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Protect Eyes from Phone

How to Protect Eyes from Phone and Computer Screen

Smartphone screens can cause eye strain, just like computers. It’s important to discuss the fact that we use phones for almost everything instead...

Remote Working Models

Top Tech Innovations Make Remote Working Models Easy

Tech-led innovation plays a critical role in helping us reach our goals efficiently and without hassle. Technology is fundamental in the workplace because...


What is Scripter and the Art of Efficiency

Scripter has been designed to support you throughout the day, to be a silent digital secretary at your side at all times. How...

Customer Experience
Growth Strategies

Why Importance of Customer Experience with Customer Service

Although the mantra of good business is “the customer is King”, it is now more important than ever to provide a great customer...

How Can Veterinary Clinics Save Energy

How Can Veterinary Clinics Save Energy?

Every preservation and efficient consumption is a significant challenge for any business, especially the medical industry. Veterinary clinics are the underdogs, and here...

Shopping Experience in Grocery Stores

How Indoor Mapping Can Improve Shopping Experience in Grocery Stores

Mapping the indoors of a grocery store can help shoppers find items with ease. With maps displaying the location and layout of products,...

finance your startup

4 Ways to Finance Your Tech Startup

The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors and has seen explosive growth in recent years as digitization takes hold of the...

No Money
Growth Strategies

Innovative Ways to Advertise When You Have No Money

Picture this: you’re a new business, wide-eyed, ambitious, ready to get started and change the world with the product you have to offer....

Time Management Tools
Software Development

Best Time Management Tools for Daily Work and Activities

I have assembled a lot of IKEA furniture over the years. I believe I have mastered the art and science of assembling IKEA...

Budget Management (2)

Essential Things Students Should Know About Budget Management

Budgeting in college ensures that the money available takes you to the end of the semester. It is the only way you can...