The Pros and Cons of Owning a 6 Monitor Setup

Monitor Setup

Since it is not easy to find the best screens without breaking the bank, you may be considering a 6 monitor setup. If you work in a field like stock investing, crypto trading, or foreign currency trading, you will appreciate many screens as it will allow you to track market movement more efficiently and accurately.

However, some people worry that having too many monitors at once can be harmful because of the exposure to radiation and the potential impact on eyesight. Before you invest in a multiple monitor setup. Take a look at its pros and cons first so you can make an educated decision that you won’t regret.

The Benefits of Using Multiple Screens

Owning multiple monitors will not just work for trading, but you can utilize it for other professions. Take a look at the advantages of the 6 monitor setup below:

Boosted Performance and Productivity

Many human resources departments report that using multiple screens has a host of benefits. For starters, having more screens can help you to:

  • Boost employee performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize errors

When you’ve got many screens displaying the information you need, you save time clicking on different windows, waiting for the program to respond. As a result, you speed up your workload and mitigate mistakes, meaning higher quality output. Remember, time is a precious commodity. The less time it takes to complete your work, the more money you save.

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Quick Integration

When you use multiple monitors, it is much easier to run programs side by side. This means you don’t have to deal with any frustrating lags or delays. This is very helpful, especially for traders and property designers, who often rely on different platforms and programs. Thus, using a 6 monitor setup can increase efficiency because you don’t have to wait for things to load and juggle the data you need.

Easily Comparing Various Data

One of the pros of using multiple screens is that you can readily compare data. This precise attention to detail will in turn yield better work results. For example, as an accountant, you don’t have to memorize information from one program to the next. You can see everything simultaneously. Moreover, this makes it easy for you to scout for mistakes.

In the trading profession, this multi-monitor system ensures you can make better gains. Since you are dealing with real-time market movement and money, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Thus, information is truly powerful because you can time your entries and exits correctly. For example, multiple screens will allow you to monitor:

  • Technical charts
  • Order flow
  • Different graphs at various times
  • All kinds of indexes
  • Charts of different markets

Strong Visual Appeal

Many professionals say that a 6 monitor setup creates a good impression on clients. Anyone who comes to your office will see you mean business. For traders, financial advisors, accountants, or even designers, this makes a big difference when you are trying to close a deal with a client.

What are the Cons of Using Multiple Screens?

Just like anything you purchase, the multi-monitor setup also has its own list of cons. This is understandable because nothing in life can be perfect. Let’s take a look at the common drawbacks below:

Higher Costs

Of course, many monitors will always be more expensive than just using one screen. However, many stock traders and other professionals who have relied on this kind of setup attest that the initial investment pays for itself in the long run. When you don’t make mistakes in your work, you increase your bottom line. The efficiency that several monitors accord also equates to cost-savings because higher productivity means better results. The key is finding a reputable supplier for monitors so you can get a good deal with warranties and services.

Space Limitations

Clearly, the more monitors you purchase, the more space you need. Thus, you have to make sure that your office table can accommodate this kind of setup before you invest in the system. However, this is a very minor problem that you can readily find a solution to. There are many cheap tables online that can hold all the screens you need.

Health-Related Concerns

Finally, many people cite that using many screens at once will result in more health issues. In fact, you may already feel tired eyes, headaches, more stress, and muscle problems with just one screen. So when you buy six, do you make this problem six times worse?

The flickering of the screens can indeed result in visual discomfort and eye strain. Also, constantly stretching and twisting your spine and neck to view screens can lead to muscle aches and pains in your back, neck, and shoulders. You also have to deal with a larger screen span, so it can indeed compound the problem. However, properly setting up your work area and using an ergonomic chair can mitigate this risk.

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Setting Up Your Workstation Correctly

As you can see, the benefits of using multiple screens far outweigh the potential cons. If you are serious about upgrading to a 6 monitor setup, you can avoid the associated health risks by choosing high-quality monitors. They will allow you to easily modify the visual display settings for your eye comfort.

Next, you must position the screens correctly, so you don’t strain your head and neck. Ideally, your eyes will be in line with the top of the screens. If one screen is smaller, use a riser to lift it up. This ensures everything is within your line of vision, allowing you to move seamlessly. Choose the correct angle and pair it up with your mouse and monitor so you can reduce overstretching of your muscles.

If you are concerned about blue light emissions, you can also consider using a UV screen shield or wearing blue-light-blocking glasses. Most of all, you must implement regular breaks to give your eyes a rest. With the proper setup and habits, you can take advantage of using multiple monitors without feeling any of the noted health impacts.

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