Top 10 SIEM Tools for 2023

SIEM Tools

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools provide real-time analysis and reporting of security alerts from applications and network hardware. It can include systems such as Log management, Security Log Management, Security Event Correlation, Security Information Management, etc.

Security Event Management is able to perform event correlation and threat monitoring. It can also respond to incidents by analyzing logs and other event data in real time. Security Information Management is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting log data.

Top 10 SIEM Tools

Below are the top Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Tools available on the market.

1. SolarWinds SIEM Security and Monitoring

Best for small, medium, and large businesses.

Price: SolarWinds offers a free 30-day trial that is fully functional and cost-free. It starts at $4665. You will be charged a one-time payment.

SolarWinds offers a solution for threat detection on-premises networks through Log and Event Manager. It includes features such as automated threat remediation and USB device monitoring. Log and Event Manager now offers new features such as log filtering and node management, log forwarding, events console, and an increased storage limit.


  • It is capable of performing advanced searches and forensic analyses.
  • Detecting suspicious activity in real time will allow for faster detection of threats.
  • It is ready for regulatory compliance. It supports HIPAA and PCI, DSS, and SOX.
  • It ensures constant security.

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2. Salesforce

Best for Small and Large Businesses

Prices: Essentials plan $25/user/month; Professional plan $75/user/month; Enterprise plan $150/user/month; Unlimited plan $300/user/month. You can also get a 30-day trial for free.

Service agents and service operators alike will find Salesforce to be great security software. All customer data and incidents are available in one place. This gives them more context to help solve a problem. The platform detects security problems before customers even notice them.

Salesforce’s ability integrates with tons of other systems means that it can resolve security issues before they escalate. Smart AI is also a benefit of the platform, which can quickly identify issues in large numbers of cases similar to yours, thereby speeding up the problem-solving process.


  • Recognize and address issues early
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Receive timely updates to speed up problem resolution
  • Stay connected with your customers through digital channels.

3. ManageEngine Log360

Best for Mitigation and Threat Detection.

Pricing: Send a request for a quote. You can avail of the premium plan for 30 days without any charges.

Log360 is an excellent SIEM tool that helps you anticipate, combat, and mitigate security threats. Log360 monitors all your files and folders and alerts you immediately if there are any changes. Alerts are sent in real-time, making it easier to respond quickly and efficiently to incidents.


  • To detect security threats, monitor your network devices, web servers, and databases.
  • Users and entities can be assigned risk scores.
  • Machine learning can be used to assess threats
  • Use templates to create internal security policies.

4. Paessler PRTG

Best for Feature-rich network monitoring.

Pricing: You can get a 30-day trial for free. PRTG 500 is available for $1799 per Server License, PRTG 1000 for $3399 Per Server License, PRTG 2500 for $6899 per Server License, PRTG 2500 for $11999 per Server license, PRTG 5000 for $11999 per Service License, PRTG 3999 for $15999.

Paessler PRTG provides all the tools needed to monitor all aspects of its IT infrastructure. This includes traffic, devices, applications, and more. This tool will allow you to see how much bandwidth your applications and devices are using. You can also monitor specific datasets using the software’s PTRG sensors or SQL queries.

You can also manage all your applications from one place and get detailed statistics about each application on your network. It excels in monitoring all types of servers in real-time. It evaluates their availability, reliability, and accessibility.


  • Use maps and dashboards to visualize the network.
  • Alerts that are flexible when problems are identified
  • You can customize the tool with custom sensors or HTTP API.
  • SNMP can be used to monitor a variety of devices.

5. Datadog

Datadog Security Monitoring can help you secure your tech stack by detecting threats in real-time. In minutes, you can set up security integrations and apply OOTB Detection rules without a query language. You can also correlate security signals to investigate suspicious behavior.

Datadog Security Monitoring connects developers, operations, security, and IT teams in one platform. One dashboard shows DevOps content, security content, and business metrics. You can detect threats immediately and examine security alerts across all your infrastructure metrics, distributed traces, logs, and logs.

Key Features:

  • Datadog Security Monitoring offers more than 450+ integrations that are vendor-backed. This allows you to
  • collect metrics, logs, and traces from both your security tools and your entire stack.
  • Datadog’s Detection Rules provide a powerful tool to detect security threats and suspicious behavior in all ingested logs.
  • With the default out-of-the-box rules that allow widespread attacker techniques, you can detect threats within minutes.
  • Our rules editor is easy to use and allows you to modify any rule.
  • Datadog Security Monitoring helps you to break down silos among developers, and security and operations teams.

