Top 10 Stock News Apps

Stock News Apps

The best investors are always aware of what is happening with their portfolios. The Stocks app for iPhone allows you to track the price movement, but the real news that moves your stocks is the news. The best stock news apps were developed for this reason. These mobile-friendly options will keep you up to date on the latest financial news and developments affecting the markets.

I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best stock news apps for the latest stock, business, and finance news. (Hint: These are the best stock news sites, but they’re optimized for mobile).

Top 10 Stock News Apps

1. WallStreetZen

WallStreetZen is a better option than options 2-4, which can overwhelm you with information.

This is a platform for stock research that’s geared toward serious fundamental investors. WallStreetZen is used by investors because it allows them to make more informed and better decisions about investing in less time.

Google News is the source of our stock news.

The best place to find the latest news for users is in their Watchlists. This is where the Feed brings the most recent News and Insider Transactions. It also pulls up the Analyst Ratings and Upcoming Events.

You may have 25+ stocks across multiple accounts if you are like me.

It’s hard to keep up with all the news and analyst reports that are released on your stocks every day, especially if you have multiple articles or reports published.

I’m not interested in every headline. Only the ones that are important – those reports on changes to the business.

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2. Seeking Alpha

You must have the app if you are already a Seeking Alpha Premium member.

Seeking Alpha, a leading independent source of stock analysis in the financial sector, is a great resource for investors. Each month, more than 10,000 articles are written by contributors on the site about different investment ideas and stocks.

With the app, Premium users can take all of Seeking Alpha’s features with them wherever they go and receive alerts about the stocks and contributors that they are following.


CNBC is NBC’s flagship financial news hub. It brings you to the world of Wall Street with breaking news and global market data. CNBC TV and Live audio are also available. CNBC is the best source for stock market news.

CNBC is one of the best stock news apps that offer free business and stock news. Get the latest news on business, technology, and finance straight to your phone!

It’s my opinion that it is the best free stock news app and news source in general.

4. Bloomberg

Award-winning journalism provides the latest news in world finance, business, and stock markets.

Bloomberg (another of the best investment news sites) helps you to understand economics and financial information shaping tomorrow’s world today. Bloomberg is the app for you, whether you want to keep track of your portfolio or get up-to-date world news. The app offers data-driven analysis and insights, wherever and whenever you need them.

Bloomberg subscriptions unlock unlimited access to all Bloomberg Content within the app as well as on the website. (after a $1.99 3-month trial, $34.99/month or $329.99/year).

Bloomberg is an excellent value for investors who are serious about the news.

5. Yahoo! Yahoo!

Yahoo Finance is one of the best stock news apps that source business and stock news. You can easily keep up with trending topics in the stock market and your favorite stocks using the mobile app.

You’ll never be left out of the loop.

There are some annoying ads, and the interface needs a major overhaul.

6. MarketWatch

MarketWatch is a stock news app that offers a user-friendly alternative to Yahoo Finance.

You can expect high-quality, analytical content from MarketWatch, as it is a Dow Jones company. You can customize your experience by entering your portfolio, just like most other options.

MarketWatch is a free service, but the ads can make it difficult to read.

7. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is another high-quality choice.

The WSJ app has more general business and world news coverage than other apps in this list. However, it also provides financial data and stock information at a summary level.

The Wall Street Journal is a reputable publication that only publishes real news, without clickbait headlines and overselling journalists.

This is mainly because the WSJ model is membership-based and not ad-based. The company’s goal is to retain you as a subscriber, not to get as many clicks on the headlines as possible.

For $8/month, you can join The Wall Street Journal.

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8. Barron’s

Like MarketWatch, Barron’s is a Dow Jones Company. Since 1921, Barron’s Financial Information has provided financial news.

Barron’s’ investment articles written by Wall Street experts are its main selling point. These articles can be easily saved and/or downloaded to read later.

You can also get real-time stock quotes, and use interactive charts.

Barron’s charges new subscribers $14.99/month to access the app and site.

9. Stocktwits

Stocktwits is similar to Twitter for investors and traders. The platform allows you to communicate with people around the globe.

Other traders share videos and screenshots of charts that include technical analysis. Some traders post longer-term investment ideas.

Stocktwits allows you to share your ideas and tips with 2 million other members just like yourself.

10. Robinhood

Robinhood a stock trading app, has made free stock trading mainstream.

Robinhood offers a variety of investment options, including ETFs, Index Funds, and certain cryptocurrencies.

While it’s not at the top of our best stock apps list, Robinhood has one of its most attractive features (in my opinion): the simplicity of its interface for investing.

The news and stock information provided by Robinhood may not be as complete as the other apps in this list. However, it pulls the most recent articles from major financial news sources.

You can also download it for free, without any ads.


What are the best stock news apps?

Here are the top 4 stock news apps: 1. WallStreetZen 2. CNBC 3. Seeking Alpha 4. Bloomberg

What is the best source for stock information?

What you are looking for depends on what stock information is available:

1. WallStreetZen is the best web-based app for stock news, analyst updates, insider transactions, and watchlist monitoring.

2. CNBC: Stock Market & Business – Best Free Stock Market News app

3. Seeking Alpha News & Analysis – Best App for Stock News Analysis & Portfolio Monitoring

4. Bloomberg: Business News Daily is the Best Financial News App

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