Embarking on an Error-Free Login Password Process

Embarking on an Error-Free Login Password Process

Yet again, for the next time, you attempt to put in the password of an essential application, which is the final chance error-free login before the application closes you out for another 24 hours, just after which you’ll be able to try again!

Sounds familiar? Yes, because the majority of us are there.

We forget their mixtures and at times receive the capitalized letters incorrectly, and what is worse, we might not even realize we had inadvertently switched to the caps lock. Before we find out the ideal mix and mistakes, we’ve exceeded the maximum number of attempts allowed for entering a password.

This means either we’re closed out for a particular period, or we must experience the”Forgot Password” procedure.

Every one of these is annoying, to say the least. In addition, it prevents us from getting the application we need and wastes our valuable moments.

However, from the application owner’s perspective, these tests are essential to prevent unauthorized access and also to decrease the chance of mistakes and fraud. So, this type of checking process is vital, and this authentication method is justified also.

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Embarking on an Error-Free Login Process

As there’s virtue in what the user needs and why the program acts the way it does, what is a more compact and error-free solution that will fulfill both the application’s need for safety and the consumer’s demand for a simplified and error-free login process.

One Time Passwords

Passwordless authentication techniques remove the usage of the pain points that come together.

Rather, the user may input the email address or phone number connected to the account and input a 1 Time Password (OTP) which is sent to the email ID or your phone number.

When the OTP matches, the consumer can access the system.

Does it seem like the ideal alternative to the concept of remembering passwords? Except this has its drawbacks too.

What happens in the following scenario?

  • Your device is stolen or lost, and that means you are not able to observe the SMS which has been sent to your mobile phone.
  • You overlook the password of your email ID.
  • Your email is hacked, and you are Not Able to log into

Worse, hackers can easily intercept the SMS and use it for their own gain. 

In this way, you are addressing an issue, however in the process, opening a can of worms may have a much more severe safety drawback. Thus, these OTPs are not a standalone solution to secure authentication.


Biometrics is often considered a foolproof means of authenticating a user since it’s founded on private identifications like fingerprints and retinas that are not easy to steal.

Additionally, science has demonstrated beyond doubt that all these are exceptional, therefore no two people on the planet share the exact same retina or fingerprint, hence making them unique identifiers.

Other benefits are that these recognizable things are non-transferrable to other people, and they fulfill the authentication fundamentals of”a thing an individual is.”

Thus, biometrics is regarded as a fantastic choice for entering passwords, and also the extra benefit is that it gives a fantastic user experience well.

From a consumer’s view, the hassles of thinking up a special mixture of words to create a password, recalling the exact same.

You will find high frustrations that include with your passwords whenever they do not work — when there are instances that you forget that the password or when a desired password is eliminated.

Now, let us look at a sensible execution of biometrics with a company called SAWO Labs.

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SAWO Labs is a startup that has produced a special means of implementing biometrics to lessen the procedure for authentication without compromising on safety. Its title is the acronym for Secure Authentication With no OTP and can be named since it removes the need for passwords and OTPs.

Within this procedure, all that an individual will do is visits the sign-in page and enters the telephone number or email ID associated with this particular application. That is it. No passwords.

SAWO utilizes your mobile as the biometric feature to confirm your identity and, so, authenticates you to the app. and your error-free login.

A Few of the Benefits that come with SAWO’s authentication Version are:

  • No complex passwords to make or recall
  • No chance of hacking on the SMS messages delivered to your cellphone
  • a Simple authentication procedure that scores high on consumer experience
  • A very secure way to authenticate customers
  • The Whole authentication procedure completes under a single instant
  • Works for All Sorts of applications

There have been several cyber attacks that have happened in just the past few days around the country and even in authorities. It’s time that most of us take our institution’s security seriously and find a means to maintain all our logins secure.

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