Top 10 Safari Extensions for Writers

Top 10 Safari Extensions for Writers

Browser extensions are very useful. Although Safari extensions are less common than Chrome extensions there are still many useful ones. Safari extensions are available on mobile and tablet devices. However, the ones I will be covering are for desktop use.

Top 10 Safari Extensions for Writers

1. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper plug-in allows you to save interesting things You can save that you find online to your Evernote account or clip web pages, articles, and PDFs to Evernote. You will need an Evernote account to be able to use this extension.

This extension allows you to customize the content of your clips. You can also add annotations to a screenshot of a webpage. This allows you to quickly see important information and context, as well as tags for categorization.

Evernote is a great tool for writers who need to gather and use resources for articles. Evernote also stores insights for writing. Evernote’s search capabilities are excellent, making it easy to find resources within Evernote.

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2. Glasp

Glasp is a web-based highlighter that can be used to highlight web articles. It lets you save sentences and phrases that you like while you read an article. Highlights can be stored for each article. The highlights can also be exported in batches so that you can actually write the article. You can export your highlights and combine them with other resources to edit them.

Glasp also features a social component. This allows you to see which parts of your article users agree with, question, and what their thoughts are. Medium’s Highlighter can only be used on Medium’s domain. Glasp, however, can be used on all articles on the internet.

3. Save to Pocket

Pocket is a bookmark storage site known as Read-it-later. It saves links to all articles and videos on the internet and can be opened from any device that you have an account.

This can be very helpful if you are able to concentrate on an article that you have found on your phone and then want to read it on your computer later.

When you begin writing articles on a topic, it is important to have a lot of information and perspectives. You can store lots of resources in Pocket on an ongoing basis. You can refer to them easily when you start writing, which is extremely convenient.

4. Save to

Raindrop is a bookmark manager that allows you to save web articles, photos, videos, and PDFs from apps and websites.

It’s similar to Pocket and allows you to save all of your web content. You can also open it on your computer if it was saved on your mobile. Raindrop is a Safari extension that allows users to save, search and fill out the content.

To organize your content and make it easier to find, you can tag and save it. Each folder can be controlled to limit who can access it, making it suitable for both individuals and teams.

5. Liner

Liner is the web’s highlighter tool. The liner allows you to highlight PDF sentences and articles you like, categorize them and save them for future reference.

If other Liner users have highlighted an article, it will be displayed on Google when you search for it. It is highly reliable because many people have highlighted it, which gives it the ability to act as a search assistant.

This is very important because many people don’t have a way to identify which parts of a video are important or to keep track of them.

Liner also offers recommendations for the article. You can see articles that are similar to your interests and articles that are being read by other users. This makes it easy to quickly find resources when writing articles on a topic and You can quickly find resources without the need to search.

6. Instapaper Save

Instapaper allows you to bookmark all of your web content. It can save a variety of articles, videos, images, and other media. Instapaper allows you to view the content that you have saved.

It also allows you to read what you have saved on your mobile device on the desktop. It is also highly visual and displays saved content beautifully.

Highlight your articles and other content that you have saved. A note can be added to the text. This is useful for when you want to go back and review it. Refer to it when you write an article. You may be able also to speed up the writing process since the article already includes your past insights.

7. Grammarly for Safari

Grammarly is a cloud-based writing tool. It can be used across multiple platforms. It will assist you in choosing words for grammar, punctuation, and clarity. It will suggest appropriate words and sentences replace the ones it finds.

Grammarly is an essential app for non-English speakers. Grammarly is a great tool for English speakers because it not only checks grammar but also looks for spelling errors and extra spaces. It can be used across almost all platforms. It provides real-time feedback and access to all major platforms, including Google Docs and Twitter.

8. Notion Web Clipper

Notion Web Clipper allows you to save web content to Notion in one click. To use this service, you will need to have a Notion account. After you save your content in Notion you can edit, add comments and highlight it later.

You can select which Notion folder you want to save your clip in so that you don’t have it organized later. You can tag them so that it is easy to find and filter them later. You can also share the links you have clipped at the same moment. Notion Web Clipper, which is now used by many, is a must-have extension for Safari.

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9. HoverSee for Safari

HoverSee allows you to zoom in on images or videos within your web browser. HoverSee costs $7.99 to install Safari Extension. This is the only paid installation within this article.

HoverSee is our only paid installation. Zoomable content includes thumbnails, links and image galleries, video galleries, video services links, and direct links. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to zoom in or out on all links.

10. Speed Player for Safari

Speed Player is an extension for Safari that lets you change the speed at which videos are played on the internet. It can be used to increase the playback speed by 0.25x to 2x per 0.25x increments. You can also change the speed to a customized one and enter the value.

SpeedPlayer also allows you to set a default value. For example, you can set the speed at 1.5x and all subsequent videos will play at 1.5x. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to change the speed of a movie while it is being played without opening the settings screen. It is very useful to be able to double the speed of video playback as a writer.

As a writer, I watch many videos to get information. It is extremely helpful to be able easily to double the speed of playback.

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