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How SaaS Companies Can Increase Audience Engagement With Video Marketing

SaaS video marketing

People prefer to consume content that is more engaging and uses audio-visual elements. Research shows that watching videos has a greater impact than reading plain text. This is why companies are incorporating videos into marketing campaigns.

SaaS companies have relied on simple marketing strategies for years. They use more copies and fewer images in their emails and advertisements. Their audience has changed and their preferences for content consumption have. A video explaining how to use a SaaS platform will get more attention than a plain text explanation. Video marketing will be vital for SaaS companies by 2021.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing simply means the use of videos within company marketing campaigns. Videos are used in the marketing funnel to attract prospects’ attention, persuade and engage them with the company, as well as to keep in touch as they become customers.

Video marketing can be used to reach many people – from building relationships with customers, promoting your brand, and making important announcements to your prospects.

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Video marketing and SaaS companies

SaaS companies offer highly technical services that may be confusing to non-technical users. Video marketing allows companies to communicate their message clearly and easily. If you offer a CRM platform to clients, creating an engaging video explaining its benefits and features would help them understand it better and get the desired results.

SaaS companies can make tutorial videos, improve their email marketing, promote their brand, and capture leads by using video marketing. Quincy Smith, Head of SEO and Content at Ampjar, says that videos “bridge the gap between an email and a demo.” You can communicate your message more clearly by creating a video explaining specific aspects of your SaaS offerings.

Getting started with SaaS video marketing

Let’s started with SaaS Video Marketing:

1. Clearly define your audience

It is important to identify who your marketing messages are directed at. What type of content are we looking for? What kind of content would this audience like? If you’re targeting chief technology officials and core management of an organization, your videos should be very technical.

This assumes that viewers are familiar with the technologies. However, you should explain the basics of your SaaS platform to end-users, even if they are not familiar with it. You can also determine your target audience to help you identify the industries and customer preferences that you want to reach. This will allow you to create the perfect video marketing campaign.

2. Create the videos based on your audience

Once you have identified the audience, it is time to get creative. There are many options. Videos can be created showing your products, testimonials from clients, a story about your brand, or any other message that you wish to communicate through your campaign. Make sure the video is compatible with the body of your email. Pro tip: You can film videos with your smartphone if you’re just starting out and don’t have the budget.

However, high-quality content enhances your brand’s image and identity in the public eye and is more likely to convert viewers into potential buyers and clients. Not to mention once you hire an explainer video company, it saves you time as you won’t need to invest time and resources in the production, editing and marketing process.

3. Determine the best platform to broadcast and share your videos

There are many digital platforms that you can use to display your videos, depending on their purpose and who they are for. Your website is the most popular. You can insert explainer videos instead of long, text-heavy websites. This will allow people to watch and not read the content. Send personalized emails to follow up on leads you receive from videos.

Benefits of SaaS video marketing

Video marketing is more effective than reading plain text because your target audience will retain the information and messages you send. This will allow you to create a lasting impression of your brand and make your customers remember you.

1. Better connect with the audience

Video marketing allows you to communicate the essence of your brand, based on the needs of your customers. Video marketing keeps customers engaged and encourages leads to connect with your brand.

2. Getting traction across platforms

Video marketing can help you get more backlinks to your blog/site, more traffic to your site, and more social media likes. Engaging videos will get shared more often in the digital age and on social media. This can give you a lot of traffic.

3. Improved email marketing

Videos are more open and watched than plain text emails if you include them in your emails. Even if they’re not interested in buying, people are more inclined to look at videos. Engaging enough videos can convert leads that might otherwise be lost.

4. Simplifying complicated aspects

SaaS companies are often able to explain complex technologies and tools to large segments of society. Engaging videos can help simplify complex aspects of your offerings, and help your audience better understand the technology/platform.

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Important considerations for SaaS video marketing

Some of the most important aspects to consider in creating a perfect video marketing campaign are:

1. Allocation of resources

Be vigilant when allocating resources to your video marketing campaign. You should ensure that you have enough funds to purchase equipment, editing software, or talent to create your videos. This will allow you to determine the best ROI and guide you in your efforts towards achieving it.

2. Give preference to telling stories

Whatever audience you’re targeting, tell a story with your videos. Engaging stories will make your prospects and customers more likely to respond to your calls to action and to relate to your messages.

3. Focus on creativity

It is not enough to create a video that draws people towards your brand. When creating videos for marketing campaigns, it is important to put creativity first. Take a look at the work of your competition and make sure you stand out by your message in the best way possible.

4. Focus on length

Keep videos brief and sweet. People prefer to watch videos than read plain text. However, they have short attention spans. Long videos will lose them. Keep it short and simple.

5. Thorough analysis

Your work is only just beginning once you have uploaded the videos. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of your videos and the traffic you get. Analyze the ROI of your campaign, and identify the areas that failed. To make your next campaign even more successful, fix the problems. For real-time analysis of your video marketing campaign, keep track of the stats and metrics.

The final word

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular on different digital platforms. It can help SaaS businesses increase their engagements and get the traction that they want. Create videos that appeal to your audience by understanding their preferences.

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