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How to Develop A Successful Mobile App?

How to Develop A Successful Mobile App

Billions of apps are downloaded each year and they are becoming increasingly popular for many businesses. The preferred apps are messaging services and social networks, followed by platforms for playing music and clips.

In the popularity ranking are those applications that target certain niches or solve particular issues such as online shopping, ticket reservations, or home banking, among many other things. As application downloads increase, so do the options for netizens, hence the importance of being clear about what objective is in mind when developing an app. Visit Mobile app statistics to learn more what type of application user usually download around the world.

1. Know the end-user

It is essential to know the real users and the input they have to give you, about their needs, what they like, their thoughts, and motivations. You should firstly look at a company such as Exemplary Marketing to help you undertake the task of designing. Once the objective and the user to whom the product is directed are clear, the design development begins.

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2. Speed ​​and relevance

People continue to value the speed of response, finding answers to questions and complaints, and relevance, meaning that the things they want to find can be found easily.

3. Personalization

Receiving an experience commensurate with data and user needs is also important although it ranks below speed and relevance, according to an online report.

4. An easy to understand the menu

The user needs quick answers, hence the importance of the menu being easy to navigate and according to the type of user. If it is an app that is aimed at the elderly, for example, the font must be large.

5. Security

The user wants their information to be as protected as possible. In this sense, it is essential to use data encryption and strengthen access to the system through patterns or fingerprints, especially when it comes to apps to carry out commercial transactions. This is suggested by Skip Allums, head of UX design at Monitise plc, as published by the Search Data Center site.

6. Plain language

You have to avoid highly technical terms and use more plain language, with short sentences that are easy to understand by the end-user.

7. Good practices

The code must be efficient. In that sense, for example, unnecessary characters are removed so that the load is faster.

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8. Create a prototype and test it

Once the app has been developed, it is time to create the prototype and put it to the test. Because what works in the world of ideas is not always operative. This phase, the specialists consulted emphasize, is essential to make the necessary corrections or improvements.

In conclusion

It starts with an idea or concept of the client, which then becomes more specific based on the field study of the user’s needs. After the analysis comes the moment of design: both the aesthetics and functionality of the app and the code that nourishes it. And the final journey is quality testing or analysis, a task performed by testers. Once this is complete, you can look at the marketing behind your app.

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