Top 10 Android Dialer Apps You Can Try in 2023

Android Dialer Apps

Stock Android devices come with the best powerful phone dialer app for android ever created. It doesn’t have any extra features, but it works flawlessly. Unfortunately, not all Android device manufacturers have the skills to maintain such a UI. We have a solution. This is not about returning the stock Android phone application. We have compiled a list of 10 of the best dialer apps available for Android smartphone users.

Best Dialer App For Android 2023

1. Simpler Dialer

Simpler Dialer

Simpler Dialer provides exactly what it says on the tin. This is an extremely simple Android dialer app that’s known for its tabbed structure and other useful features. The UI is the best feature of the app. It has almost all the features you would expect from a dialer app. Simpler Dialer is the best option if you are looking for the best phone app for android that has all of the features you want.


  • Call blocking and group texting
  • Impressive contact management, merging and syncing, duplicate finding, and other features.
  • Online and offline Contacts Backup
  • Smart T9 Dialer, Smart Clean-up Options.

2. RocketDial Dialer

RocketDial Dialer

RocketDial Dialer has been downloaded by thousands and is the best dialer app for android that is regularly updated. It has a simple, minimalistic, and dark design that is easy to use. It is compatible with almost all brand UIs. It has many great features that are useful for organization and quick access. You are looking for an Android dialer that is feature-rich?


  • One-touch restore and backup.
  • Caller ID and In–Call Notetaking
  • T9 Search and Call Confirmation
  • Group Management.

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3. Contacts+


Contacts+ is a great alternative to your OEM-based dialer. This is the best dialer and contacts app for android and it offers cool features such as contact management, merging, and duplicate finding. It also allows you to customize how it displays your contact list and call logs in the most user-friendly way. You can also use it as a platform to connect with friends and others.


  • Protects your stored contacts via encryption and beyond
  • In-built Caller ID, Call Blocking and Call Blocking engines.
  • Deep integration with apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, Messenger, Duo, and others.
  • Android Wear customization and support

4. Drupe


Drupe is an alternative to the traditional Android dialer app. It does the job well. You can use it in many languages and has many features. Drupe’s design is simple. The dialer app will display your contact information as an overlay such as Favourites or the Dialer. Drag the drops you see on screen to launch Drupe.


  • Call Recording built-in
  • Caller ID Tracker can be used to identify incoming numbers.
  • You can set GIF Stickers to your contacts that will be displayed while you call.
  • Multiple accounts integration for WhatsApp, Duo, and Allo.

5. ZenUI Dialer

ZenUI Dialer

As you can see, ZenUIDialer is from ASUS. It is the default dialer on ASUS devices. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for an easy but productive Android dialer alternative. It is easier to organize your contact list and call logs with the dialer. The UI is compatible with virtually all skins, regardless of brand or UI.


  • Block unwanted calls with an inbuilt feature
  • Password protection for call logs and contact list.
  • Contact management features such as merging and duplicate findings are available.
  • You can choose from a variety of themes or customize your own.

6. Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer

Truecaller Caller ID & Dialer

Truecaller: Dialer & Caller ID is, as you probably know, both a dialer AND an app for calling. It’s a great app for organizing details. You can see who called you from the Calling Screen and Call Log list, which makes it even more convenient. You can also make some changes to your call screen so you have all the information and controls. It is easy to set it up. It’s the best Android dialer app in this feature-rich category.


  • You can also block spam calls and telemarketing calls.
  • You can find details about a number in the Call Log, including when an incoming call occurred.
  • Call blocking, both individual and series-based.
  • Dual SIM and theme support

7. OS9 Phone Dialer

OS9 Phone Dialer

OS9 Phone Dialer is an excellent choice from Google Play Store if you love the iOS Dialer app. It is basically a copy of the iOS dialer and allows you to manage your phone using just a few gestures. It has a larger dial-pad than other dialers. This is useful if you’re familiar with T9 Search.


  • Integration with WhatsApp and other IM accounts is improved
  • Call blocking and Caller ID hiding
  • Dual SIM management and Speed Dial.
  • T9 Search-enabled dial pad that is large and simple to use

8. Eyecon Dialer

Eyecon Dialer

Eyecon dialer, another feature-rich app, is an all-in-one smartphone management app. You can manage your contacts, call logs and enable Caller ID with it. Eyecon Dialer is visually oriented, in contrast to other apps. Eyecon Dialer makes it easy to manage everything by using pictures and icons, rather than reading a lot. This is great news for seniors.


  • Integration with nearly all social media platforms
  • An easy-to-use visual-based design.
  • A caller ID feature that prevents spammers from calling.
  • Ability to edit the global addresses book.

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9. Contakts Address Book

Contakts Address Book

Contakts Address Book, an Android app that manages all your contacts, is all-in-one. It also includes an easy-to-use Android dialer. Contakts Address Book is the best option if you want to organize your contacts in a professional manner. You can customize the layout with a variety of themes and performance enhancements. There are many reasons people prefer it over a stock dialer.


  • Integration with IMs such as WhatsApp
  • Modern contact management and organization.
  • Facebook allows you to sync your contact information.
  • There are very few ads.

10. Metro Phone Dialer

Metro Phone Dialer

Metro Phone Dialer is inspired by Microsoft Metro Apps. It provides a simple and quick way to access your contacts via dialer. You can view specific views of your contacts and logs by categorizing the interface. Everything is easy to use from a usability standpoint thanks to the tab-based UI.


  • Metro UI’s elegant design is also compatible with Dark themes.
  • Management and contact operations, both standard and advanced.
  • Selection of 12 colors-based themes
  • Absolutely free.

Conclusion- Best Dialer App for Android

These are the top 10 phone dialer app for android that you can find right now. Here are alternate phone app android Each one can make call management much easier than you might think if you look at it from a usability perspective. What is your favorite Android dialer app?

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