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5 Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Posts

5 Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Posts

These days, writing blogs is the easy part. The challenging part is making sure your content reaches your target audience. It stems from the fact that for some people, writing for SEO purposes and writing to attract or captivate your audience are almost two different things.

Due to the constant changes in the algorithm, it is understandable that writing captivating content that is also SEO-friendly can be challenging. But, when you team up with the experts at, you will be unstoppable.

Sure, you can experiment with keywords and seek the prominent places of your blog that could make the optimal SEO placeholders without it hampering the readability of the text, but why waste precious time trying to reach your audience when you can hire an SEO agency in Italy for that?

Keep reading for the best 5 tips on how to make your blog posts more SEO friendly.

1. Add Keywords in the Meta Description

If your reaction to the first tip is, “What’s a meta description?” you are probably not letting your blog get any type of exposure. It is crucial to have meta descriptions for your content as it provides insight to readers as to what your blog or article is about. Therefore, it holds a lot of importance in terms of SEO.

Meta descriptions are yet another area Google uses to determine search rankings. Meta descriptions are the one to three-sentence descriptions that you typically find underneath the title of a result. Make sure to use one to two keywords in the meta description so your audience can find you easily.

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2. Write Content for Humans, not Bots

Although it is vital to achieve both goals, captivating content and SEO ranking, keep in mind that you should write for humans and not search engines. Due to all these SEO guidelines, sometimes we forget that a human being searches on Google looking for content and not a bot. So, ultimately, the best way for one to improve their chances of ranking higher is by writing high-quality blog posts. It is just better to favor quality over quantity.

3. Optimise Headings and Subheadings

In essence, headers aid Google’s web crawlers or Google’s bots in comprehending your blog posts and the sections present within them.

Think of the crawlers or bots as readers who are skimming your blog to get an overview of the information your blog covers. These key points should be in the form of H1, H2, and so on. As the headings progress, they will continue to break down the subtopics present within the topic.

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4. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Remember that the goal is to make your page completely optimized, not authoritative. Therefore, it is unwise to stuff the article with keywords, especially if you have to add irrelevant information to use the keywords. Instead, find natural fits for the incorporation of keywords.

5. Hyperlink to Reputable Websites

Do not underestimate the power of linking externally. As you are assembling your blog post, add links to reputable websites. Doing so will not only offer extra reading material, but it will show the crawlers that you have done research in order to put out content.

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Isla Genesis is social media manager of The Tech Trend. She did MBA in marketing and leveraging social media. Isla is also a passionate, writing a upcoming book on marketing stats, travel lover and photographer.

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