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top 10 supply chain companies in world

top 10 supply chain companies in world

Supply Chain 24/7 recently called the top firms for supply chain management (SCM) software. We have taken a look at the best 10 based on earnings, how They’ve increased and why they stand out.

10.  Coupa Software

Coupa Software’s overall 2016 revenue from SCM was $114.3mn, a substantial rise from $72.4mn in 2015. Coupa’s Company Pay Management Platform offers companies software solutions throughout their own procurement, invoicing, expenses, sourcing and analytics. It cites some notable names as customers such as Salesforce, Sanofi and NEC. Directed by CEO Rob Bernshteyn from the headquarters in San Mateo, California, the company was founded in 2006 with the intent of reinventing spend management program. It currently has over 400 clients across over 40 counties. Coupa Was recorded from the Silicon Review’s 30 Most Trustworthy Businesses, and it’s also a certified Great Place to Work.

9. Basware

Basware offers automated payment options to assist companies with everything out of e-invoicing and e-procurement to financial applications and solutions. The business was initially established in Finland in 1985 and today connects companies in over 100 countries and territories. In 2016, it created $122.3mn earnings from the supply chain applications, which indicated a continuous growth from 2015’s amount of $112.6mn. Some noteworthy accolades have contained Sophisticated Procurement Technology of the Year in the Innovate Awards and creating International Finance’s list of Greatest Web-Based Supply Chain Financing Solutions. Basware has worked together with a few Big MNCs, most especially Heineken, Toshiba and McDonald’s

8.  HighJump

Constructed across 66 countries to aid over 4,200 clients, HighJump delivers a suite of applications concerning warehouse management, business integration, transport management and retail alternatives. The business allegedly made $134.9mn in earnings of its own supply chain applications in 2016, signaling fairly steady expansion from the last year’s $129.7mn. HighJump intends to assist customers”induce development, customer satisfaction and revenue” through enhanced supply chain management in any way stages. HighJump promises to assist its customers stay agile in a fast changing market.

7. Descartes Systems Group

Descartes created an astonishing $159.2mn from 2016 from the SCM offering, signaling a year-on-year growth of 9.6%. This offering consists of software-as-a-service for the logistics industry, which aims to accelerate time-to-value and boost performance and productivity within the distribution chain. The team has made some noteworthy acquisitions in the last few years, pointing to a period of positive growth to the company. These include MacroPoint, Aljex and PCSTrac. Present CEO Edward Ryan was in the firm for almost 18 decades, his prior company having been acquired by Descartes. The business was established in 1981, and its headquarters is situated in Ontario, Canada.

6. Epicor Software Corporation

Global applications giant Epicor created $191.6mn out of its SCM applications in 2016, signaling a substantial rise from $162.1mn the preceding calendar year. But, SCM constitutes only part of their organization’s overall earnings, which now stands at about $900mn. Just like its offerings, Epicor provides supply chain applications tailored to the requirements of various companies and industries, which range from manufacturing and distribution to retailstores. Having been set up in 1972, Epicor currently employs around 3,900 individuals, serving over 20,000 clients throughout the world. With the intention to”drive expansion for our clients by being the major supplier of industry-specific software services and solutions,” some noteworthy customers include Energizer, Teconnex, Rexel and North American Lumber.

5. Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates works throughout wholesale, pharmaceutical, retail, FMCG, manufacturing and a lot more sectors. By its own supply chain management offering, the business made $218.8mn at 2016 and continues to rise, having spent $55mn in development and research at precisely the exact same calendar year. Since its foundation in 1990, the firm currently employs over 3,000 people and is a mainstay as Warehouse Management Leader on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Report, using showcased since 2009. Another noteworthy recognitions have included producing Forbes”America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Firms’ record three years in a row, along with the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers for Inbound Logistics within precisely the exact same period, 2014-16.

4. Infor Global Solutions

Infor assists over 90,000 businesses throughout the world using their electronic transformation, including inside their supply chains. In 2016, that aspect made the firm 243.3mn in earnings, a year-on-year growth of $30mn in 2015. From its base in 2002 as it had 1,300 clients and functioned under the title Agilsys, Infor currently boasts 168 direct offices throughout the globe that home over 15,000 workers. Especially, Infor’s SCM applications works across several sectors such as maintain, distribution, F&B and industrial production. The applications online offer, Infor Supply Chain, claims to”offer unparalleled visibility and collaboration abilities, from preparation, to implementation, to linking with your complete system of trading partners”. This Way, Infor’s customers can anticipate an end-to-end solution throughout their whole supply chain

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3. JDA

In 2016, logistics giant JDA made $475.9mn out of its SCM section. JDA operates across the production, retail, supply, hospitality, hospitality, travel and entertainment businesses. Specifically, the organization delivers an impressive 3PL (third party logistics) section that includes”inventory optimization, omni-channel fulfilment, returns facilitation as well as value-added warehouse or production services”, according to the organization’s website. The agency helps customers increase productivity, decrease costs and manage risk across their supply chains, in addition to improving customer support. JDA was set up in 1985 and now serves about 4,000 customers in complete over over 40 locations worldwide. Among its customers ‘ 20 of Gartner’s top 25 supply chains.

2. Oracle

Oracle offers software for a support in addition to infrastructure, platform and information providers. The business has a total of approximately 430,000 clients spanning 175 places. The amounts do not stop there, together with Oracle using 138,000 people such as 40,000 programmers and engineers, 16,000 services and support pros and 19,000 implementation advisers. In 2016, Oracle made $1.5bn from the SCM software section, an astonishing $100mn rise from the past year. That is, however, a drop in the bucket as compared with its general annual revenue which now amounts to approximately $37bn. Oracle helps companies modernise their SCM processes, offering customers services such as product life cycle management, supply chain planning and order management.

1 – SAP

International distribution chain master SAP made $2.93bn out of its SCM-related applications in 2016, which stays a rather stable figure from the last year. SAP is the largest business software company in the world and also the Germany-based firm has become a part of a family name because its foundation in 1972. Fast-forward 46 decades and the business serves about 378,000 clients, with prominent clients such as Microsoft, Lennox and also Komplett Group. SAP’s IoT and Digital Supply Chain offering guarantees clients it is going to assist them digitise their supply chains in addition to making cooperation with partners simpler inside the distribution chain. This can be done partly though cloud-based deployment.

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