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Best 7 AI Tools For Education – Learning Made Simple and Fun

Best 7 AI Tools For Education - Learning Made Simple and Fun

There has been an explosion in the number of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence due to technological advancements. AI is becoming a more prominent driving force in the transformation of the virtual world every day. There are thousands of new start-ups based on AI and its AI tools every day.

These range from Siri to auto journalism. All things are being managed with the aid of AI and ML. AI is now transforming the traditional education sector. AI tools for education can be intelligent, adaptive, and encourage personalized learning. They are used in schools, colleges, and universities around the world to analyze huge amounts of data from students. This can have a significant impact on the lives of educators and students. Just ask “do my assignment” and you are all set.

Let’s jump right into the article and learn the best AI tools to make a learning experience.

1. Altitude Learning

Altitude Learning is an online platform for professional learning that promotes learner-centered education. This AI platform is exceptional because it encourages students to self-learn. This platform allows educators to meet the needs of every learner with care, starting from the planning stage to tracking their progress. The platform allows educators to assign work individually, in small and large groups, or in large groups. This will help the student get started on their own learning path with the guidance and support of a mentor or teacher.

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2. Gradescope

Gradescope allows students to give feedback and assess each other. This is a tedious task, but AI tools for education platforms can make it easy. The AI tool combines expertise with the most recent ML and AI to make it easy for graders to grade. This can help graders save time and energy by outsourcing the review and grading.

They can then focus on the teaching process. Gradescope allows the instructor to grade online homework, paper-based exams, and programming projects in one place. This ensures fair grading and provides meaningful statistics that help to identify student needs and class trends.

3. Hugh Library Assistant

Hugh library, an AI tool for education robots voice-controlled, helps library users find the books they need in a matter of minutes. These robots are able to move around the library and can take users to the exact location of the book.


Ivy uses AI to assist universities and colleges. These AI tools can help with enrollment, application forms, deadlines, tuition costs, and other details. It can also gather data to help plan recruitment campaigns. It can answer questions about scholarships and grants, work-study loans, SAP guidelines refunds, tuition payments, and other topics. has the ability to create chatbots for any department in order to answer students’ questions.

5. Knewton’s Alta

It is an AI tool for education that integrates adaptive learning courseware for higher education that can be customized to students’ learning needs. It is designed to maximize the learning experience of students while they complete assignments. This platform can help students improve their results.

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6. Knowji

Knowji is an audio-visual vocabulary application that’s based on research and used by language learners. It uses scientifically proven methods with fun concepts and enters to make learning faster. It tracks each word’s progress and uses a spacing repetition algorithm to predict when users are likely to forget. This helps the learner remember things over time.

7. Mika

Mika, an AI tool for education that can adapt to students’ needs and provide quick feedback to aid them in learning, is called a personalized AI tool. This app has helped educational institutions save millions on remedial classes.

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