Chatbot Deployment
Software Development

6 Tips for Creating the First Phase of Chatbot Deployment

You are intrigued by the idea that you could have a virtual assistant for your website or social media profiles, but aren’t sure...

How to Develop A Successful Mobile App
Software Development

How to Develop A Successful Mobile App?

Billions of apps are downloaded each year and they are becoming increasingly popular for many businesses. The preferred apps are messaging services and...

How Can Veterinary Clinics Save Energy

How Can Veterinary Clinics Save Energy?

Every preservation and efficient consumption is a significant challenge for any business, especially the medical industry. Veterinary clinics are the underdogs, and here...

Wired vs Wireless Connectivity

Wired vs Wireless Connectivity – Which is Better for Your Business

In an age of 5G technology, there’s no doubt that wireless technology is all the rage in 2021. It’s also estimated that the...

manufacturing analytics
Supply Chain Management

Top 10 Manufacturing Analytics Use Cases in Supply Chain

IDC projects that the global big-data analytics market revenue will exceed $274B in 2022. Manufacturing will be the industry with the highest growth...

Careers in Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

5 Top Careers in Artificial Intelligence for Bright Future

Artificial intelligence (AI), has impacted society in ways that we didn’t expect. AI allows us to unlock our smartphones using our faces. We...

Shopping Experience in Grocery Stores

How Indoor Mapping Can Improve Shopping Experience in Grocery Stores

Mapping the indoors of a grocery store can help shoppers find items with ease. With maps displaying the location and layout of products,...

Healthcare Analytics Companies

Best 10 Healthcare Analytics Companies in the World

Healthcare predictive analytics software gives you clinical insights about your patients and helps you personalize your medicines. It also reduces healthcare provider costs....

Improve DevSecOps Framework Implementation
Software Development

5 Essential Techniques to Improve DevSecOps Framework Implementation

According to a Markets and Markets report, the global DevOps Market grew from USD 2.90 Billion in 2017 to USD 10.31 Billion by...

Smart Contract in the Banking Sector

Leverage the Role of Smart Contract in the Banking Sector

Many sectors have seen the incredible impact blockchain technology has had. To improve efficiency and government agencies as well as businesses, blockchain technology...