Look For the Perfect Smartphone Choices

Look For the Perfect Smartphone

When buying a new smartphone, you should always check which features and functions the device has. Often not all smartphones have the same functionality. For example, many users want a device with a good camera and others with more power. With smart p smart price this works fine.

Huawei P Smart: Functions and Features

So that you know what to expect when buying your new smartphone, we have listed the most important features and functions for you:

  • The display is a 5.65-inch display that is equipped with 2.5D technology.
  • The resolution of the display is 2,160 x 1,080 pixels.
  • As standard, the Huawei P Smart has an integrated memory of 32 GB and can be expanded with a micro SD up to 256 GB of memory.
  • The smartphone also has a 13 MP + 2MP dual camera, which enables pictures with a resolution of up to 26 MP.
  • The front camera has 8 MP and supports some functions for automatically improving the image quality.
  • The smartphone is available in black, blue, and gold.
  • With a weight of 143 grams and a depth of 7.45 mm, the smartphone is also very handy and quite light.
  • The Huawei P Smart is equipped with the Android 8.0 + EMUI 8.0 operating system.
  • The battery has a total of 3,000 mAh and can therefore be used for a long time without having to be charged.

For the P smart 2020 from Huawei, the manufacturer gives an introductory price of 199 €, and a market launch on May 16, 2020, is currently available. The P smart 2020 is an Android device. The currently available version is 9.

The 6.21-inch display has a resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 pixels. The housing is largely made of plastic. The device weighs 163 g and measures 155.3 x 73.5 x 8.2 mm. It is not protected from water or dust as per IP certification. The built-in battery has a capacity of 3,400 mAh.

The device supports LTE and is dual SIM capable. Infrared and Bluetooth 5.0 are also on board, and the device is also NFC-enabled. Miracast is not supported. The main camera on the back has a resolution of 4160×3120 (13.0 megapixels), the front camera with 8.0 megapixels.

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Huawei P Smart Z in the test: hidden front camera and glitter housing

The Huawei P Smart Z is a lifestyle mobile phone for less than 250 euros (for price comparison) that wants to attract attention. The Chinese manufacturer is generally targeting a young target group with its P-Smart models and has therefore equipped the mid-range smartphone with some special features.

On the one hand, the back of the housing presents a “glitter effect”: when light falls, the material shines like silk. For our taste, Huawei has overdone it with the eye-catching glitter look. On the other hand, there is a hidden camera on the upper edge of the smartphone, which automatically moves out of the housing when the front camera is activated. The display is therefore theoretically borderless, in practice it is still surrounded by a black frame.

Even if the pop-up camera is technically interesting, the special features of the P Smart Z are ultimately just gimmicks. The Huawei lifestyle phone was only able to really impress us with its great battery life. After all, the workmanship gives no reason for criticism. It may not match the excellent quality of a high-end cell phone, but the P Smart Z is solidly built and feels high-quality. It’s immensely large, significantly larger than the Huawei P30 (to test) or Mate 20 (to test), and almost too bulky even for large hands.

Huawei supplies a silicone protective cover, which we generally see positively because it is useful. Because of the cell phone’s pop-up camera, this case is missing almost the entire upper edge, and the cut-out makes it look strangely mutilated. In addition, not everything fits perfectly.

Huawei P Smart Z Has A Huge Display With Good Quality

The Huawei P Smart Z has a huge display with a diagonal of 6.6 inches with Full HD Plus resolution (2,340 by 1,080 pixels). The representation is sufficiently sharp. The measurement shows it to be a solid LC display with average test results: The maximum brightness of 443 candelas per square meter is sufficient for everyday use, the checkerboard contrast of 138: 1 is okay, but is far below the values ​​of top models.

The standard RGB color space is displayed at 120 percent, the extended DCI-P3 color space is at a good 87 percent. The white point is shifted towards the bluish. Users who like to watch videos on their smartphones will definitely enjoy the P Smart Z’s large display and the full HD streaming that is offered. For the price, however, there is no such strong and dynamic image as with high-end cell phones that support HDR. The Huawei phone still got a good rating.

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