Best 7 Meditation Apps for Parents

Meditation Apps for ParentsMeditation Apps for Parents

Parenting can be stressful, whether you are a first-time parent or an experienced professional who manages to raise a family of four while also working full-time. So here are some meditation apps for them.

Children are your number one priority. Sometimes, it can be difficult to take care of yourself. The way backburner.

It is important to make time for mental self-care, even a few minutes each day, in addition to your physical well-being. Meditation is a great way to tune in to your mind and body.

Emily Guarnotta is a licensed clinical psychologist in Merrick New York, who specializes in working alongside new parents. Meditating can improve your emotional state and decrease stress levels, anxiety, depression.

Guarnotta states that meditation can increase people’s emotional intelligence. This refers to their ability to understand and manage their emotions. It has also been shown to improve executive functions such as inhibition and controlling one’s behavior.

She adds, “It’s an excellent first line of defense for those who want to experience less stress” and improve their quality of living.

This may sound like you (:: raises hands::),), then it might be time to start a meditation practice. Meditation apps are now available for download on your smartphone.

Guarnotta says that meditation apps allow you to practice mindfulness anywhere, including during lunch breaks, commutes, and between meetings. Everyone can find a few moments in their day to practice meditation.

These meditation apps are great for parents, whether you are just starting your meditation journey or an experienced meditator.

How We Chose Best Meditation Apps

Experts in mindfulness and mental health recommend some of these meditation apps. We chose these apps based on user reviews.

All the apps below were selected because they met these criteria.

  • For beginners
  • Highly rated in App Stores
  • Offer a variety of mindfulness and meditation styles
  • Includes content that is geared towards parents
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices

Best Meditation Apps for Parents

1. The Mindful Mamas App

This app was created by a licensed child psychologist, family psychologist, and school psychologist after she suffered from Postpartum Depression. It is designed to help moms find a way to relax and connect with their thoughts.

Mindful Mamas offers guided meditations and breathing techniques as well as mantras (i.e. Mindful Mamas offers guided meditations, breathing techniques, mantras (i.e. “I Am Worthy”), and mini-pauses. They also offer visualizations and other tools for all stages of motherhood, including TTC, toddlerhood, and beyond.

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2. Mind the Bump

This app is for you if you are expecting it. Mind the Bump’s mission is to teach parents-to-be mindfulness skills that will help them deal with all the emotions and uncertainties associated with pregnancy and the new parenting package. Mind the Bump is especially focused on inclusion for both single parents and couples of the same sex.

The app was developed by two Australian mental health and mindfulness organizations. It offers a variety of techniques. These meditations last only 13 minutes and are tailored to your current trimester.

These tools are not only useful during pregnancy, but they will also be helpful when your baby is in your arms.

3. Expectful

Although the name may seem a little misleading, Expectful is not just for pregnant women. It also offers support for postpartum and conception.

“Expectful has hundreds of meditation sessions designed to ease TTC and encourage calm during pregnancy,” Alessandra Kessler (certified holistic health coach) says. It also provides tools to help parents cope with everyday challenges.

While most meditation apps for parents focus on the motherhood journey, this app offers sleep aids and guided meditations that are suitable for both mothers and their children.

4. Headspace

Headspace makes meditation easy even for beginners. Headspace is one of the most well-known meditation services, with over 62 million users across 190 countries.

Maybe it’s because Andy Puddicombe is the founder. You can be the judge.

Dixie Thankey, creator of Thankey coaching, shares that Headspace provides a starter pack and customized meditations to address a variety of parenting-related issues like stress, sleep, happiness, relaxation, and stress. They also produce cartoons that are engaging and catch the attention of children. This makes it easy for parents to incorporate meditation into their lives.

5. Insight Timer

Insight Timer has a large selection of free guided meditations. There is also a section for parenting, including titles like “Mama Me Time” and “Relax & Recharge for Busy Mums”) as well as meditation for children.

A series of podcast-style conversations with experts commentators on difficult topics like judgment and burnout are also available to premium members.

Emma Sothern, a yoga teacher, and guide meditation leader loves it. She says, “I love it because of the sheer number of meditations, guided singing-bow recordings, and educational courses.” It offers meditations from many different styles and teachers, and you can filter your search to find the best ones.

6. Breethe

The Breethe app is a great place to start meditation, no matter what level you are at. This easy-to-use platform was created to ease stress and mental fatigue caused by daily life.

Breethe offers guided meditations, which take only 5 minutes. This is often all you have time for in the first few months of parenthood. There are also motivational talks and masterclasses that focus on parenting. Examples of topics include dealing with impatience, conflict resolution, and how to manage it.

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7. Calm App

This app is for beginners, especially for those with low sleep. After creating a profile, and deciding on a clear purpose for your practice you can opt into reminder notifications for the times you want to meditate.

Thank shares that this reminder can make the difference for a new parent between a consistent practice and a less structured approach. “In addition to the guided meditations, there is a section with music and storytelling that can be used to calm the body and help you sleep and relax.

Last Line

Parents at all stages should take time for self-care.

It can be difficult to find the energy and time to invest in yourself when you are so busy taking care of everyone else. There are many meditation apps that can help you take a moment to be mindful of your own thoughts.

It doesn’t really matter how much you meditate or how bad you are at it. Give it a shot. It doesn’t matter if you spend two minutes or five minutes on your health, it is worth every minute.

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