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The Most Popular (PWAs) Progressive Web Apps

The Most Popular (PWAs) Progressive Web Apps

Have you ever thought about why web applications like Tinder, Starbucks, or even Uber are so profitable? A number of the most well-known programs available on the market are innovative web software, otherwise called PWAs. But, just what are PWAs, and have they been all the anger? Let us take a better look at a few of those apps and the reason you need to think about creating one for the growing company.

The Most Popular PWAs: An Intro to Progressive Web Apps

What is a PWA and how do They Differ from Native Apps?

After choosing the brains of specialist web developers, we have narrowed down the primary features of PWAs and how they differ from the native apps?

Even though PWAs are still technically ‘apps,’ the important takeaway is they run inside a browser and aren’t downloaded into your device. As an example, you are able to readily get into the PWA Flipboard via your phone’s browser without having to download the app. Their browser version still looks, feels, and functions equally, but does not occupy almost as much storage area.

Let us explore the particular features which compose a PWA.

Features of a PWA

If you are contemplating using a web application constructed, the features of a PWA may agree with your aims better. Thus, let us have a look. For an app to be considered innovative, it needs to be:

  • Responsive
  • Accessible offline
  • Simple to navigate (like a mobile app)
  • Up-to-date
  • Safe
  • Easily discoverable
  • Capable of producing push notifications
  • Installable
  • Easily linkable

In addition to these attributes, the program has to be constructed using a web app manifest, support employees, and use HTTPS. Following is a breakdown of the more specialized aspects.

Web app Manifest

Your web app has to have a file that makes it makes ‘installable’ on your desktop computer. By way of instance, when you type in ‘,’ you will be prompted to set up the desktop version.

Service Worker

An agency employee is a script that runs in the background when you are employing a PWA. It caches the data, which makes it available for offline usage. As an instance, Starbucks built an effective PWA that makes it possible for customers to assess pricing, personalize their purchase, and include items to their cart while offline. Once online, the purchase could be put into place.

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HTTPS presents safe and secure hosting for PWAs to make sure that nobody can interfere with or listen in on communications between your app and the consumer. All of the PWAs Will Need to use HTTPS. If you would like to change to HTTPS, we recommend getting in contact with leading internet programmers.

Now that we have broken down the conditions and exactly what a PWA is, let us look at a listing of popular innovative web apps and making them powerful.

The 10 Most Successful PWAs on the Market

Many businesses have started to make their own PWAs. However, what makes these applications so popular? Below are a few of the most prosperous examples which have obtained their audience by storm and surpassed all expectations.


Starbucks established a PWA which permits users to see and interact with their site as they want a native app. In contrast, their PWA is over 99 percent smaller than their downloadable iOS app. Furthermore, those who may have access to the net in any way times can nevertheless easily navigate, access, and include things from the menu for their cart.

Once back online, users may buy their items. This PWA’s aim was to supply Starbucks clients with an app-like encounter where they might easily personalize their orders where they had been.

Since its debut, Starbucks has witnessed a substantial increase in their internet app requests — 2x the number really –and reports that the amount of requests coming from their browser is around the same as people from the native app.


The most important benefit of Flipboard is that the capacity to get news stories and sections from all over the world in one convenient place. Originally started as a native app, Flipboard developed their PWA to match the app.

The objective of the PWA would be to provide their viewers an extremely easy-to-use web app encounter. One that feels, looks, and responds the same. Together with the support employee intact, audiences are able to save images and stories to get whilst offline at a later moment. Flipboard’s PWA can be considerably smaller and loads faster.


In 2017, Forbes declared that they would be releasing a fancy new cellphone web experience together with each of the qualities of a PWA. At the time of this statement, they also said that the PWA could be published in 3 stages.

The Forbes aim revolved around quicker loading rates, increased user experiences, aesthetics, and accessibility to content that is offline. “This brand new mobile website is our first big step in optimizing our storytelling abilities, and it is creating a much better, quicker, and more engaging experience for Forbes readers,” clarifies Salah Zalatimo, SVP of Product and Technology in Forbes Media.

