Best Tech Gifts to Give Your Techie

Best Tech Gifts to Give Your Techie

There is at least one techie in every family. Unless you’re the techie, you know who it is in your family. This person always has the newest gadgets and best tech. Every time you see them, they have a new phone or at least a unique accompaniment to their devices.

They are usually great to talk to because they know all the latest details on the hottest tech items, but when it comes to getting them a gift, your brainstorming battery goes into overdrive but still comes up empty.

Fortunately, this comprehensive gift guide is sure to get the gadget gears going, with the best tech gifts to give your techie:

Power Pod

A Power Pod or a Portable Cell Phone Charger is a compact, lightweight, portable phone charger that fits right on your keychain, delivering instant power that lasts for hours. With a Power Pod, you never have to worry about your battery running low or getting stuck, unable to make a call in an emergency, especially during power outages.

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Because of the cultural diversity in the United States and the large number of businesses doing business abroad, knowing a foreign language is in great demand.

Fortunately, two Japanese inventors took language translation to the next level by developing Poliglu, an instant translator. It can easily translate real-time speech into over 36 languages with just a few finger taps. As a result, knowing or learning another language is not necessary to converse.

Smart Plug

A high-tech home does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Smart plugs are a simple and inexpensive way to turn regular appliances, lighting, and other electronic items into smart home devices that you can manage from your smartphone.

Smart plugs connect directly to a wall outlet or standard power strip and have their outlet to which you may connect the item you’d like to automate. By plugging one in, you are not adding or subtracting any outlets; you are simply making an existing outlet smart by connecting it to your home’s IoT network. And with the growing number of devices, most of us include in that IoT network, techie or not, you can always use a few extra smart plugs.


Tablets have evolved into a fantastic business tool that you can use in various ways depending on the type of workspace. Mount-It provides high-quality tablet desk stands and kiosks designed to show your work clearly while being simple to use and secure to protect your device. The screen rotates 90 degrees to support portrait or landscape mode, and the screen tilts up to 75 degrees for the ideal viewing angle on many adjustable tablet screen models.

While tablets are becoming more ubiquitous in businesses, using one without the proper display, tablet holder, or stand. No more forcing customers to touch or handle the tablet, risking it breaking or being stolen, with Mount-It’s high-quality tablet stands and kiosks.

The composition of the safe tablet enclosures is of high-quality materials, keyed and secured to avoid theft. They will protect the tablet’s screen and surface while allowing easy viewing. Another wonderful feature is that you can easily bolt down the enclosure for added security if locking it is insufficient. If you do not have enough desk space or
require a portable professional setup, you could also use a floor tablet mount. Enhance your work environment and streamline transactions with a tablet desk stand today!

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The Nanotech Pad

Germs are everywhere. Yet, it is difficult to imagine that one of your most coveted possessions, at least for most, is completely saturated in germs. You may not like it, but your phone gets covered in bacteria: 25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be exact.

The good thing is that ScreenKlean’s unique carbon-based nanotech – the same technology used by NASA – employs complex physics to pull tough dirt and grime away from your screen without hurting or damaging it.

With over 650,000 units sold and counting, each cleaning helps restore the high-gloss, HD clarity your screen had the first time you brought it out of the box. There will be no scratching, no obnoxious sprays, and no harsh chemicals.

Often, finding the perfect gift, especially for someone difficult to buy for can be better than receiving the perfect gift yourself (or at least comparable). So, this year, instead of buying yet another gift card, find something personal and useful that shows how much you care. May this techie gift cheatsheet be of help to you as you do your Santa duties this holiday season!

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