income, age, gender, and gender. It is an efficient service for small businesses that want to avoid losing customers.

3. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

EDDM is targeted advertising from the US Postal Service that can be used to promote small businesses through direct mail marketing.

Whether you want to sell or offer deals or send flyers, menus, or postcards to the right customers using the EDDM online tool. To map ZIP codes and filter by household size or income to ensure professional-looking mail, you can use

4. Cactus Mail

Cactus Mail provides a budget-friendly, free marketing plan that’s flexible and affordable for your business. Cactus Mail offers tracking options to help you track the effectiveness and efficiency of your direct mail campaign. This will help you adjust and improve it, ultimately helping you reach more customers.

5. Click2Mail

Click2Mail allows you to send letters, postcards, booklets or flyers to those who matter. You can send personalized and eye-catching direct mail campaigns and promotions through the company. Clik2Mail’s easy-to-use service allows you to send PDFs directly as postal mail without the need for coding.

6. Mail Shark

Mail Shark is a targeted direct mail service for small businesses that focuses on specific demographics and addresses rather than oversaturating entire neighborhoods.

Mail Shark also offers unlimited reservations, custom designs, direct mail printing, flexible payments options, and in-house USPS mail verification, postage, and delivery confirmation.

7. Postcard Mania

Postcard Mania prides itself on monitoring customers’ specific campaign results. This helps you to create the most effective email marketing strategy for each industry and business. You can customize your marketing materials and the company has fast production and shipping times. This will ensure that your direct marketing is delivered to the right people efficiently and quickly.

8. Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers is a great choice if you need to quickly send important business information. Next Day Flyers can print your flyers and postcards the same day. This allows you to get your message out to those who matter most quickly.

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9. (PFL)

PFL is a one-stop-shop for all your small business’s direct mail needs. To ensure that your brand is seen by the right people, the company can design, print, and mail the mailing materials you need.

10. Postalytics

Postalytics, the leading direct mail automation platform, revolutionizes the way marketers create, send, and measure the performance of their direct mail campaigns. By seamlessly integrating with CRM systems and mailing list providers, Postalytics empowers smart marketers to effortlessly automate tasks like address management and content personalization, freeing up valuable time for strategic campaign optimization.

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