13 Amazing Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

13 Amazing Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

As digital marketing professionals understand all too well, tendencies in the business move fast.

It may be overwhelming trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

Staying up-to-date and applying best practices in SEO and digital marketing is a lot easier with the support of useful tools.

Listed below are 13 great options available as Chrome extensions to boost your productivity and efficiency directly within your browser

1. Headline Studio by CoSchedule

Headline Studio by CoSchedule is a Chrome extension made to help marketers optimize their visitors to improve visitors.

Headline Studio utilizes extensive data to examine headlines and indicate improved words and phrases to enhance SEO.

Additionally, it gives an evaluation about whether your headlines have been outperforming or underperforming in comparison to headlines.

Headline Studio is great for marketers who wish to boost their header composing abilities and always create high-quality, interesting headlines that stand out in the audience.

Price: Free

2. Wordtune

Wordtune utilizes AI technology to estimate your job and assist you to make a clearer and more persuasive writing style.

While entirely AI-generated content is known as spam based on Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines, employing an AI tool to enhance your writing style can be enormously beneficial.

Together with the free version of Wordtune, you’ll benefit from:

  • Suggestions.
  • Rewrites.

In addition to the above features, Wordtune’s Premium version offers:

  • Word finder.
  • Tone controllers.
  • Length controllers.
  • Smart Paste.

Price: Free, Premium at $9.99/month

3. SEO Pro Extension

The SEO Pro Extension was made to rapidly examine website properties to supply a very simple overview of search engine optimization information, together with suggestions about the best way best to boost SERP (search engine results page) rankings.

SEO Pro Extension may also pinpoint areas of your site which are lacking complete search engine optimization information, like images without ALT tags.

Using SEO Puru Extension, you will also have the ability to examine your competitors’ sites to find tips concerning how to Boost your site inside the context of your distinctive business.

Price: Free

4. Buffer Extension

Buffer is a stage that simplifies sharing your own brand’s social networking articles.

The Buffer Chrome extension produces a convenient procedure for sharing curated posts as you stumble across them.

Price: Free, Guru at $15 per month, Premium at $65 per month, Company at $99 per month

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5. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

A comprehension of SEO is among the most essential content advertising abilities, as well as Ahrefs SEO Toolbar, even beginners can start to optimize for search engines such as an expert.

This expansion contains information about a page:

  • Title and description.
  • Canonical URL.
  • Crawlability.
  • Headers and subheaders.
  • Word count.
  • Social tags.

It is particularly helpful for collecting data about top-ranking search results.

For specialists, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar offers an efficient, detailed breakdown to accelerate SEO-related edits and changes.

Price: Free (requires a free account)

6. MozBar

Brought to you by Moz, MozBar is an on-page search engine optimization toolbar designed to accelerate your team’s search procedure, particularly in regards to assessing links.

Additionally, it is helpful for aggressive status intellect around terms you are thinking about.

With one click, it is possible to pull SEO metrics for almost any page using MozBar.

MozBar’s characteristics include:

  • check page jurisdiction and domain authority if you’re searching for outside links.
  • Emphasize keywords on any page to examine how your opponents have employed them.
  • Export SERPs investigation into another file.
  • Break of links on any page by followed, no-followed, external, or internal.

Price: Free (requires a free account)

7. Grammarly

Terrible writing is an instantaneous turn-off for website readers. Grammarly’s Chrome expansion is beneficial for advertising authors that wish to fine-tune their own composing and audio professional.

From seeing grammar and punctuation mistakes to highlighting embarrassing phrases, Grammarly is just one of the greatest Chrome extensions for digital marketing in regards to editing.

Whether you are composing blog articles or landing pages (or maybe private mails ), then Grammarly will tighten up your writing style and enable you to say just what you intend.

Together with the free version of Grammarly, you’ll benefit from hints related to:

  • Spelling.
  • Grammar.
  • Punctuation.
  • Conciseness.

With the Premium version of Grammarly, you’ll gain further insight from suggestions related to:

  • Clarity.
  • Tone.
  • Plagiarism.
  • Word choice.
  • Formality.

Price: Free, Premium at $29.95/month

8. Keywords Everywhere

keyword analysis is a huge part of SEO. Using Keywords Everywhere, you will have the ability to accelerate the procedure.

Keywords Everywhere offer on-page:

  • Search volume analysis.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) information for keywords.
  • Competition information.
  • Trend analysis.

Price: Free version includes additional data and keyword variants in the hunt; differently, it is priced based on the usage of credits — $10 for the lowest priced package, which provides 100,000 credits (or 100,000 keywords)

9. Scribe by Cursive

Scribe makes coaching and information sharing easy. It guarantees to save your staff more than 20 hours every month by automatically generating custom-made tutorials according to your internet activity.

Scribe documents your procedure by tracking clicks and creating screenshots, altering this information to a step-by-step guide that you may share with your staff or help clients resolve problems.

Price: Free

10. CloudApp

CloudApp provides one-click display recording to streamline information-sharing capacities within your team.

See something helpful? Instantly capture it directly out of your browser and share it with relevant colleagues..

It is possible to easily annotate screenshots and videos without even changing to a different tool.

Price: Free, Pro at $9.95/month

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11. gSweets

If you are a Google Docs user, then you will love this useful tool. GSweets provides helpful, time-saving slash commands to assist you quickly and format files.

For example, instead of highlighting text and picking”Header 1, then” from the toolbar — only enter the slash command”/h1″ (etc ) and continue with your work.

Price: Free

12. Bitly

As an avid social networking user understands, adding links to your tweets or articles could be gruesome and also a waste of valuable character space.

The Bitly Chrome extension lets you shorten any URL with one click to create sharing easy.

The new short link you create with Bitly will automatically be copied to your clipboard so that you can quickly proceed.

You are able to personalize links with UTM tags and custom branded domains to get additional marketing benefits.

Price: Free, Basic at $29/month, Premium at $199/month

13. Snippet

Snippet is a Chrome extension that online marketers can utilize to assist with various tasks. Especially, content marketers may emphasize snippets of text online as a simple reference point of source material when writing articles.

Other use cases may include highlighting headlines for information to read afterward or the description for a class or webinar to see afterward.

You could also sync stereo highlights, which is particularly beneficial when you read a lot of books that inspire your marketing approach.

Price: Free, PRO at $24.99/year

Final Thoughts

The best Chrome extensions for digital marketing make your own life and work somewhat simpler. These helpful tools can streamline your study procedure and even improve your writing.

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