The page loads in lightning-fast speeds–8/10’s of a second, to be precise. In terms of their outcomes? Their user engagement has grown since the release.


While two-thirds of the reservations come from cellular users, MakeMyTrip developed a PWA to match their native app. For many, just booking a holiday on the internet is preferred via a web browser.

This makes their PWA the ideal addition to their advertising plan. Since implementation, they’ve seen 3x the number of conversions by using their PWA, and also a 20% decrease in their bounce speed. They have been in a position to reach 24 percent more towns in India–their target market.


The majority of Uber’s users might have booked rides throughout the user-friendly mobile app, however, newer users appear to prefer booking using an internet browser. This stat resulted in the development of the PWA to help enhance the consumer’s interaction and improve conversions.

Uber’s most important focus when creating the web app? Hurry naturally –fitting for a transport company. Changing to some other frame granted them the rate that they wanted and improved the all-around consumer experience.


Seeing that internet users just earned 1 percent of conversions, Pinterest set out with the objective of radically increasing their conversion speed. After advancement, they found a considerable increase in time spent on online app(40 percent ), advertising revenue increase (up 44 percent ), and increased involvement (up 66 percent ).


After suit with other famous businesses, Spotify developed a PWA to proceed hand-in-hand with their native desktop and mobile app. Even though you can certainly download the desktop app, Spotify has revamped its web browser encounter using its improved PWA.

With updated functionality, speed, responsiveness, and graphics, users like a more pleasing music-listening experience. All in all, the PWA works far better than previously. And, based upon your individual tastes, you might prefer it over their desktop app.

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Twitter Lite

Focusing on browser upgrades and enhancements, Twitter chose to make the most Twitter Lite PWA. They wanted to raise responsiveness, availability, and speed while diminishing information utilization (around 70percent ).

They focused on using their PWA developed so that consumers may easily navigate between various accounts, direct messages, and also have higher ease-of-use.

With an additional”rescue to homepage” instant, Twitter has seen a substantial increase. They have reported 250,000 unique daily users with interactions coming straight from the subscriber’s site. With more than 328 million users, Twitter highlighted the PWA’s download size/speed. The PWA works at 600KB when compared with the 25.5MB required for their traditional app.


Known as a very user-friendly cooking tool, Yummly helps supply at-home hamburgers with tasty, healthy, and timely recipes. While they have their own native app for customers to download, the website works, feels, and looks the same as a mobile app would.

It is exceptionally user-friendly and even recalls the forms of ingredients you want to cook with. You will receive advocated new recipes to please your taste buds, budget, and time limitations according to your own usability.


Like most other people, the Tinder PWA is considerably more compact than its native mobile app (2.8MB and 30MB, respectively). After focusing especially on loading rates and functionality enhancements, Tinder has witnessed a remarkable increase in consumer swipes, messaging, profile edits, and also time spent over the PWA. They have also noticed that buys are much like those of the native app .

Turn to Progressive Web App Development for Your Next Project

The data speaks for itself. Businesses that are seriously interested in improving the user experience and driving earnings are turning into PWAs for the answers.

The question is, how are you prepared to make your own? If you are still on the fence, then think about these advantages:

  • Faster loading times
  • Enhanced user experiences
  • Downloadable data
  • Mobile app-like use and consumer satisfaction
  • Massive decrease in size for saved device storage space


Together with the chances of better-looking, secure, and more secure web apps on the horizon, PWAs are paving the way towards innovative solutions for all sorts of organizations.

Like anything worth growing, however, it is important to think about your budget and project specifications prior to leaping headfirst into a new project.

Before acting upon your own thoughts, consult with a group of development specialists to find out whether a PWA is ideal for your organization. Creating your own applications can be a rough ride if you don’t understand what common errors to avoid.

With the right vision and support, you are going to be starting your unique application successfully very quickly.

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