The Best Tech Gadgets For A Small Business In 2022

Best Tech Gadgets

One of the most overlooked aspects of building a small business is the tech you use. It’s no good doing everything analog-style in 2022; every business is pretty much entirely dependent on tech, whether that be cloud storage for documents or powerful PCs for editing. If you’re going to start a small business, you need to make sure that the tech you have is not only robust enough for you and your employees to use; you also need to make sure it’s appropriate for your operation. Here are the best tech gadgets for a small business to have in 2022.

iPad Pro

Whether you’re looking to create invoices for clients or do some video editing on the move, the iPad Pro is the best possible version of Apple’s tablet for businesses. It can do everything; there are apps for managing the quick loans you’ve taken out and need to repay, apps for keeping your payroll in check, and even apps to help you unwind after a long day. While the iPad Pro is an expensive gadget, you need to spend money to make money, and it’s such a powerful machine it can feasibly replace laptops in most cases.

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GLCON 8-Way Extension Lead

You’re likely going to be powering a lot of devices when you’re running a small business. That’s why an extension lead like this offering from GLCON is important. There are 8 sockets for mains plugs, plus four USB ports, each of which kicks out 2.4A of power. You can use these ports to charge phones, smartwatches, or other devices, and you can use the main sockets to charge up your laptops (or your iPads, if you took our advice!). It’s essential to kit out your office with a couple of these.

Jabra Evolve2 65 Headset

If your business is the kind that takes a lot of calls or hosts a lot of Zoom meetings, then you’re going to need a good-quality headset. Jabra is a household name when it comes to audio, so you know you can trust the company to create great quality products, and the Evolve2 65 is no exception. It’s got great sound quality (although it won’t serve you too well for music), an excellent mic, and a comfortable fit, making it ideal for lengthy calls with colleagues or clients.

Logitech MX Keys Keyboard

A good Bluetooth keyboard is important if you’re going to be productive. The Logitech MX Keys keyboard is a low-profile option with soft, silent keys that still feel responsive and satisfying to type with. Keeping things quiet is especially important in an office with multiple employees, so it’s a good idea to outfit your whole office with these if you can. You can connect either via Bluetooth or with the included USB receiver, so no matter what connectivity you prefer, you’re covered.

Microsoft Modern Bluetooth Mouse

To go with your Bluetooth keyboard, you’re going to want a good-quality Bluetooth mouse, and that’s where this Microsoft option shines. It’s a simple, functional piece of tech that does exactly what you want it to and nothing more. Clicks feel smooth and responsive, and the charge time will get you through meetings and grueling assignments alike. If you’re after a no-frills Bluetooth mouse that won’t let you down, this is the route you’ll want to take.

Arlo Pro 3 Security Camera

You can’t put a price on your business security, especially when you might be housing lots of expensive gadgets and tech. That’s where the Arlo Pro 3 comes in. It’s a smart video surveillance system that’s compatible with several major smart home systems and assistants, so if you’re using Google Home or Alexa, you can integrate these cameras seamlessly into your setup. The dedicated app also features notifications and alerts for when things don’t seem quite right.

Square Reader

The age of cash payments is over. While many people do still carry cash, most will want to pay using their card or contactless systems like Apple Pay. If you want to be fully prepared for this, then it’s a good idea to pick up a Square Reader. This handy little device is a compact yet powerful card reader that lets your clients pay on the spot. Using the companion app, you can show them how much they’re paying and give them options for how to hand over the money. It’s cheap, too!

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HP Neverstop 1001nw Printer

Printers are one of the many gadgets that need to catch up with better naming conventions, but nevertheless, the Neverstop 1001nw is an excellent laser printer. It offers print speeds upwards of 21 pages per minute, which is ideal for a smaller business, and it’s efficient too. You won’t be able to get any color printing out of it, but if you’re just printing invoices or other important business documents, this likely isn’t a feature you’re going to need anyway.

iMuto 20,000mAh Power Bank

There’s nothing worse than getting caught short with no phone battery on an important business trip. The iMuto 20,000mAh power bank will take care of that. As the name implies, it’s an absolute beast of a power bank, sporting more than enough power for several charges. Make no mistake: it’s heavy and not particularly portable, but it makes up for that by featuring a Power Delivery-style port that will charge high-capacity devices like MacBooks or iPads.

While your business’s mileage may vary, these are the gadgets we think are essential for any small business operation. What gadgets are you using on a day-to-day basis? Let us know!

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