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Here Is A Mobile App That Helps Stroke Patients Recover Faster

Here Is A Mobile App That Helps Stroke Patients Recover Faster

“I had been in the hospital and thought I had better catch up on emails. I pulled my phone out and could not see something. The nurse told me that the stroke had affected my vision and capacity to read. When they brought in flashcards, and that I couldn’t name simple things like a hammer or pen, I cried.

“I was 51 and youthful for the remainder of my life to be over,” said Geer.

Back in June 2019, the American Heart Association released a study demonstrating that working hours for ten years or more would be associated with stroke and people under the age of 50 had a greater chance of stroke if they worked long hours for ten years or more. This is compounded by the trend of Americans working longer and retiring after.

Digital therapeutics and neurotechnology possess the capability to change how stroke sufferers recover, but with more Americans working longer, there’s a need to place recovery directly into their hands through digital therapeutic mobile programs.

For stroke survivors like Geer, getting back to work is greater than a mental necessity, it becomes a financial one as well. The Constant Therapy Mobile app is designed for men and women who have had a brain injury or cognitive disease to give them direct access to clinical activities that can reconstruct their cognitive, speech, and language functions.

Built by neuroscientists and clinicians in Boston University at 2012, the Continuous Therapy app digitizes treatment via a Neuro Performance Engine (NPE) which creates a highly customized and detailed map of every consumer’s strengths and deficits across 80 distinct categories.

The business says the program in the program delivers the best mix of exercises uniquely tailored to each consumer’s needs.

“The NPE in the program is self-learning and adaptive ability to make new exercises is limitless. Each 3.5 seconds, a patient completes a workout, teaching the program from the procedure,” explained Michael Evers, CEO of The Learning Corp.”More than 100 million jobs have been completed by Continuous Therapy users up to now, allowing the NPE to discover new approaches to improve individual jobs, fine-tune the arrangement of treatments, and upgrade current protocols, speeding up creation in mind rehabilitation.”

Evers states that Constant Therapy moves recovery into the patients’ hands – giving them anywhere, anytime access to evidence-based exercises to help reconstruct the mind.

“In a study, patients with access to Constant Therapy did four times longer therapy which caused a significant improvement in the individual,” added Evers.

A 2019 retrospective study published in Frontiers at Neurotechnology compared results among patients utilizing tablet-based therapy at home and those who finish the same treatment in a clinic. The analysis found that home users took less time to master jobs than users who just practiced at the practice. Home users practiced treatment more often than clinic users.

The app may be used by the consumer by themselves or is available on referral by their clinician for a match to in-clinic applications.

“The cost is $25 a month that’s less than the price of a typical single session using a clinician,” additional Evers.

“Our platform is powerful because it provides patients a more active part in their recovery [. .] And it utilizes credible technology to affect patient lives in a quantifiable manner,” added Evers. “This is a product that’s been developed about actual patient usage and proven clinical recovery methods, which makes it a tangible application of technology versus a theoretical idea.”

Evers considers that traditional therapies developed decades ago simply have not kept pace with innovations in health that may change the way people may now independently monitor their diet, exercise, and sleep.

“People need access to legitimate tools that help them manage their health,” added Evers.

Following her stroke on Christmas eve at December 2017 which left her with cognitive and short-term memory difficulties such as aphasia, Geer was put on returning to her position as finance director at Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport.

Geer says she worked tirelessly to recover with the help of a speech-language pathologist alongside Continuous Therapy which she says put her back at work only three months after her stroke.

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“I looked at it like’this is my job now, becoming better so that I could return to work,’ I called it prep,” said Geer. “It was something I could do at home every day which makes you feel as though you’re making progress since you can see it the program helps motivate you along. It gave me a feeling of achievement because I could see actual advancement as I went through the exercises.” Geer says that the app was a natural match for her since 75% of what she does every day in the office is on a computer.

“Outside of work I utilize my iPad and I’d play Words with Friends and then open Continuous Therapy; it felt as though it had been in my wheelhouse,” said Geer. “Until I used the program, I never would’ve thought that this was something that you might do that actually helped. Employing technology in this manner was a significant part of my recovery.”

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