5 Ways That Will Help Stop Spam Text Messages

Stop Spam Text Messages

Are you tired of receiving unwanted text messages on the phone? Although automated messaging spam is illegal, scammers can still send you endless offers for gifts, low-cost mortgages, or other debt relief services. We hate spam and don’t like unsolicited messages so stop spam text messages. Really.

In this blog, be will let you know —

  • How do you stop getting spam texts
  • How do you block unwanted text messages
  • How to stop getting spam text messages
  • How to stop annoying texts
  • How to prevent spam text messages
  • How to stop random spam texts

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Unwanted Messages and Stop Spam Text Messages.

1. Do not reply to messages

To avoid receiving future messages, you can ignore any instructions to send “STOP” if you don’t recognize the sender. Although it might be tempting to respond with a strong message asking for the sender’s attention, this is an effective way to confirm that your number is active. Never dial call-back numbers either.

2. Block the Sender

Blocking the number is one of the best ways to stop scammers. This article explains how you can block any number from your phone.

3. Forward Texts to 7726

Send the message to SPAM (7726). This will notify your carrier and allow them to investigate.

4. Anti-Spam Apps

There may be apps that you can use to stop spamming if you own a smartphone. You’ll find a lot of options in your app store if you search.

5. Protect Your Information

Your personal information, including phone numbers, should be treated as if they were your most precious treasure. Your number should not be given to strangers. It’s not necessary to enter the sweepstakes at your local fair. Don’t.

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How to Stop Spam Texts from Android and iOS

The spam text you receive can cause more harm than good. Modern smartphones can stop spam messages before they disrupt your day or workflow. You just need to know where to look. Because both Android and iPhones have different operating systems, knowing how to stop spam text messages on your handset is essential.

Spam texts are often anonymous and don’t contain any sender information. Companies and brands that communicate by text will provide contexts, such as the sender’s name and reason for reaching out. This is far more than spam messages that are cryptic or designed to make it easy to click on a link. These links are often not identifiable by their URL because they use, or another URL that is shorter to obscure the true destination. Don’t click a link if you don’t recognize the sender or the link.

You should note that most businesses won’t contact you outright unless there is an issue. Also, almost no one will rush to offer you cash or products just for clicking on a link. They are usually after your information.

How to Stop Spam Texting and Unwanted Texts

It’s best not to click on any links or respond to spam texts if you get one. It will verify that you have a number and you will likely start receiving more spam when you are trying to get them to stop unwanted texts. Although you can download apps like RoboKiller or Nomorobo, most smartphones are capable of handling spam text messages and blocking unwanted text messages natively. You can also try a third-party application if your phone doesn’t have the necessary features.

You can block easily text spam messages on your iPhone, just open text and tap on the arrow beside the contact number at the header of the screen. Next, click the gray “Info” button. Next, click the blue “Info button” and scroll down until you see “Block this caller.” This will stop the number from calling or texting you. You won’t even receive a notification if this happens.

Open the messaging app on Android phones and tap the three dots menu in the upper right. To complete the task, tap “Details” then “Block Contact”. You may experience a different process with some Android phones. Samsung Galaxy phones, for instance, have the “Block” option within the three-dot menu.

Here’s How to Automatically Filter Spam Messages

Open Settings on iPhone and click “Messages”. Scroll down until you see “Filter Unknown Subscribers” and tap to activate it. Any messages that are not in your contact list will be sent to the “Unknown Senders” tab under Filters.

You can also block spam messages from Android by opening the Messenger app, clicking on the three dots at the top-right corner, and closing the message. Click “Settings”, then “Spam protection” from there. Scroll down to the “Enable Spam Protection” setting in the next menu and activate it. You may need to download a third-party application if your phone has this feature disabled or is an older version.

Some carriers might also offer spam blocking and stopping spam text capabilities such as Verizon’s call filter, AT&T Call Protect, and T-Mobile Scam Shield. While most of these capabilities are available for free, you might need to pay extra for more advanced ones.

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