Top 30 Money Making Apps for Extra Income

Money Making Apps

Money making apps can be a reliable way to increase your monthly income. The best part is that you don’t need to invest. Your smartphone can be used to quickly download apps that will make you money and start your side hustle quickly.

These are 30  legitimate apps you can download to make money. You can get paid to take surveys, and earn money by playing games, selling your stuff, or working as a side hustle.

best Money Making Apps to Earn Passive Income

If you don’t have the time or desire to make passive income, then passive income apps are a great option. There are tons of income options, including apps that allow you to make money with cryptocurrency and commercial real estate investments.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an app that allows you to make money through your usual online activities. Earn SB (reward points), as you browse the internet, shop online, and watch videos. There are many in-app shopping deals for saving money.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout $1-$5 per Day
  • Payment Method: Check, PayPal cash, gift cards

2. OnMyWay

The OnMyWay app allows you to drive with no texting. When you drive over 10 MPH, it starts tracking your miles and pays OnMyWay cash points. These points can be converted into cash at certain levels. OnMyWay does not send you message alerts but you can still answer calls via Bluetooth.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payment: $0.05 per safe mile driven without texting or looking at the phone
  • Payment Method: Credit card, PayPal, or gift cards payments

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3. is an excellent investing app where you can earn income and invest. One of the best investing apps allows you to invest as low as $1 and purchase shares, ETFs, and cryptos. allows you to connect with other investors and facilitates interaction.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average payout: It all depends on your investments
  • Payment Method Wire transfer, check, or ACH

4. Fundrise

Fundrise offers real-estate investment opportunities. You can spread small amounts over several large projects, without having to purchase the entire property. You can also invest regularly and receive dividends and returns. Fundrise’s investment terms are typically 5 years. Investors pay a 1% penalty if they withdraw early.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average payout: It all depends on your investments
  • Method of Payment: Deposit to a bank account

5. Airbnb

Airbnb allows you to make an income by becoming a host and renting out extra space in your home to guests. Service providers can take over cleaning and maintenance tasks by delegating and automating them.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average payout: $41,026/year
  • Payment Method: PayPal account, Mastercard, Fast Pay to Credit or Debit Card, International wire transfer, or direct deposit to a Bank Account

6. Medium

Based on how long people spend reading their content, they can charge for it. Publishing content can be a great way to earn passive income on Medium as readers may continue to consume it for weeks, months, or even years.

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Average Payout $15 to $30 per 1,000 Views, depending on how long it takes.
  • Payment Method: Stripe

7. Soundcloud

Are you wondering how to make a living on Soundcloud? Even you can earn money by listening to music. Soundcloud is an online platform that allows musicians to find fans online for their music. Musicians can monetize Soundcloud accounts to earn money each time they stream their audio files.

  • Average payout: Between $0.001 and $0.004 per stream
  • Payment Method: PayPal

Best Cash Back Apps That Make You Money

Cashback apps offer cash rewards in the form of either money or points for qualifying purchases made at partner retailers online or in-store. These apps are very popular for earning cash or points:

8. Shopkick

Shopkick gives you cash back on both online and in-store shopping. To redeem your reward points, you can earn Kicks by visiting stores and buying products within the app. These points can then be used to redeem gift cards.

  • Compatibility -Android & iOS
  • Average Payout$2 For 500 Kicks
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Gift Cards

9. Capital One Shopping

Capital One shopping app offers credit points that can be used to shop at its partners. These credit points can be redeemed in gift cards. Capital One Shopping offers price comparisons, cashback, and discount coupons that can be used to save you money.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payment: 15% to 15% of the Shopping Amount
  • Payment Method: gift cards

10. Rakuten

Rakuten allows you to earn savings and rewards when you shop through its app. You can shop at hundreds of partner online stores where you can shop and rake up cashback points. These points are paid quarterly.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payment: Up To 40% of the Shopping Amount
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Check

11. Dosh

Dosh offers cash back When you book, dine and shop with partners. When you pay with the Dosh card, you earn points. These points can be redeemed for cash.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payment: 2% to 5% of the total shopping amount
  • Payment Method: Venmo, PayPal, or Bank Deposit

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12. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward earns you points for every click, upload a grocery shopping receipt as well as receipts from certain other locations. Fetch Rewards is able to accept receipts from gas stations, making it one of the most popular gas-saving apps. You can also earn points by eReceipts through your email so that you can buy products from its affiliate brands, and not in-store.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average payout: $15-$50 per year
  • Payment Method: gift cards

13. Ibotta app

Ibotta can be downloaded free from the iOS App Store and Google’s Play Store. It offers cash back for all qualifying purchases, including online shopping, restaurants, and groceries, just like other cash-back apps. Sign up and activate the offers on your phone before you shop at participating merchants to start making money with Ibotta.

  • Compatibility with android or iOS
  • Average Payout: $20 per month
  • Payment Method -Gift cards or PayPal accounts, or bank deposits

Best Side Hustle Money Making Apps

Side hustle money-making apps are a great way to make extra cash while still working your job. There are many gig opportunities.

Let’s look at these side-hustle apps that can make you money.

14. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit connects individuals looking to outsource everyday tasks. You can choose your hourly rate to make extra money in your spare time. You can do simple tasks like grocery shopping, furniture assembly, and lawn mowing. You can find an errand on TaskRabbit that will help you make more money with your car.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Hourly Payout: $36
  • Payment Method: Bank deposit

15. UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter is a money-making app for people who enjoy spending time with children. You can connect with parents who are looking for babysitters, tutors, or nannies. UrbanSitter also allows you to search for senior care jobs and pet care.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout $17 – $19 an Hour
  • Payment Method: Bank direct deposit

16. Rover

Rover allows you to find pet owners looking for someone to care for their pets. Even boarding can be offered for pets. Daycare, walking, and house-sitting are some of the most common jobs.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout $15-$30 per Hour
  • Payment Method: Stripe

17. Upwork

Upwork allows you to find freelance creative projects. Upwork offers hundreds of categories such as design, accounting, and marketing. You can find many tasks that fit the skill set that you can do in your spare time. You want to make a living typing. There are data entry jobs on Upwork. You can also find content writing and social media management gigs.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average payout: It all depends on the projects
  • Payment Method: Paypal or ACH

18. Fiverr

There are many differences between the global marketplace for freelancers and other platforms. Fiverr freelancers offer their services to clients instead of bidding for projects. Fiverr offers a wide range of services, including writing and proofreading, website design or marketing, as well as everything in between.

  • Compatibility: Android & iOS
  • Average payout: Varies depending on experience and project
  • Payment Method: PayPal

Best Money Making Apps With Play Games

Are you a gamer who loves playing on your smartphone? You can earn money while playing the games you love. These are the best gaming apps that you should check out.

You can quickly make money if you find the right game for you.

19. Mistplay

Misti is a loyalty program app exclusively for gamers. To test and review games, users earn reward points (known as units). They can also discover new games and receive rewards for playing them.

  • Compatibility: Android
  • Average Payout Between $14 and $50 per Month
  • Payment Method: gift cards

20. Bananatic

Bananatic is another online gaming app that allows users to play games and earn reward points called bananas. You can play games, complete quests, and leave reviews. Watching advertisements is another way you can earn more reward points with Bananatic.

  • Compatibility with Android and iOS
  • Average payout: up to $5 per job

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21. Gamehag

You can also earn Gamehag app points for playing games. You can earn soul gems by playing games or completing quests. Writing game reviews or participating in the forums can help you earn even more.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average payout: $2 an hour for gameplay
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Steam Wallet, and Gift Cards

Best Mystery Shopper Apps to Pay Online Shopping

Are you a fan of shopping? Are you a shopper?

If you answer yes to these questions, you could be paid handsomely as a mystery shopper. Businesses are always looking for people who can evaluate their experiences and will pay good money to get your opinion.

22. Field Agent

Field agent offers a great money-making opportunity for those who love to shop. Sign up to become an agent and get paid to test products or complete tasks. After the task is completed, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the product.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout $6-$30 per Hour
  • Payment Method: Bank direct deposit

23. EasyShift

The app lists auditing tasks called shifts at local shops and retailers. The EasyShift app allows you to get tasks like taking product photos and reviewing promotions. A “shift” usually takes around 15 minutes.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout: $7 per task
  • Payment Method: Paypal

24. GigWalk

The mystery shopping app GigWalk allows users to apply for tasks. These tasks can be completed only with the approval of the client. These tasks include simple activities such as location checks, shopping experience reviews, and property inspections.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout $4-$12 per Task
  • Payment Method: Paypal

25. Marketforce

The Marketforce Mystery Shopping App is a great option for foodies. This platform mainly deals with restaurants, fast-food outlets, and delivery service providers. The platform allows users to review the cleanliness and quality of food, as well as complete other tasks.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout: $5 – $10 per task
  • Payment Method: Paypal

Make Money with Losing Weight Apps

Millions of people all over the globe wish they could lose a few pounds. But motivation keeps them from succeeding. Imagine if you could be paid to lose weight. With the top weight loss apps, you can. These apps can not only help you lose weight, but they also allow you to make money.

26. StickK

StickK is a way to pay for the activities you have committed to. StickK is a way to bet on yourself. You can commit to a short-term or long-term health goal. To track your progress and verify it, you’ll be assigned a referee.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout Variable based on the bet amount
  • Payment Method: Paypal

27. DietBet

DietBet will give you cash if your weight loss bet is successful. There are many game options to help you reach your health goals. You can either join a game challenge or start a new one.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Payout 1.5-to 2-times the amount of your bet
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Check

28. Evidation

You can earn points with the Evidation App by tracking your activities. The app can be connected to your fitness tracker, logging your running, biking, and walking times, among other things. You can even log your sleeping and meditation.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average payout: $20 annually
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Gift Cards

Best Apps to Sell Your Things

Are there piles of things you don’t use anymore? Perhaps you have rare, antique, or collectible items that you want to sell. There’s an app that can help you do this.

These selling apps can help you market and make money. Many sellers will be offered a pre-paid shipping label to assist with delivery. These money-making apps can be trusted.

29. OfferUp

You can sell anything with the Offerup App. The posting template is easy to follow and allows you to upload your item details as well as set your offer price. Offerup allows you to sell locally and also offers nationwide shipping.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average Paymentout: The price of the offer (minus a 12.9% service fee)
  • Payment Method: In-person or Bank Deposit

30. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows users to connect with people who are looking for products in their area. These items are displayed in Facebook Marketplace feeds. They will be available to everyone in your area, as well as those searching in a wider area. You can strike a deal and then negotiate delivery and payment options.

  • Compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Average payout: The price of the offer
  • Payment Method As agreed with the buyer
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