20 Best Apple Watch Health And Fitness Apps

Apple Watch Health And Fitness Apps

Apple’s first step in the world of wearables is the Apple Watch. It ships to consumers today. The Watch is a significant moment in the wearable fitness market. In the past few years, fitness and health trackers such as Jawbone Up and Fitbit dominated this space. These wearable fitness devices were sold to close to 3.3 Million units last year, according to DDP.

Although the Apple Watch is a more comprehensive platform than the Apple Watch, it does include a heart rate monitor, GPS tracker for distance and speed, accelerometer to track movement, and proprietary apps to show calories burned as well as information about fitness levels and fitness levels.

Many health tech companies are now reusing their smartphone apps for Apple Watch. Although not all apps are as beneficial to the Watch as your phone, some do. These are 20 of the top fitness and health apps that we love to use on the Watch.

Featured Apple Watch Health and Fitness apps:

Let’s first look at the apps Apple chose to display in the Apple Watch section of its website.

1. Nike+ Training

Nike+ Training in anticipation of the Watch, Apple took Jawbone Up and Nike+ Fuel Band from the Apple Store. Apple has shown Nike some love by including the Nike+ Watch app in Apple’s featured fitness apps. Nike+ Running will let Watch owners connect with the global running community and log distances and runs right from their wrists.

2. Green Kitchen

This app provides a variety of healthy recipes as well as step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is tap the screen. You can set the Watch to a timer to remind you when certain items should be taken out of the oven.

3. Strava

Track your climbs, average speed, distance, heart rate, and heart rate live in real-time. Also, receive segment-by-segment updates to help you keep moving forward with your training.

4. Mayo Clinic Synthesis

This app does a lot more for medical doctors. It allows doctors to manage their day and alerts them when patients are waiting in the lobby. It provides basic information about patients such as their age, gender, and weight.

5. LifeSum

This app is like a food diary on your wrist. The app allows you to keep track of what you eat and drink throughout the day. You can then view it later to see how many calories you have consumed. It will also show you the correct portion size and what foods to avoid.

6. Runtastic

The Apple Watch will include three apps from Runtastic, which allows you to track your runs with GPS. Glances allow you to see an avatar that will show you how to perform each exercise. The person exercising can follow the steps rather than looking up at a screen or holding a phone.

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We Love Health and Fitness Apps

Many fitness and health apps are available for the Watch. Here’s a list of top apps that we think have the best use cases for your Watch.

7. Hello heart

This app is a blood pressure monitor and a companion app for your heart health. This app is great for the Watch because it allows you to upload and record vital signs from your wrist. Over 100,000,000 Americans suffer from some form of heart disease. The app will allow them to check their conditions in real-time, without having to visit a doctor or pharmacy.

8. Fitstar yoga

This app allows users to see the correct pose on their wrists, instead of looking up at an instructor or screen to verify that they have it right. They can also check the remaining time for their chosen yoga session, or manage the session using the play/pause or back and forth controls.

9. WaterMinder

WaterMinder is an easy app that reminds people to drink enough water. To determine if you’re drinking enough water, you can visualize your daily water level.

10. Map my Run

You may now wonder why another running app is worth your time, aside from the native Apple Watch app and the Nike+ Running App. Map My Run has more than a dedicated community that encourages runners to run. The new Watch app allows users to log over 600 types of workouts, track GPS activity, sync with Apple Health and MyFitnessPal, and socially share workouts and photos with their friends.

11. HealthTap

Use the app to get answers from 68,000 U.S. physicians while you’re on the move. You will receive reminders and personal notifications, as well as reminders to take your prescribed medication.

12. Medication Alert

This alarm reminds you to take your medication every day. It can use an infinite number of reminders, medications, and times to remind you. You can also track how many pills are left so you know when to order more.

13. Human

This watch tracks your activity throughout the day and encourages you to move for at least 30 minutes each day. This is important as even though you might not be physically near your phone, it will display a reminder on your watch to move for at least 30 minutes each day. The app tracks your runs, walks, and bike rides for at least a minute and logs them onto the app.

14. Misfit Minute

While Misfit has a well-known wearable product, they started exploring other platforms last July when they launched a fitness app for the Pebble watch. Misfit, continuing the trend of being hardware-agnostic has developed an app for the Watch to give users a complete body workout using bodyweight training as well as circuit intervals.

15. Carrot Fitness

Carrot is a zany family of artificial intelligence apps that will be available on the Apple Watch. It even includes an app that makes you feel shameful about working out. Carrot Fit is both terrifying and inspiring with seven-minute workouts that will leave you running away from mean ostriches while punching Justin Bieber. You can now receive judgment and pop references on your wrist, not your phone.

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16. Clue

Clue is a period tracker app that allows women to see where they are on their cycle. Apple was criticized for not including a period monitor in HealthKit. However, this is an important part of women’s health. This app predicts when a woman’s period will begin, when her PMS will occur and when she is most likely to get pregnant.

17. WebMD

The WebMD app reminds patients to take their medications. It also provides instructions on how to take certain medicines and a schedule for when they should be taken.

18. BACtrack

While there are many smartphone breathalyzer apps, this app allows you to check your blood alcohol level without having to look for your phone in a drunken state. To start a BAC track, you will need to have the BACtrack smart breathalyzer tool with you. However, it allows you to use one hand to hold the device while you take the test.

19. Drchrono

Physicians can pull up patient information from the iOS app and send the bill to an iPad. Medical professionals can see the Apple Watch app to see messages from colleagues in their clinic reminding them to finish their visit. They can also see their schedule and check their calendar without looking distracted or ignoring their patient. The app allows them to view patient information and respond to private messages from patients.

20. Skin

The skin, which is the largest organ in your body, can tell you a lot regarding your health. To take photos of your skin, the Skin app will require you to use your phone’s camera. The Watch app allows you to quickly pull up these images and track changes over time. The app doesn’t diagnose you but will alert you if there are any changes or if you should consult a doctor.

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