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Top 5 Test Management Tools For Jira

Test Management Tools For Jira

If you want to create a flawless product, every testing company must have a solid test management plan. Many are choosing Jira’s test management tools to organize their tasks. If you aren’t using Jira, this article will convince you to.

Jira for Test Management

Jira can be used by businesses to manage the needs and tasks of their project development. It also allows them to find and manage test cases. It may be smart to extend the functionality of Jira in order to manage test management.

These are just a few reasons Jira is a great environment for testing management.

  • It won’t be possible to build new infrastructure.
  • There won’t be any need to create new tools.
  • No need for workers training;
  • Agile teams can include test cases in sprints;
  • Jira ecosystem will support interdisciplinarity.
  • Everybody in your company knows Jira like the back of his hand. There’s no extra cost for coaching or implementation to make your Jira a powerful test management tool.

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Best 5 Jira Test Management Tools and Plugins

These are 5 test management plugins that you should consider when fixing Jira’s testing process.

We have divided them into two groups:

  • Plugins that only work in Jira, and do not need to be integrated with any external system.
  • Integration of plugins with external systems.

Jira Plugins

1. Kualitee for Jira

Kualitee, a cloud-based tool for automated and manual testing, is powerful. It features a powerful dashboard, stress-free project and requirement management, as well as test case management. It integrates seamlessly with Jira and Selenium as well as Bitbucket and Jenkins.

Kualitee allows you to create powerful traceability reports, metrics, defect tracking functionality, and smart reports module. You can also take snapshots of Test Cases within a story or test plan.

2. Zephyr for Jira

Zephyr is an additional addition to Jira’s powerful test management tools. It integrates seamlessly with the project cycle, allowing users to create, plan and execute tests in Jira. You can also file, link, and track defects. The Execution Navigator can be used to track the progress of test executions. It also provides access to many quality metrics. These metrics can be shared and tracked by teams. You can also create traceability reports that can then all be exported.

Jira + External System Plugins

1. TestRail for Jira

This plugin connects TestRail with JIRA Server or Cloud. It offers a wide range of smart integration options for test management that may be useful to teams of any size.

TestRail’s rich testing management environment makes it easy for users to manage, track, and organize their QA efforts. Teams can also link to Jira issues and view the relevant test leads. They can also integrate TestRail reports with Jira or Confluence. You also have access to metrics and actionable reports, detailed test plan configurations, automated API integration, and a simple user interface.

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2. QMetry for Jira

QMetry TestManager for Jira is a great tool for agile teams. It allows for agility in the testing process and reduces release cycles.

This tool allows QA teams and testers to get involved in the development process earlier.

QMetry allows users to create and reuse modular test scenarios and the tool’s autosuggest feature, which suggests test scenarios that are supported by specific story details.

3. qTest Scenario for Jira

Our last tool may be a plugin that supports end-to-end workflows for ATDD in Jira, TDD, and BDD. Test case management tool allows teams to create tests, manage defects, and visualize test completion.

qTest Scenario comes with a Gherkin editor, which allows users to create scenarios and features within the plugin. You can also use your existing setup to import or export the feature files.

This tool automatically creates traceability, which allows you to connect tests, results, stories, defects, and other information. The entire organization can see the progress of each sprint or release.


Jira’s test management tools and plugins are a revolution in the way QA engineers plan, manage and conduct their testing strategies. The key to a successful team is choosing the right one for you.

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