Apple’s iPhone 12 event is on 13 October

Apple’s iPhone 12 event is on 13 October

Apple will hold its second event on October 13, with invites to get what’s anticipated to be its big iPhone 12 show landing now — and also the”Hello, Speed” tagline indicates 5G is on the menu.

That is because 2020 is proving to be a year like no other. Apple was believed to be readying for a significant period of iPhone hardware updates, but the pressures of this ongoing pandemic add another layer of sophistication to any smartphone debut. Not least, making a persuasive argument that premium-tier apparatus are worth spending money on right now.

In accordance with previous leaks, there could be as many as four new iPhone models to help make that argument. The iPhone 12 family is likely to span three different sizes, in the tiniest iPhone 12 mini having a 5.4-inch screen. Then there will be the iPhone 12 using a 6.1-inch screen, and the identically-sized — but feature-upgraded — iPhone 12 Pro.

Finally, there will be the biggest iPhone 12 Pro Max. That may have a 6.7-inch display if the rumors are to be considered.

In addition to differences in cameras and other hardware, the 2020 iPhone is also thought to present 5G as a key differentiator. All models of iPhone 12 are believed to be including support for 5th Generation phone systems, however only in Sub-6 GHz form. Previous chatter has signaled only the most expensive versions will find the faster mmWave 5G, with a blend of pressures such as physical size and element sophistication forcing its omission in smaller, more affordable iPhone 12 handsets.

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Whether that’s accurate — and, if so, how Apple will brand that disparity — we will know for sure in a week’s time. The new iPhone may not be the sole announcement, either. Long-standing speak of Apple’s entry into the location tracking tag marketplace, generally called AirTags, may well launch on October 13.

We might see other new accessories as well. Word of new Apple headphones has persisted for some months now, for instance, the first segue of AirPods into headband-style versions. The company’s decision to gently oust third-party speakers out of its store shelves, meanwhile, might be a sign that a bigger, cheaper HomePod miniature is finally prepared for prime-time.

The event kicks off at 10 am PT from Apple’s HQ, also will be live-streamed. We’ll have all the information as it occurs.

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