Best Apps to Help You Change Video Voice Easily

Video Voice Changer Apps

Videos occupy a significant place for every internet user as it is the most favorable content type now. According to statistics, one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos. It poses a big challenge for people to find a professional and easy-to-use video voice editor. There are a variety of good apps on the Internet, but how to make the right choice? We analyzed the most popular video editing software with a voice change option and made a shortlist of decent tools. You can also find your favorite app for changing voice but pay attention to obligatory features it must possess. Let’s find the best video voice editor and learn to use it properly! ​Taken from:

Why Change Your Video Voice?

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to change their voice in their videos. It may be pure curiosity, fun, or a marketing strategy. A voice changer app is a true treasure if you know when and how to use it. Take a look at the cases when you can alternate video voice:

Social Media Videos

Have you noticed that videos on social media are more interesting to watch if they are sped up, and a person’s voice is changed somehow? This content type goes viral due to amusing and cartoon-like vibes. Very often, people cannot resist social media challenges and do crazy things. It’s funny to distract from our daily routine and experience a sense of community with people worldwide. With a video voice editor, you can participate in a challenge or create your own, suggesting people to shoot video with a specific voice.

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Voice Improving

We tend to strive for better and want to enhance anything we do. Shooting a video is not an exception, and people want to look and sound the best possible way. There are many cases when video shooting can not be redone, especially when filming significant events. It may result in bad sound quality when the voice is quiet or distorted. Any mistakes can be solved with a video voice changer so that important moments and voices will be captured and heard.

Music Videos

When making music videos for sharing them on the Internet, sometimes we need to change the way our voice sounds. You can choose the music software to make an awesome video with perfect sound. It’s possible to change the way you sing by alternating different voice aspects. Add creative video content to your social media profile, share it with friends, and maybe your music arrangement will bring you success.

Top 6 Video Voice Changer Apps

Here you‘ll find a shortlist of great video voice changer applications for your devices, their brief descriptions, and work principles.

1. Wondershare Filmora

With Wondershare Filmora, it’s possible to change video voices dramatically. You can create or upload the existing video and edit it for free with no watermarks. Once you upload the video, choose the timeline to record your voice or change the existing audio. The editing panel provides a wide range of features like Speed, Volume, Fade in, Fade out and Pitch. Check out this video editing software and make your editing experience interesting. Before exporting the edited file, preview it and choose the desired format.

2. Video Voice Changer FX

Sound funny with the Video Voice Changer FX app that helps you amuse others and make life positive. The app is simple to use as it’s needed to record a video or upload from your device. Choose fantastic voice effects to sound like an alien, robot, squirrel, and more. Save your video to an SD card or share it on social media for free.

3. Voicemod

Voicemod tool has numerous voice filters to make you sound original. It’s easy to use as you have only to choose what to create and its duration. This video editing software includes many voice options like scary, male-to-female, characters, celebrities, and more. Voicemod is indispensable for content creators, and it allows direct social media sharing. Check out this free app and benefit from its rich functionality.

4. Voice Changer With Effects

You can install Voice Changer With Effects on your device and take advantage of many advanced features. It has more than 40 voice effects that make your editing experience incredible. You can sound like a zombie, robot, monster, and plenty of other fantastic options. There is an opportunity to create a voice from text and image with sound. Moreover, users can easily share or download their recordings and even set them as a ringtone. You can use a free trial period for a month and pay for a subscription if you want to continue working with the app.

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This voice changer app provides many voices and audio effects for free. You can easily benefit from its features by uploading a video and changing the duration if needed. The voice effects will make you sound amusing and unrecognizable. Change your voice to sound like a man, woman, child, animal, famous person, or character. Once your audio is properly modified, you can create the video and save it on your device.

6. Voice Changer – Audio Effects

Benefit from a fashionable interface and a variety of free editing features of this app. There are many customizable sound effects, including mid, volume, tempo, bass, treble, etc. You can use the best sound effects that can be applied instantly. There is a Karaoke effect, allowing you to make unique sounds with great parameters: echo, reverb, and mid. It is easy to have fun with the app, change your voice, and share it with friends. You can save the recording and then use it as a notification, alarm, or ringtone sound.

Final Thoughts

Now you can see that changing video voice is quite simple if you find the right online video maker. There are many reasons to use a voice changer, but the main one is to have fun and enjoy what you do. Create amazing videos and change their voice without much time and effort and share them with the world.

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