7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism When Writing an Essay

7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism When Writing an Essay

Academic papers are difficult to write since they require you to think about and select an appropriate topic, do extensive research, and analyze the data you’ve gathered. It’s no surprise that many students struggle with this procedure, confronting a variety of issues, including plagiarism.

Plagiarism is effectively taking the ideas of other authors without acknowledging their contribution, and it is regarded as a major academic crime. Furthermore, it prohibits academics from accurately judging students’ performance and fosters a climate of suspicion among scholars.

As a result, the consequences of plagiarism can be severe, ranging from poor grades to expulsion from college or university. Furthermore, if you don’t know the rules, plagiarism can happen by accident, therefore if you’re a new writer, you must be extra cautious to avoid it. We’ve put up a list of tips for avoiding plagiarism and totally eliminating it from your writing: Make sure your essays are completely original.

Cite all of your sources.

The first step is to cite all of the books and materials you used to write a plagiarism-free essay. All ideas that are not your own but come from outside sources should be properly mentioned in order to give credit to the authors. Furthermore, citing is required even if you incorporate data from past papers and essays. This method also aids teachers in determining whether the sources are relevant and reliable when evaluating the quality of their writing.

You do not, however, need to include common facts and knowledge that everyone assumes. For example, stating that smoking is damaging to one’s health does not necessitate citation, but you will need to mention statistics on the number of people who smoke in the United States at various times.

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Use the correct citation style.

However, keep in mind that different fields require distinct citation styles–sets of rules that dictate which details about the article you provide and in what order you write them. The most frequent are MLA, which is mostly used in the humanities, APA, which is used in psychology, education, and other social sciences, and Chicago, which is used in history and science.

However, certain colleges or academic magazines have their own citation and reference norms and procedures, so double-check your assignment’s directions. Using the right citation style displays that you are paying attention to the instructions, offers important information about the sources you are using, and helps you get an exceptional mark on your paper.

Make a list of your sources.

When working on a large research article, it’s easy to become confused and forget where you received certain pieces of information. Keep track of the texts you use and write down the author’s name, the title of the publication, and the number of pages where you found the data to avoid this problem. You’ll be able to quickly access and review the source if you need to double-check something for your reference list later. This method saves time while ensuring that anything borrowed from other writers is properly cited and referenced.

Seek help from others.

No one can deny that writing academic papers is difficult, and preventing plagiarism makes it even more difficult. You don’t have to rely solely on your own strength: nothing prevents you from writing “who can do my essay” in a google search and enlisting the help of outside professionals and services. For example, you can hire a tutor to help you study and proofread your papers for plagiarism and grammatical errors.

Another great strategy is to seek help from a specialized company that provides students with academic help in the form of custom essay samples. Essay help service EssayAssistant or a similar professional website offers essay help to students by providing custom papers created according to your guidelines.

Of course, you can’t just buy a term paper from one of these companies and submit it; that would be considered plagiarism since the paper was not created by you. A professional sample, on the other hand, provides you with personalized essay help in creating an original essay and plenty of sources to draw from.

Make use of a variety of resources.

If you want to make distinctive papers from scratch, you’ll need to gain a lot of background knowledge and apply it to your work. As a result, gathering information from numerous sources is the ideal option because you’ll be able to thoroughly study the facts and include your own unique opinions.

This method exhibits your capacity to generate new ideas and does thorough investigations to obtain the necessary information. Remember to use published books, papers from peer-reviewed journals, and other trustworthy sources to verify that the knowledge you provide to your paper is reliable.

Create your own writing style.

Though exact citations are occasionally essential, the majority of your writing should be made up of paraphrased data and your own conclusions drawn from it. As a result, being on top in class requires creating your unique writing style and applying it to create relevant and intriguing reports.

To do so, you must read on a regular basis, especially scientific books, and research articles, in order to grasp the nuances of academic writing style. Furthermore, practicing is essential because it enhances your English skills and gives you the practical experience you need to perfect your writing.

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Use a plagiarism checker.

Let’s imagine you’ve finished your essay, but you’re not sure if everything is paraphrased correctly or if there are any signs of plagiarism. Using specialized plagiarism checkers makes sense in this case: these applications flag potentially plagiarized sentences, provide links to authentic sources online, and calculate similarity percentages. Some plagiarism detectors, such as Grammarly’s, will also highlight grammar issues in your writing and suggest more acceptable spelling.

As a result, employing plagiarism checkers can help you develop your paraphrasing skills, ensuring that your writing is free of overly similar lines and wording, and even improve it grammatically. They are also frequently free or charge a low fee, making it easy for students of all financial backgrounds to become their customers. You can read internet reviews to see if the program meets your requirements.


Plagiarism is one of the most serious issues in academia, and the consequences are severe. The fundamental problem with this strategy is that it violates honesty and integrity values, which breeds mistrust among researchers in any subject. As a result, the wisest decision young writers can make if they want to succeed in their academic careers is to shun it entirely. Even if you have little expertise in producing custom essays and research papers, it is entirely achievable.

To begin, properly crediting all ideas borrowed from other authors ensures that their contribution is acknowledged. Remember to paraphrase their comments; your post shouldn’t just be a list of direct sources. Using a variety of sources and thoroughly citing each one allows you to cover all bases in your piece.

You can, however, seek outside aid to help you overcome this obstacle. Having a tutor or professional essay writing service guide you through the writing process, or passing your paper via a plagiarism checker, produces excellent results and ensures that the work is completely unique.

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