7 Popular Domain Extensions for Tech Businesses

7 Popular Domain Extensions for Tech Businesses

As many businesses are switching and adapting to digital commerce, many available website domain name options are decreasing. The tech industry is also becoming increasingly impacted, as many technology companies struggle to find a premium domain name.

The .com domain is still the most popular to date. Therefore, many website owners still tend to think that using .com is the only legitimate option to increase their business’ credibility. However, when people check .com domain availability, there’s a chance that their desired domain name is already used since this top-level domain (TLD) is the most registered worldwide.

Fortunately, there are many other domain extensions to use aside from .com that are excellent for sites in the technology industry. In this article, we’re going to discuss the seven best TLDs to register as potential tech domains.

1. .io

The .io extension falls under the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) category and belongs to the Chagos Archipelago in British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). However, as IO is widely recognized as input/output in the tech space, it is now treated as a generic domain extension.

Many tech startups and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies use this domain extension for their business websites. An excellent example is Keyword Tool – a tech startup using .io to provide a keyword research tool that is trusted by many large-scale companies.

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2. .tech

Another alternative among generic top-level domains to choose from is .tech. It is designed for entities like brands, organizations, companies, and individuals that want to establish themselves within the tech field.

This popular domain extension can also be a keyword-rich choice for businesses or organizations that have tech in their names. In the long run, it can benefit the website’s search engine optimization (SEO) as the domain matches specific search queries.

An example of a large-scale company with a .tech domain is Paramount Pictures, an American film-television production, and distribution company.

3. .ai

Another popular TLD to use is .ai, which is a ccTLD for Anguilla, a small island and British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean. It is now treated as a general TLD, as the term AI is more globally associated with artificial intelligence.

Though it still falls under the ccTLD category, you can freely register your tech business website with a .ai domain. Most advanced technology companies use this extension to create a memorable domain name. For instance, ThinkDeep is a French AI company that uses the .ai domain to communicate the industry it is in.

4. .app

The .app TLD can be considered a new domain extension as it was only released in 2018. That said, this tech domain became an instant hit, receiving more than 1.2 million registrations as of today.

The main reason for its popularity is that tech company that mainly market mobile applications can use it to create a strong brand image. Moreover, it can help websites reach higher search engine rankings as the domain extension can also be a keyword.

Take Menu App as an example. It is a startup business with a .app domain that develops eCommerce applications for restaurant brands.

5. .dev

The .dev extension is among the newest released domain names, as it was first announced to the public in 2019. Developed in 2015, it was originally intended to create a secure online space for software developers within the Google company only.

This domain extension is registered in the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list, so every website with the .dev extension requires an SSL certificate to be accessible on major browsers.

An example of a company using the .dev TLD is the Slack Platform Developer Tools site.

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6. .mobi

The .mobi extension is designated for websites that are purposely created for mobile devices. Therefore, sites with the .mobi TLD should also have another primary domain for desktop users. For tech startups that want to focus on creating mobile websites, .mobi can be a great option to reach the target audience.

The reason behind it connects to the search engine’s algorithm, which already recognizes the .mobi domain as designated for mobile devices. Therefore, these sites have a better chance of capturing a higher rank on mobile searches.

7. .cloud

Previously, the .net domain was a good option for websites that are associated with the computing field. However, as cloud computing has become increasingly popular, the .cloud domain is now well-known among cloud-based hosting or software businesses.

Avatar Cloud is among the many websites in the tech field utilizing a .cloud domain.


A tech domain helps to set your business website apart from other industries on the internet. Even though .com is still the most popular domain name today, other relevant domain extensions can be used for better searchability and branding.

Finding the perfect domain extension for a high-tech company nowadays isn’t as hard as it was previously. More and more people have started to recognize popular domain extensions used in the tech community among organizations and businesses.

We hope this article helps in finding the best domain extension for your preferred business web address. Good luck!

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