Supply Chain Management

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Supply Chain Management

TOP 10 Mobile Apps for Supply Chain Management

Mobile apps are becoming a vital tool for logistics and supply chain professionals. Mobile apps offer supply chain professionals new freedom away from their desks in an industry that is focused on transporting goods and products.

The days of expensive, heavy-duty devices that managed warehouse and transport operations a decade ago are gone. These devices are no longer necessary thanks to modern technology and new applications. Supply chain and logistics professionals can now access these services from their smartphones at a lower price.

Mobile applications are becoming more popular because of their low cost. There are other benefits:

  • Real-time updates allow for better inventory control and operational process monitoring
  • Portability
  • Monitoring precision
  • Increased efficiency and productivity through speed
  • Customer service is improved when efficiency increases.

These are 10 apps that supply chain professionals should be familiar with. every app provides unique solutions for logistics and supply chain processes.

10 mobile applications for the supply chain professional

1. Logistimo Plus

Logistimo allows anyone to manage logistics and supply chains in emerging markets. If you are a retailer, distributor, transporter, or agent, Logistico can help you get real-time visibility of your inventory and orders, while easily accessing sales, purchase, and on-demand information using a mobile application can report.

2. Mobile SCM

Mobile SCM helps to manage trade and logistics processes while reducing costs. The app helps business ROI by monitoring stock movements from the warehouse and customer shipments. It also reconciles inventory.

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3. Link Bollore Logistics

The LINK app has features that allow you to track the shipment of your ordered goods, and send push notifications to generate reports. The application allows you to access shipment documents, complete the delivery process, and evaluate the quality of delivery service.

4. Scandit

Scandit, an app that improves inventory management through innovative barcode scanning technology, is called Scandit. Customers can access a user-friendly mobile application with branding that allows them to view the entire product catalog. Cross-platform capabilities allow vendors and distributors to increase order frequency and customer loyalty.

5. EazyStock

EazyStock’s mobile app gives you instant access to your ERP system data, even when you are not at home. EazyStock offers powerful inventory dashboards to give senior executives, financial controllers, purchasing managers, and other personnel a 360-degree view of the inventory they have.

6. ServiceMax

ServiceMax Field Service App was designed to increase field productivity using any device. It was designed with field engineers and technicians in mind. It provides an intuitive interface, consistent access, and tailored service workflows. It offers many services, including order management, workforce optimization, and parts management, social media monitoring, customer communities, analytics, and field service contracts.

7. Kintone

Kintone’s cloud-based, flexible tools provide robust supply chain management solutions that enable better and more efficient workflows. This app can be customized to meet your specific needs, with low-code/no-code development options and customizable inventory tools.

8. Halo

Halo is a scalable, collaborative application that helps you measure your supply chain performance and make informed decisions that will benefit your bottom line. It provides advanced analytics to help you make better decisions and integrate data quality control. You will have complete visibility into all aspects of your business.

9. StockIQ

StockIQ is an application that tracks and monitors your warehouse inventory. It will recommend grouped transfers to assist you in efficiently rebalancing your inventory. Additionally, it offers a supplier management module that allows you to use lead time calculations based on actual receipt history.

10. TrackVia

TrackVia’s customizable supply chain software makes it easy to eliminate manual, paper, or spreadsheet-based workflows. It also gives you access to real-time reports and valuable insights into your key SCM operations. TrackVia can streamline your supply chain management processes by giving you more control and visibility. It is available in web and mobile apps, customized to your specific needs.

you can choose mobile apps for supply chain professionals, he helps monitor and tracking in logistics. it’s an easy and smart way for the supply chain management.

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