6. Splunk Enterprise SIEM

Best for small, medium, and large businesses.

Price: The product comes with a free trial, but the duration of the trial will vary depending on the product. You will receive a free trial of the core enterprise platform. They can provide a quote. According to reviews, an enterprise license costs $6000 for 500MB per month for a perpetual license. A term license can also be purchased for $2000 per annum.

Splunk offers enhanced security operations such as customizable dashboards and asset investigators, statistical analysis, incident review, classification, and investigation. It also features alerts management and risk scores. It offers security services to the public sector, financial services, and healthcare.


  • It works with any machine data, regardless of whether it is stored in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Automated actions, and workflows, for fast and precise response.
  • It can sequence events.
  • Rapid detection of malicious threats

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7. McAfee ESM

Price: A free trial is also available. For pricing details, you can request a quote. According to online reviews, the price for VM is $39995 and for hardware comparable pricing it is $47994.

McAfee ESM provides real-time visibility of the activities on your system, networks, and databases.

It offers a variety of security products, including McAfee Investigator and Advanced Correlation Engine. Application Data Monitor, Enterprise Log Manager, and Event Receiver. Global threat intelligence for Enterprise Security Manager is also available. Enterprise Log Search is also offered. McAfee ESM will provide you with actionable data.


  • Prioritized alerts
  • It will be easier for you to identify and prioritize threats with advanced analytics and rich context.
  • Dynamic presentation and sharing of data. It will provide actionable data that can be used to investigate, contain, remediate, and adapt for importing alerts or patterns.
  • Data will be monitored from a wide variety of security infrastructures.
  • It offers open interfaces that allow for two-way integration.

8. Micro Focus ArcSight

Best for Small to Medium-sized and Large Businesses.

Price: Micro Focus provides a free trial of ArcSight. The cost will vary depending on the data you ingest and how many security events are correlated per second.

ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager features distributed correlation and cluster view.

It’s great for source ingestion because it supports over 500 devices to analyze the data. It can be accessed through software, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.


  • It combines SIEM with distributed cluster technology to provide a distributed correlation.
  • It can be integrated into various machine learning and intelligence platforms.
  • It uses agents and connectors. It can support more than 300 connectors.

9. LogRhythm

Best for Medium-sized Organizations

Price: Get a quote to purchase a high-performance appliance or software solution. According to online reviews, the cost starts at $28000

LogRhythm offers Next-Generation SIEM solutions for problems such as fragmented workflows, Alarm fatigue, segmented threat detection, and lack of automation, Also, a lack of metrics to understand the maturity and lack of centralized visibility. You have flexible options for data storage.


  • It can process unstructured data, and it will provide you with a consistent, normalized view.
  • It is compatible with Windows and Linux OS.
  • It is an AI-based technology.
  • It can support a variety of log types and devices.

10. AlienVault USM

Best for all-sized businesses.

Price: AlienVault has three pricing options. The Essentials plan costs $1075 per month, Standard at $1695 per month, and Premium at $2595 per mo. The Essentials plan works best for small IT teams. The standard plan is designed for IT security teams. The premium plan is intended for IT security team members who need to comply with PCI DSS audit requirements.

AlienVault is unique in that it offers multiple security capabilities. It includes features for asset discovery, inventory, vulnerability assessment, and SIEM event correlation. Compliance reports, log management, email alarms, and more.

It uses lightweight sensors and endpoint agents. MSSPs can use it to customize their security service offerings.


  • It can be used in dynamic cloud environments thanks to its automated asset discovery.
  • Endpoints will be continuously monitored for configuration and threats.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and AWS configuration problems
  • It will deploy faster and work smarter.

Last Line — Choose the best SIEM tools

We have compared the top SIEM tools and provided reviews.

Many of these services offer a free trial and a quote-based pricing model. Splunk and SolarWinds are two of the most popular SIEM solutions. McAfee ESM, one of the most popular SIEM software, has features such as prioritized alerts or dynamic presentation of data.

ArcSight ESM can be used for source ingestion. It is available via the software, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. IBM Security QRadar supports Linux platforms and will be focusing on critical incidents. LogRhythm is an AI-based technology that can process unstructured data.

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