4 Technology Trends in Healthcare Industry

4 Technology Trends in Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has undergone a massive shift in the post-Covid era. They are seen addressing the three main concerns- the rising costs, the accessibility of services, and resource availability.

Technology is paving the way toward more sustainable and accessible healthcare services. The purpose is to attain health equity and expand the future of healthcare. While technology is gearing up to improve quality, data privacy and other challenges seem to halt their momentum.

Once you understand how to create an app or software solution for your healthcare startup, you, in the healthcare industry, can leverage digital health to offer services to everyone.

Here are a few technology trends to adopt if you plan to step into digital health. It will make it easier for you to enhance the services and offerings.

1. Interoperability and Data Sharing

In most cases, the major concern is whether the data sharing will remain private and unbreached. This tech trend will not only ensure patients don’t need to go through the same procedures again; it also means that the data sharing will be done keeping in mind the privacy and healthcare protocols.

  • The medical organizations will take the patient-centric route to ensure the centralization of patient records.
  • In some countries, they plan to use cross-border interoperability to expand the availability of patient data.

This will save the patients from undergoing expensive diagnostics whenever they change the provider. At the same time, they will be able to reduce their spending on healthcare while accessing the current healthcare solutions.

To ensure such interoperability, healthcare organizations will need to develop open systems. Apart from platform integration and APIs, you might need to incorporate Blockchain to offer better insight and a protected view into the records.

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2. Telemedicine and Remote Care Solutions

This is a soaring trend that every healthcare provider is set to embrace. This trend accelerated during the Covid Pandemic when many doctor apps were pushed to the app stores.

The idea is to offer quick diagnosis via in-app chats or video calls. There is scope to improve the diagnosis aspects. With data sharing and integration with wearable technology, telemedicine can grow to be more accurate and enabling for healthcare organizations.

During the Pandemic, virtual hospitals were set up at several places that could help with diagnosis and cure. The centralized management enabled enhanced and immediate treatment.

From follow-up care to helping people with mental health issues, there are several aspects that telemedicine advancements can cover. In fact, this technology trend can enhance the outcomes of healthcare diagnosis by teaming up with IoT and Robots.

3. Extended Reality to Enhance Services

It is time to extend the realities to merge both Augmented and Virtual Realities to offer healthcare advancements. Extended Reality is when you can offer all three realities AR, VR, and MR.  VR would be a more competent choice for clinical training. You can offer this reality to improve their understanding and not use cadavers to complete the training.

AR systems can be used to determine specific locations within the body. For example, if you want to locate a vein, you can do it with the AR systems. Similarly, AR can be used within operation theatres to get real-time information about the human body.

You can either allow the healthcare providers to enter the virtual environment or superimpose the virtual environment into real environments to offer better diagnosis and real-time information capabilities.

This can, in turn, help improve accuracies and enhance the automation capabilities of healthcare organizations.

It will matter shortly when virtual will automatically merge with realities to grant better accuracy and details. From training to diagnosis to helping with mental health care, there are several healthcare domains that this will touch.

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4. Internet of Medical Things

This has emerged very recently, in 2022. It is expected to grow monumentally over the next few years owing to its ability to improve care and offer accessibility.

One of the major accessories of this advancement would be smart autonomous devices that can offer better care. For instance, robot nurses can automate the monitoring aspect, thus freeing resources and enabling better record maintenance.

This will also help with real-time monitoring while you spend relatively less. Remote healthcare combined with IoMT can help patients access care providers even when they are not in the same location.

This trend will gain an upward graph owing to the several apps and monitoring devices that are available at the moment.

With this trend, healthcare providers can offer cost-effective and accessible solutions. It can also help hospitals reduce their spending on measuring and monitoring devices such as CAT scanners and X-ray machines.

Apart from cost reduction, they will help improve the supply chain and manage the spending on raw materials well.


Technology is already dominating the healthcare domain. Technology advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity, and Extended Reality will offer better accuracy, increased accessibility, and affordable solutions.

Patients can pace their recovery paths faster with more personalized care provisions and treatment plans. It will also mean accurate diagnosis, less room for errors, and better care provisions, even in remote areas.

What started out as a possibility is now a reality, and ready to be implemented. To ensure the proper implementation of technology, the right processes, and the perfect application for your healthcare needs, you should partner with a tech-savvy company. Make sure to look for someone with healthcare mobile app development expertise to ensure these trends are well incorporated into your future solution.

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