What is PEMF Technology and How Does It Work?

What is PEMF Technology and How Does It Work

You might have heard of PEMF therapy from your orthopedist or physiotherapist. It is actually a therapy that involves the body’s electrical charges stimulated by the device. People have been using PEMF for a number of reasons, including pain relief, muscle recovery, and improving body composition among many others. It has become popular because of its holistic application, effective results, and ease of use for the consumer. Not only you can find this in specialized training but also you can get them for your personalized pieces of training.

In this article, we will walk you through the definition of PEMF technology, the mechanism behind it, and the different benefits of the technology from a scientific point of view.

What is PEMF Technology?

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology includes specific electromagnetic frequencies. These waves stimulate the recovery process of the body. Unlike other waves that are harmful to the body, such as microwaves or X-rays, PEMF technology has specific low frequencies, which are naturally found. These aren’t intrusive and so are quite safe for the body.

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How Does it Work?

Our body is made up of tiny units called cells. The healthy cells come with magnetic charges that are both positive and negative. These charges help in the exchange of ions within and out of the cells, which your body would want to function. For example, your body has sodium, potassium, calcium, and other ions requiring a charge gradient.

With time, the cells get injured and deteriorated. This is when they lose their natural magnetic charge, decreasing their ion exchangeability. As a result, we get symptoms ranging from pain, fatigue, and inflammation in those damaged and worn-out cells. The PEMF technology helps in targeting the affected cell area and helps in restoring the natural charges of the cells.

PEMF therapy delivers these magnetic charges to the body cells. The frequencies improve the process of healing by working with the natural magnetism of the body. The pulsed electromagnetic therapy helps in increasing the ions, which optimally influences the different electric charges present in the body at a cellular level. The body’s natural recovery process gets accelerated and you get rid of disturbing factors such as stiffness, inflammation, and pain.

Resultantly, the body needs electric signals to communicate with the different body parts and the brain. In this matter, PEMF therapy comes as an effective strategy that helps in realigning the overall electricity present in your body cells. Upon stimulation, it enables the body’s positive charges to get into the cell in the ion channel.

The inside region of the cell gets charged positively, which will obviously potentiate electric currents, changing into pulses. It may positively direct the movement, transmission of the signals, and recovery. Any imbalance in such signals may contribute to a body’s dysfunctionality. PEMF therapy helps in the restoration of these currents to a normal state. Ultimately, it leads to a state of better wellness.

What Does Science Say about PEMF?

PEMF helps in reducing inflammation and pain after plastic surgical procedures, according to a scientific study. It is suggested that pulsed waves are also helpful in healing the tibial fractures in the body that may cause pain. Eventually, the broken bones are fused together and healed. Conditions such as fibromyalgia that are chronic in nature are also subsided by the use of PEMF therapy.

There are animal studies showing the overall potential of the therapy of PEMF in the regeneration of nerve fibers. These fibers are present on the peripheral nerves as well as the spinal cord, which makes them quite helpful in the application of regenerative medicine, for example.

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There are different cell culture studies that show that PEMF might be helpful. For instance, PEMF therapy might be helpful in activating lysozyme which is important for the healing of bone. In other instances, it has been noted that PEMF therapy has improved osteoarthritis. It does so by preventing the breaking of cartilage in the body.

Final Words

As you can see now, PEMF helps in stimulating the body at the cellular level. You might want to use different devices according to your requirement, such as pads, mats, etc. You can let the energy penetrate deep into your body as well. The body will utilize this energy to heal itself. According to the extent, the PEMF therapy will detect and adjust any imbalance that takes place. These are some points you want to know about PEMF, if you want to know more, do visit healthyline outlet.

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