Top 10 Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

Top 10 Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

With the increasing demand for online ordering for restaurants, independent restaurants have to offer solutions that allow customers to browse their menus and choose their options, as well as pay online for take-out or delivery. There is a variety of restaurant ordering systems that let you enter your menu information and create an easy ordering platform that you can use on your website or mobile app. These are the best restaurant ordering systems to look at.

Restaurant Ordering System Options

1. MenuDrive

This option is ideal for restaurants that want to create a customized ordering experience on their website. MenuDrive will create an interactive online menu by receiving your menu and photos. To keep track of orders, you can connect to your POS system and email using one of several payment options. The monthly cost for the annual plan is $90.

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2. Toast POS

Toast is a popular point-of-sale system for restaurants, which also offers an online ordering system. This option is best for restaurants that use Toast POS. The entire system can be used together to allow restaurants to manage their operations from one place. This includes online orders reports and delivery systems. Prices start at $140 per month.

3. ChowNow

This online ordering system and the app can be used in any format that your customers may use. It can be set up to allow customers to place orders via your website, Facebook page, or mobile app. ChowNow might be a good option if customers frequent your restaurant via their mobile phones or social media. The monthly plan costs $119 plus processing fees for credit cards.

4. Serve

Upserve offers full-service restaurant management software that includes options for bars and wineries, coffee shops, and bakeries. Online ordering is possible through the company’s POS system, mobile app, and payments service. Pricing starts at $99 per Month for small restaurants.

5. Square Point of Sale

Square’s restaurant POS solution allows for both in-person ordering and restaurant ordering. All orders are placed in the same place, so you can manage them simultaneously. Restaurants that offer both take-out and dine-in can benefit from this feature. The company charges a transaction charge rather than a monthly fee. This may make it less cost-effective for restaurants that have a lot of monthly sales.

6. Restolabs

Restolabs is an online ordering platform for restaurants. It’s loaded with useful features like Facebook ordering, multilingual support, and real-time analytics. The interface is simple and allows you to create your menu, then copy and paste the widget into your website. The basic package costs $45 per month.

7. NetWaiter

NetWaiter allows you to order online from your online restaurant marketing platform. It can be used to create your very own mobile app and an ordering widget for your website. Monthly plans that include online ordering start at $100

8. CAKE Point of Sales

CAKE from Sysco is a full-service management and POS system, which includes online ordering. Cloud-based systems allow you to accept online orders and also manage in-person orders from the same platform. This system does have a transaction fee so it is a good choice for small restaurants that are just starting out. However, the cost of the transaction will increase the more you spend.

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9. iMenu360

iMenu360 is an order online platform that You can create an interactive menu that you can include on your website. It can also be integrated with various POS systems. There is a $299 setup fee, $39.99 per month, and a small percentage of sales that do not exceed $150.

10. GloriaFood

GloriaFood allows you to place orders online from your website or Facebook page. You can also order from your mobile device and reserve a table using the widget. Premium-paid plans include advanced features such as credit card payments.

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