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How Social Commerce can Boost your Online Sales? – A Complete Guide

How Social Commerce can Boost your Online Sales

Ways of shopping for your favorites have changed over the years in a stepwise manner. The traditional way of shopping includes going to retail stores and making a purchase but online shopping produced fruitful results for online retailers as it replaced offline retail stores through e-commerce stores. As a result, the shopping experience for consumers became seamless as they could buy whatever they wanted just at the click of a button.

However, there is a new kid on the block in the form of social commerce. Social Commerce is the next big thing in the shopping world, and we look to provide all the needed information about it through this piece, so let’s scroll down!

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is online selling on social media platforms. Rather than being sent off-platform to the retailer’s online store to make their purchase, social commerce customers can do so immediately on the social media platform. This process means that the entire purchase experience takes place on social media, from browsing to checkout, completely bypassing the eCommerce site.

Benefits of Social Commerce

Having second thoughts about whether you should include social commerce in your e-commerce business, the benefits of social commerce are something that you should consider reading.

Increase Target Audience Base

The user bases of social media platforms, particularly those that offer social commerce options, are massive. This part increases the likelihood that your target audience is already on the site, looking for your products or services. In addition, by decreasing friction and delivering a hassle-free buying process, you can increase the probability that those consumers will complete a transaction when you use social commerce options.

Enhances Reach and Engagement

Since customers can connect with your business quickly and effortlessly, social commerce can help you grow traffic and engagement. This part is significant because as your brand reaches a larger number of potential customers, you will be able to sell more products and accumulate more money. It also makes it easier for customers to share your creations with their friends.

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Creates a Sense of Trust

Customers are more inclined to trust your brand if they can contact you. Plus, unlike an eCommerce site, social media is often far more personal, allowing visitors to know your brand’s personality and what you’re passionate about. People prefer to buy from brands with which they are familiar and comfortable; thus, social commerce can help boost sales by increasing trust and familiarity.

Significant improvement in ROI

Social commerce has the potential to provide a high return on investment. Therefore, it’s essential to track your social media metrics to get the most out of your social commerce strategy. Fortunately, most influential social media sites have built-in analytics tools, allowing you to track your social commerce efforts and make required adjustments that would serve you well.

Platforms Ideal for Social Commerce

Knowing where your target audience hangs out the most is essential in mapping out a successful social commerce venture.
The Social Media Platforms that we will mention in the upcoming section are where you will find a large chunk of your potential customers.


If we look at Instagram’s recent research, we will find that 81 percent of its users utilize the platform to do product and service research. In addition, each month, more than 130 million consumers tap on retail posts. Because so many users want to connect with and shop from brands on the platform, it’s only natural to take advantage of the network’s social commerce features. You can sell on Instagram in a variety of methods, including:

  • Shoppable Posts: Include product tags in your photographs so that users may shop directly from your post.
  • Shoppable Stories: Include product tags in your Stories to allow followers to purchase directly from your content.
  • Product Stickers: Add clickable shopping stickers to your Stories with Product Stickers.
  • Shopping on the Explore Tab: Optimize your content for the Explore tab so that users can find it.


Social commerce dances to different tunes on Facebook, as you can connect to your customers and potential customers through Messenger, Instagram Direct, or Whatsapp. Since you want to create a free social commerce store, offering a mobile-first shopping experience is essential. Facebook shops are fully customizable, allowing retail owners to import a product catalog or create one on the platform.

Tik Tok

Even though Tik Tok is one of the latest social media platforms, it has quickly transformed into one of the influencer marketing powerhouses. Seller University is an integrated shopping option that Tik Tok added in February 2021. However, Tik Tok is not stopping here only and is looking to include other methods to motivate users to sell their products and monetize the platform. Tik Tok adding the option of affiliate marketing would be music to the ears of affiliate influencers.

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Social Commerce Tactics to Ponder Upon

Being aware of all the latest tactics to ensure that your social commerce marketing yields desired results is a must in today’s age. We present some of the tips and tactics you need to gaze upon for success.

Optimize your content

Since the competition is stiff in social commerce, you need to be full-proof in terms of optimization of content. In addition, you want to ensure that your products reach a wide range of consumers. This process can be done by appropriately using images, videos, filters, captions, text, logos, and locations.

Promote your best entities

You most likely have a slew of fantastic things that you’d like folks to look at, right? That’s fantastic. However, don’t overload users with a plethora of options. To begin, choose your top few bestsellers or low-cost products. The lower the entry barrier, the more likely consumers are to respond by purchasing.

Make the best use of Influencers

What are you waiting for if you’re not currently employing influencers to market your products? Influencers are a practical approach to reaching your target audience and building brand trust. Influencers can help you develop native ads, organic content, product evaluations, etc.

Wrapping Up

In these times, where 90% of the customers buy from the brands they follow on social media, social commerce is a field that should be considered if you are associated with online business in any way or form. We have presented you with all the necessary information about social commerce through this blog. Add this to your social commerce strategy, and we are sure that you will witness the desired results with some minor tweaks depending on your purpose.

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