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Dedicated Development Team – What Is It?

Dedicated Development Team - What Is It

Hiring a dedicated team is a convenient compromise that helps create a quality product. This business approach is especially often used for application and software development. This model includes not only the dedicated development team but also the client and the testing team.

What is a dedicated team?

The name of the model speaks for itself. It means that the customer hires a dedicated development company that will take care of the implementation of his project. The main difference from the extended team model is that this is a separate working group with its own structures.

The team works only on one project for a full working day and reports only to the client. With this model, the customer has more control over the performers’ actions. He can monitor the daily execution of the task and monitor progress. This keeps both parties on the same page and adapts quickly to the situation.

Complete focus helps to increase the speed of the order and achieve a quality result. The client does not need to worry that the employees are working at their maximum capacity – they have set a goal and are moving towards its fulfillment.

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Peculiarities of working with a development team

To start working with a dedicated team the client needs to have an idea of what exactly they want to create, how many employees, and what skills they need to complete the project.

The hired team together with the client agrees on the tasks and workload, and the specialists start working. The client always has his hand on the pulse and can control the work of the employees. Read more about this at OmiSoft.

Advantages of a dedicated team

Using a dedicated team model has a number of advantages. The first is economic feasibility. The client does not need to spend time searching for candidates, evaluating them, and spending time on team building.

Using a dedicated team is a convenient solution because the team is already assembled and configured to implement the project. This gives the customer the opportunity to save time and spend it on other important issues.

Following this, the following advantages can be highlighted:

  • Focused – the team is not distracted by extraneous factors;
  • control – the client can always manage the team;
  • high speed of development;
  • the ability to be in constant contact with the development team, which is working exclusively on your project.
  • The listed advantages allow you to quickly find the best ways of solving the set tasks.

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When is a dedicated team convenient?

Using this model is most convenient for long-term projects. For tasks with a short-term nature, it is better to choose to outsource. If there are difficulties with the choice, you can contact a business analyst, who will study the idea, and requirements and help make a decision.

In fact, this format of project work has many advantages. In fact, you hire a team of specialists who work exclusively on your product and are not distracted by other developments. At the same time, you don’t have to think about the organization of the work.

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