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How Can Quantum Computer Can Hack Human’s Brain

How can quantum computer can hack human's brain

Quantum computers, according to specialists, will be capable of doing incredible calculations and almost unfathomable feats of logic. In the not too distant future, we all know they will help us find new drugs to fight disease and fresh substances to develop. Nevertheless, the much future possible for these enigmatic machines is as vast as the world itself.

The kingdom of classic science fiction is littered with ideas that today’s experts consider lie within the world of fact — if not today’s reality, then possibly tomorrow’s quantum computer laden one. One of these thoughts comes out of a Paul Verhoeven movie from over thirty years past: Total Remember.

In fairness, the movie (we are discussing the 1990 one starring the former governor of California, not the 2012 movie ) was based on a brief story by Phillip K Dick. However, for the purposes of the guide, we are going to be discussing the film’s depiction of”Rekall,” a mysterious firm portrayed in the movie.

Rekall is a fictional company in the company of putting people to sleep and providing them artificial memories. The major thought that there is that not everybody has the money or time for a fancy holiday to someplace exotic such as, as an instance, Mars, therefore Rekall includes a machine which could provide you the memories of a trip you never really took.

The protagonist in the movie, played with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his campy, amazing, best, visits the Rekall center and ends up sucked into a world of intrigue where he is never really certain whether he is experiencing base fact or if he is simply stuck at a computer-generated memory.

Join the Bar, Governor. People generally, it is frequently posited by quantum physicists, can not really be certain whether we are living in foundation reality or simply some tunnel-vision variant afforded by our limited perspective. Maybe we are at a computer simulation. Maybe we only exist in the fantasies of a storm drifting in space.

The simple fact of the matter is that fact, 1 way or another, boils down to anything our brains think it’s. And that makes the concept of changing our thoughts, and therefore our insecurities, all the more attractive — or frightening, depending on how you look at it.

The film does not quite explain how that can be accomplished, but it stands to reason that people at Rekall have managed to get themselves read/write rights to the individual mind. I believe we can presume how they accomplish that has to do with quantum biophotons.

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Present research on the mind suggests that biophotons play a massive part in the way the brain communicates with itself and also, possibly, all of the cells within the human body. In reality, scientists who range from Roger Penrose (Stephen Hawking’s long-time study spouse ) all the way into a set of physicists printed in the present problem of Physics World have shown that mild is the terminology of quantum mechanics.

In theory, this implies the manipulation of light ought to be useful in sending and sending signals to and from the individual mind. If we are able to talk the mind’s language by discovering a way to acquire artificial biophotonics to the”microtubules” that some scientists consider the quantum world uses to swap information, we may have the ability to hijack the sign and inform our brains to think whatever we need it to.

Perhaps you compose a light-based code that tells your mind you needed a beautiful holiday on Mars a month. Or perhaps your mind has been fed the lie that you are a normal person on Earth studying a narrative about quantum mechanics on Neural if, in fact, you are a captive on a faraway distance colony used as a battery.

In any event, it is going to require more than a conventional supercomputer and a flashlight to pull off it. If we presume that the human mind remembers memories instead of shops these (since quantum information can’t be replicated ), then we can not merely copy/paste information into it. We would need to present our brains with the true experience through light-based quantum manipulation. And that is something we would probably require a quantum computing system and a few exceptionally flexible quantum calculations for.

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